Bednall Collection Pt 1: No.s 1101 to 1125  

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PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester;  
PERSONS: Tatton; Fergyson; Challinor; Mollatt; Fisher;  
DESCRIPTION: Three documents concerning Mrs Mary Challinor's property.  (1) Notice issued by S. Mollatt on behalf of Mrs Mary Challinor to James Tatton to quit a house, garden and premises in Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire on the 18th May next. The notice to quit was delivered on 4th September 1857.      (2) Warrant of distress, dated 25 June 1852, issued by J. Challinor as agent for Mrs Mary Challinor of Leek, to Messrs Thomas M. Fisher & Son of Manchester asking them to distrain the goods and chattels in a house and shop at No. 18 St. Ann's Street Manchester, and two workshops and a stable at the back of it. The distraint was for arrears of rent amounting to £166 for rent due on 24 June 1852. (3) As BC/1101/2  but dated 7 May 1853 and relating to rents due on 26 March 1853. This is signed and issued by Mrs Mary Challinor.  

PLACES: Marchington, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Fenton; Smith; Collis; Harrison; Hicklin;  
DESCRIPTION: Scrap of paper  which simply states "A list of names that live in the Woodlands and pay to Marchington and Woodlands.  Jas. Fenton; Wm. Smith; Samuel Collis; John Harrison; William Hicklin.

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Goodwin; Heaton  
DESCRIPTION: Duplicate notice that James Goodwin intended to quit the possession of Port Bridge Lime Kilns etc. with the wharf and appurtenances in the parish of Leek which belonged to  Edwin Heaton, on 25th March next. The notice was served on Edwin Heaton personally on 24th September 1851.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Gaunt; Cruso; Emerson; Coupland; Daintry; Sleigh; Harrison; Griffin;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy of letters from Messrs Cruso & Coupland to Messrs Lockett Balgny and Porter in Emersons Trustees and Gaunt. Undated but paper watermarked 1818. The letters are dated between February 1821 and March 1821 and are from the Trustees of Emerson to Gaunt and to Sleigh. Chiefly relates to the conveyance and doubts about the title. Contains little information.  

PLACES: Bridgnorth, Newport, Shropshire; Leek, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Lawton; Seeley; Sandford; String; Challinor;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy of parish register entries re the family of Robert Lawton & Elizabeth Seeley who were married at St. Leonards, Bridgnorth, Shropshire on 2 September 1738. One of the extracts were supplied by the officiating minister Geo. S. String on 26 April 1823, the other by  William Sandford, officiating minister of Newport, Salop, where the couple's children Jonathan and Joshua were baptised. Robert Lawton died shortly before his son Joshua was baptised in 1741.  

PLACES: Ellastone, Leek, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Gould; Coupland; Cruso; Hambleton; Myatt;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy letter dated 19 July 1839 at Leek to an unknown person. The write states that "it will be almost impossible to get thro' with the sales of the Ellastone Estate unless all Estate and Interest of Gould and Mr Coupland is previously got out of them".  "Before any sale takes place  a proper understanding should be come to with Gould and also with Mr Coupland but that I know will be impossible"...."talk the matter over with Mr Hambleton and obtain his consent to do what every one who knows Mr Coupland must think the proper course".  "..Mr Cruso cannot  wish this step to be taken with regard to pecuniary advantage to himself as he is totally incapable of any such act, his only motive is to effect the intention of the parties at the least possible trouble and expense."  "Mr Hambleton will be held responsible to Mr  

PLACES: Leek, Staffs; Manchester;  
PERSONS: Roodhouse; Doyle; Millward; Fynney; Challinor; Brunt; Tomlinson; Griffin; Goldstraw; Brunt; Goostrey; Rodgers; Weston ; Worthington; Trafford; Newall; Oakden; Hammersley; Dale; Walwyn; Brindley; Harvey; Wreford; Torr; Bassett (see also DESCRIPTION: )  
DESCRIPTION: Draft mortgage of a share in houses and premises in and near Leek, Staffordshire dated 12 June 1883, Mr Harry and Mrs Roodhouse to the Leek & Moorlands Building Society, Challinor & Co., Leek. The deed was drawn up between(1) Harry Roodhouse of 10 Sloane Street, Brooks Bar, Manchester [Warehouseman] brewers traveller, and Ella Isabel his wife members of the Leek & Moorlands Building Society,  and (2) The Leek & Moorlands Building Society to secure a loan of £400 and interest at 5 percent. The collateral was Ella Isabel Roodhouse's share in four house, gardens, outhouses, etc. of the South side and fronting Buxton Road in Leek which was  formerly in the occupation of Richard Tomlinson, John Griffin, Joseph Goldstraw and John Brunt and afterwards of James Goostrey, Joseph Rodgers, John Weston and John Worthington then of William Trafford, John Newall, Thomas Oakden and Philip Hammersley but now of James Dale, Samuel Walwyn, Robert Brindley and William Harvey the whole containing 616 square yards. And also Roche Cottage with outbuildings and four closes ( the Toll Gate Field, Leek Moor, Far Lower Field and Near Lower Field) on Leek Moor containing altogether 20 acres 2 rood 4 perches. Formerly in the holding of John Milward and afterwards of Joseph Torr but now of Ralph Bassett and Samuel Milward Fynney . And also  that silk shade together with  houses (two of which  were formerly used as a Beer House called the Hare & Hounds) with gardens etc. belonging to them all sited in London Street in Leek erected or built by Samuel Millward deceased on two plots forming part of a close called the Furlongs which he purchased from the trustees of William Challinor deceased.  The shade and houses were formerly occupied by John Wreford, John Newell, Joseph Hambleton, James Heath, Samuel Bowcock, William Nichols, Thomas Bullock, Matthew Cope, David Grant, Nancy Plant, Ralph Woolfe, Richard Thompson and Mary Harrison afterwards of John Darcey, Thomas Hyden and others but which silk shade is now or lately was occupied by Messrs Alcock & Pilkington and others and the houses of Daniel Nixon, Anne Larkin, and others.  And also buildings in and fronting St. Edward Street (formerly called Spout Street) in Leek heretofore used as stables to the George Inn but one of which was afterwards occupied by Mrs Rider formerly Beardmore as a dwelling then of Samuel Fynney but now occupied by Joseph Brunt. The others is used as a Blacksmith's Shop and was formerly occupied by Samuel Fynney but now by Joseph Brunt. Together with a gateway between the same buildings and the rooms over the same.  And also the plot of land behind the same together with the necessary or privy and other buildings standing thereon. And also those two houses situate in and fronting Church Street in  Leek formerly in the respective occupations of Henry Alcock and Mrs Brindley and then of Richard Molloy and David Dunwell but now of J & I. Cosgrave and David Dunwell --which messuages formerly comprised the kitchen pantries and part of the lobby or passage into the kitchen with rooms over the same respectively and were for many years used and occupied with the George Inn.  And also all that messuage situate in and fronting St. Edward Street, Leek, formerly occupied by June Worthington but now or lately by James Furby. And also a house situate behind and adjoining the last mentioned house in a yard the road to which leads out of a street called the Sheep Market, formerly occupied by Anne Tatton, then by Samuel Fynney but now by Joseph Brunt. And also a house and garden, etc. on Ball Haye Green formerly occupied by Wilhelmina Augusta Victoria Fynney but now by John Hardcastle. And all other houses etc., etc. in Leek and elsewhere in Staffordshire which Samuel Millward late of Leek, silk manufacturer, died seized of and were devised by his will dated 8th August 1837 in favour of Isabel Millward Doyle.  Isabel Millward Doyle nee Fynney died on 23 April 1855 at Leek intestate leaving her husband Robert Doyle and her daughter Ella  

PLACES: Oncote, Leek, Belmont, Cauldon, Whiston Eaves, Kingsley, Staffs;  Hadham, Herts; London; Warwickshire; Worcestershire; Fifield, Salisbury, Compton Chamberlin, Wiltshire;
PERSONS: Bullock; Cruso; Booth; A'Court; Ashe; Penruddocke; Wyndham; Allen; Smith; Challinor; Isabel her heiress surviving her.  
DESCRIPTION: Draft additional abstract of Mr James Bullock's title to Pill Mill in Oncote, Leek, Staffordshire dated 12 November 1834. A note on the cover states "Thomas Smith of Whiston Eaves covenanters to produce the old deeds."  Cruso, Leek. The deeds listed run from June 1760 to March 1819.  The lands are described as " All that close, etc. of land lying in or near Mixon Hay, Leek, Staffordshire, commonly known by the name of the Middle Piece containing about 36 acres 3r  15p. lying on the southwardly side of the road leading from Thorncliffe to Mixon Hay as the same was then or late in the possession , etc. of James Bullock".  They also included the tithes arising out of them the Middle Piece except for 14 acres 3r  36p which was subject to tithes to one Thomas Gould.  Other land near Mixon Hay included were: Over Pill Will  and the Lower Pill Will 65acres 1r  34p; lying to the South of the road (the Easing Road) dividing it from the Middle  Piece and a piece called the Jeffrey Knowle & purchased by Mr Sneyd, late in the occupation of  James Bullock. Further on in the document REFERENCE  is made to "Over Pill Will" a field of 27 acres 3rood  31 perches bounded on the East by Great Morridge and on the West to land belonging to the Trustees of Queen Anne's Bounty for the Augmentation of Cotton Chapel and to the North by the Easing Road and on the South by the remaining part of Over Pill Will.  The North End of a barn was included.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffs; Manchester;  
PERSONS: Hammersley; Heaton; Ward; Prince; Milward; Fynney; Brough; Challinor; Tatton; Beardmore; Shaw; Other names as BC/1107;  
DESCRIPTION: Mortgage by William Prince of Leek, silk manufacturer, and Ella Milward Prince nee Fynney, his wife,  of a farm, houses, silk shade, buildings and land in or near Leek, Staffordshire, to the Trustees of the Leek & Moorlands Permanent Benefit Building Society dated 20 July 1863. Challinor & Co, Leek. It was engrossed on 15th July 1863. The Trustees were Joshua Brough, silk manufacturer, George Hammersley, Charles Heaton, surgeon, and John Ward, silk manufacturer. Ella Milward Prince had a share in lands and premises bequeathed under the will of Samuel Milward late of Leek, silk manufacturer dated 8th August 1837 and proved at Lichfield on 27 August 1838. Details are given in Bednall Collection BC/1107.but this also mentions a close of land near the reservoir on Longsdon Moor containing about 5acres.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Eaton; Booth; Jackson; Redfern;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft Articles of Co-partnership, dated 15  November 1852 between Mr William Eaton the Elder of Leek, Tailor, and Mr John Eaton his son of the same place,  trading under the name of Eaton & Son, Tailors and Drapers. Redfern, Leek. John was to be free to "go once a year to London for the purpose of buying goods and selecting fashions of the day".  The document is marked up in pencil as draft for a later document to be dated 1 January 1864 between William Booth of Leek, and William Jackson of Leek who were entering into partnership as plumbers and glaziers.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire; Tottenham, Middlesex; London;  
PERSONS: Hammersley; Cruso; Astles; Challinor; Badnall; Shufflebotham; Chorley; Jennings; Daintry; Maskery; Ward; Draeska; Barnett; Spilsbury; Brealey; DESCRIPTION: Draft conveyance of a plot of building land in Wellington Street, Leek, Staffs. Document is dated 1st July 1853 and although originally made out between John Cruso of Leek and Josiah Astles of Leek, yeoman and William Beaumont Badnall George Hammersley's name had been interlineated. The 561 square yard plot was on the east side of a "new street leading out of Britannia Street" called Wellington Street. It was bounded to the East by land belonging to Edward Chorley.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire; Tottenham, Middlesex; London;  
PERSONS: Goodman Graves; Cruso; Challinor; Badnall; Strangman; Holford; Pettigrew; Mills; Daintry; Chorley; West; Lay; Gaunt; Lucas; Reynolds; Russell; Forbes; Moss; Higginbotham; Shaw; Sleigh; Redfern; Morse; Wilson; Scott; Poole; Clouston; Sargeant; Challinor; Ward; Cotton; Gillies; Geils; Spilsbury; 
DESCRIPTION: Draft deed of covenant to produce title deeds  between John Cruso of Leek, Staffordshire and Messrs Henry and Charles Goodman Graves of Gutter Lane, London, silk merchants. The document is dated 1 July 1853. Cruso had sold the Graves 4 plots of land on Wellington Street, Leek and he covenanted to produce the title deeds when required to do so. The schedule of deeds attached starts with a copy of the will of Joshua Strangman dated 1 January 1789.   

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Cruso; Squire; Crompton; Wooliscroft; Hambleton; Wreford; Astles; Rogers;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft agreement dated 1st April 1850 between Frank Cruso of Leek, Staffordshire and John Squire of Leek, silk manufacturer.  Cruso agreed to sell 2 plots of land in Far Crompton Field for £330. The plots covered an area of 3892 square yards and were bounded on the East by the premises of Messrs Wreford & Co, by parts of Far Crompton Field sold to Micah Wooliscroft, Josiah Astles and Joseph Hambleton on the South West and by land which once belonged to John Crompton on the North or North-West. A new street ran or was to run along the South side of the plots.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Gaunt;  Booth; Tatton; Davenport; Heaton; Hill; Harrison; Bramwell; Wardle;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy, dated 1st January 1835, of a mortgage by demise from Miss Ann Bramwell of Leek to Matthew Gaunt of Leek, of four houses in Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire to secure £160 and interest at a rate of 5%. The houses are described as standing at or near the Kiln Lane on the southwardly side of Mill Street in Leek -heretofore in the respective occupations of John Hill, Ellen Harrison; Ellen Bramwell deceased (mother of the said Ann Bramwell) and Sarah Wardle but are now or late were in the respective occupations of Henry Booth, William Tatton, John Davenport and William Heaton. The document was witnessed by John Heathcote and James Bloore.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Tellwright; Robinson; Doulton; Bayley;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy letter, dated 24 May 1898, from Thomas Robinson of Leek, Staffordshire, to Messrs Doulton & Co. re the apprenticeship of Mr Joseph Tellwright.  Robinson states that he would have remitted the £250 when it became due  but for the fact that I understand that Mr Joseph Tellwright is not being instructed in the business in accordance with the covenant.  Indeed I am given to understand  that  so far from his being properly taught orders have been given to the foremen not to teach him any of the secrets of bodies etc.  Of course if this continues there will be a heavy claim for damages at the end of the apprenticeship as well as for the return of the premium.  The apprenticeship had been arranged with Mr Bayley of Doulton & Co.  

PLACES: Leek, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire; Dovefields, Buxton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire; Southampton, Hampshire; PERSONS: Challinor; Brough; Cruso; Goodwin; Steel; Daintry; Vigarstaff; Nixon; Wheilden; Prime; Roe; Bosley;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft abstract, dated 1836, of the title of Messrs William and Benjamin Challinor to a colour mill, house, croft and garden and premises situate on or near the Buxton Road, near Leek, Staffordshire. Cruso, Leek.  The deeds start from 19 May 1798 when a deed of Feoffment was made between John Brough late of Leek "but now of Newcastle under Lyme, Chapman" Benjamin Challinor of Leek, druggist, and Samuel Goodwin of Leek, Grocer.  Brough granted a croft known as Lockett's Croft on Leek Moor on the North side of the Turnpike Road from Leek to Buxton, to Challinor who already occupied it. The grant also included the cottage and land which Challinor already held under the Earl of Macclesfield as Lord of the Manor of Leek and Frith. A deed of 5 November 1806 relates to an indenture drawn up to secure a bond of £950 to Michael Daintry of Byrons, Macclesfield and which was secured upon a  property in the North west corner of Leek market place and also the house in Balcony yard. This also mentions the property on the Buxton Road and makes it clear that the colour mill was erected after this date i.e. 1806.  SEE ALSO BC/1133.  

PLACES: Sutton, Hurdsfield, Macclesfield; Alstonfield, Cauldon, Wallgrange, Bishton, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Cherry; Potts; Wood; Chapman; Sneyd; Mainwairing; Wright; Wheelden; Bullock;  
DESCRIPTION: Extracts from the deeds etc. relating to Mr James Woods purchase of the Brundhurst in Sutton within the Manor of Macclesfield. A note adds "...Mr Wright will make the necessary proclamations on Monday and adjourn to his office for Saturday forenoon 24th March when ye business is intended to be completed......"  A further note states "Copyholders to be named in Letters of At[.....]y at Macclesfield  Joseph Brown  Maurice Jones."  The deeds listed date from 1761. The first relates to an indenture of 27 March 1761 between Henry Cherry of Macclesfield, son and heir of Henry Cherry late of Sutton, Tanner, and Thomas Potts of Winkle by which Cherry surrendered to Potts " All that customary or copyhold messuage or tenement with appurtenances in Sutton within the Manor of Macclesfield at or near a place called Brundhurst formerly erected by Henry Cherry late Grandfather of Henry Cherry party to theses. And all outhouses etc. And two  customary or copyhold closes situated in Sutton aforesaid and called the Knowle & the Meadow being formerly part of the Waste lands in Sutton and on the Division thereof allotted to messuages in Sutton then late the inheritance of Henry Cherry the Grandfather and then of Henry Cherry party thereto called Ridge Hill. And all that  customary  close situated in Sutton aforesaid called the Brundhurst and which was heretofore purchased by Henry Cherry Uncle of said Henry Cherry party thereto of Philoman Mainwairing, Josh Mainwairing and others and by said Henry Cherry afterwards sold to said Henry Cherry deceased Father of Henry Cherry party thereto". The whole amounted to 4 acres of Cheshire large measure. The last document listed is dated 9 October 1797 when James Wood of Broncote in Alstonfield, farmer, purchased the property at auction for £310.  

PLACES: Nantwich, Lawton, Chester, Cheshire; Pilsbury, Derbyshire; Blackhurst, Stoke on Trent, Leek, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Jones; Lawton; Langford Brook; Henshall; Parker; Jodrell; Leigh; Cox; Bate; Radford; Goldstraw; Fenna; Falkner; Lowe; Gaitor; Owen; Porter; Higgott; Short;
DESCRIPTION: Office copy of a declaration by Henry Jones concerning" several demises of William Lawton Esq., Thomas Lankford Booth, Hugh Henshall, Thomas Parker, and Francis Jodrell and Egerton Leigh the younger  plaintiffs   v James Cox and Charles Cox deforciants dated 4 October 1809. Townsend, Cheshire. It lists various persons called as witnesses, their occupations and addresses together with the amounts paid to them. It also lists cost paid to court officials, e.g. the Tipstaff. The costs relate to the Cheshire Autumn Assizes for 1808

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
DESCRIPTION: Two pages of handwritten notes  re the particulars for the sale by auction at the Red Lion Inn, Leek, Staffordshire on 21 February 1817 of a house in Spout Street, Leek consisting of 7 rooms on a floor and three stories with good cellaring, garden, yards, stable, etc. the whole containing 998 square yards and in the possession of Mr John Cruso.  

PLACES: Leek, Horton, Staffordshire; Barmingham, Norfolk;  
PERSONS: Davenport; Carr; Myatt; Lockett; Wooliscroft; Bailey; White; Badnall; Challinor; Brealey; Mott; Barnes;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft five year lease of Westwood Hall Farm in the parish of Leek, Staffordshire by John Davenport to Thomas Carr of Leek, Silk Manufacturer, dated 4 March 1856. Challinor, Badnall & Challinor, Leek. The original full title included the following immediately after "..Farm"  "and the liberty of sporting rights over the same and other farms in the parishes of Leek and Horton" but had evidently been modified so that the length of the document could be reduced by making out two leases to cover the various properties. The individual fields that make or made up the Westwood Hall Farm are listed in a schedule together with their acreages and the nature of the crop.  The lease did not include "all mines, seams and beds of coal lead and iron and all other mines and minerals whatsoever"  but did allow the Lessee right to extract gravel out of the gravel pit in Lower Cook's Hay in order to repair  occupation or farm roads. The annual rent for the farm was £310 plus the property tax when due and also £50 per acre (other than that already described as arable) at every half year, for every acre in plough or in tillage.  detailed requirements concerning the care of the land and the crops grown are given. The lease did not include either Westwood Hall or its pleasure gardens but did include a house near Westwood Hall which was used as a joiner's shop.  Before being modified the lease included" Wallbridge, Foker, Harracles, Harracles Mill, Rowley Gate, and Little Longsdon. The Near and Far "15 day Work" fields totalled 15 acres 5 rood 12 perches.  

PLACES: Marchington, Stubby Lane, Hanbury, Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Chetwynd; Whieldon; Littlewood; Moxon; Calert; Darille; Porter; Woodruffe; Vernon; Blurton; Pickering; Stanley; Bennett; Hollingsworth; Hare; Cruso; Coupland;
DESCRIPTION: Short abstract of deed intended to have been executed by the Earl Talbot in 1817 re Marchington School. This document is dated January 1821 and a note states that it was copied on 9 June 1821 on a large sheet of paper to send to Earl Talbot. Cruso & Coupland, Leek. The deed concerned a piece of land in the Manor of Marchington which Charles Chetwynd, Earl Talbot and Lord of the manor of Marchington, intended to vest in Trustees for the purpose of erecting a school and house therein and appointing a master and mistress for teaching poor children. The other parties to the deed were: Revd Bennett, Clerk, Minister of the Chapel of Marchington,  CD.........of Marchington, churchwarden and GD of Marchington .. and Overseer of the Poor of the same place, and Francis Calvert of Marchington, Robert Darille, William Porter, William Woodruffe, James Stanley, James Moxon of the same place, Thomas Pickering of Marchington Woodlands, Robert Blurton of Marchington Woodlands, Thomas Littlewood of the same place, William Woodruffe, Thomas Hare, John Hollingsworth of the same place.. It cites an indenture dated 6th March 1784 between (1) John Whieldon of Gaddesdon, Staffordshire, Gent. devisee in fee under the will of Francis Whieldon of Houndshill in Hanbury, Staffordshire, (2) the Hon. Revd. Edward Venables Vernon then Rector of Hanbury now the Right Revd. Archbishop of York, Stephen Jones and Edward Burton, Gent, and Thomas Lawson by which (1)granted, etc. to (2) the annual sum of £10 arising out of his farm at Stubby Lane in the Parish of Hanbury in trust to pay the same to the Minister, Chapel Wardens and Overseers of the Poor of Marchington for them in turn to pay a schoolmaster appointed  by them on 15th October and 15th April for teaching 14 poor children residing in Marchington and Stubby Lane, the child or children of Robert Woolley late tenant to Francis Whieldon.  Children of the age of 6 years and under the age of 14 years were always to be preferred and included in the number of the 14 poor children. The children were to be taught to read and write and learn the catchetism at some proper and convenient place in Marchington. If they were short of children, the trustees could  allow children from other hamlets in the parish of Hanbury to make up the number. The document sets down rules for the keeping of a register, etc.   The document goes on to state that there not being any school in Marchington for the purpose of teaching and instructing poor children,  several inhabitants of Marchington applied to the Earl Talbot to give and grant a piece of land on which a schoolhouse and a house for the master and mistress might be erected. The Earl agreed to comply with the request and the buildings had been erected on a piece of waste land by subscription of the inhabitants and others. In accordance with the wishes of the subscribers, the Earl  granted and conveyed the land to the other parties to this deed

PLACES:  Leek, Ashenhurst, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Twemlow, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Stretch; Davenport; Stanley; Stafford; Cruso; Coupland; Booth; Hollinshead; Etches.  
DESCRIPTION: Draft abstract of the title to a Blacksmith's Shop and Chambers over the same in Spout Street, Leek, Staffordshire dated 28 March 1823. Cruso & Coupland, Leek. The document starts with an indenture of lease and release dated 21 & 22nd October 1765 between (1) Lawrence Stanley of Ashenhurst near Leek, brother and heir at law and devisee of Thomas Stanley late of Ashenhurst deceased  who was the son and heir of  William Stanley late of the same place. Which said William Stanley was nephew and one of the joint coheirs at law of Thomas Hollinshead formerly of Ashenhurst deceased, (2) Thomas Booth of Twemlow, Cheshire and John Stafford of Macclesfield (3) Job Stretch of Leek, Blacksmith (4) John Stretch of Leek, Blacksmith. Thomas Stanley deceased made a will in 9th January 1753 in which he granted (2) all his messuages, tenements, lands, rents etc. in Staffordshire, Cheshire and elsewhere for the term of 500 years upon trust and at the end of the term to his brother Lawrence and his heirs. The trustees were to raise monies as soon as possible after his death to pay his debts and legacies. The trustees now therefore wished to sell the Blacksmith's shop to Job Stretch for £48 and the others had agreed to assign the term of 500 years relating to the shop to John Stretch in trust for Job Stretch " to attend the inheritance.." The shop was called "Stretch's Shop" and standing over or adjoining it was a building called the Chamber which was then in the holding of Sarah Davenport, widow. The premises were said to have been late in the holding of Job Stretch and Sarah Davenport except for a pew in the parish church " which may happen to belong to the building. The next document cited is the will of Job Stretch made dated 6 April 1785 in which he demised the property..then or late in the holding [of ?] to his younger son Job Stretch and his heirs...On 23 February 1816 Job Stretch made a will in which he bequeathed  the Blacksmith's shop which he then occupied and the chamber over the smithy occupied by Ralph Etches and standing near the top of Spout Street to his wife for life after which he will his son Job should take the shop providing he would pay £12 to each of his brothers James, Samuel and Peter.  

PLACES:  Leek, Horton, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire; Middlesex;  
PERSONS: Fowler; Badnall; Clowes; Towgood; Flint; Challinor; Molineux; Chorley; Gould;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft conveyance of a close at Foker Moor, Leek, Staffordshire, from Charles Flint of Leek, surgeon, and John Towgood of Chancery Lane, Middlesex, Barrister, to Mrs Ann Clowes of Leek, widow, dated 9 April 1847. Challinor, Leek.  It states that in his will dated 29 April 1818, John Fowler late of Leek,  amongst other things gave and devised his real estate to Richard Badnall the Elder, of Highfield near Leek and Joseph Gould of Pilsbury, Derbyshire,, etc. to hold in trust.  He asked the trustees, amongst other things, to dispose of his allotment on Foker Moor. John Fowler died on 19 May 1827 and was buried at Horton. Richard Badnall died on 28th February 1838 and was buried at Leek. Sarah Fowler died on 23 August 1846 and was buried at Horton. The close was put up for  sale on 25 March 1847 but there were "no sufficient bidders" and so it was sold privately to Mrs Ann Clowes for £500. The close on Foker Moor contained about 7 acres 2r 8p and there was a cowhouse on it. It was bounded on the Northeast  by allotment number 285 and the turnpike to Macclesfield, on the Southeast and South by allotment 288 and on the Northwest by allotments 286, 285 and 290.  

PLACES:  Leek,  Leekfrith, Staffordshire; Langley, Macclesfield, Cheshire; Middlesex;  
PERSONS: Whiston; Bailey; Challinor; Coates; Van Tuyl; Barnes; Killmister; Hall; Mair; Shaw; Hillyard;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft transfer of mortgage of the Park House Farm in Leekfrith, Leek, Staffordshire, to secure £4400 and interest at three percent. Dated 23 January 1894.  Challinor & Shaw, Leek. The transfer was from William Whiston of Langley near Macclesfield, Bandanna and Corah Printer, and Joseph Bailey of Park House, Leekfrith, Leek, Staffs., Farmer,  to Joseph Challinor of Leek, and Walter Nugent Coates of 21 Mincing Lane, London, Merchant.  It cites an earlier indenture dated 2 June 1871 between Edward Bailey and Maria Jane Van Tuyl by which Park House Farm of 160 acres 2r  25p was conveyed to Van Tuyl by way of a mortgage to secure a loan of £4400 at 4.5 percent interest. A succession of other related documents are then cited. The description of the property on the current mortgage mentions that another house and outbuildings had been erected on part of the land by  

PLACES:  Leek,  Leekfrith, Staffordshire;  Warsop, Nottinghamshire; Coburg, Canada;  
PERSONS: Cruso; Badnall; Turnock; Brealey; Bacon; Ward; Hammersley; Brough; Heaton; Galley; Knight; Challinor; Bowcock; O'Connor; Parr; Doxey; Gee; Tatton; Wheeldon; Fitzherbert; Warrington; Eaton; Parker; Hodkiss; Keates; James;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft indenture dated 1870 between (1) Michael Daintry Cruso and Henry Beaumont Cruso of Coburg, Canada (2) Joshua Brough, George Hammersley, Charles Heaton, physician, Richard Turnock, surgeon, and John Ward, silk manufacturer, all of Leek and Trustees of the Leek and Moorlands Permanent Benefit Building Society as mortgagees. It recites that John Cruso, by his will dated 19 July  1867 amongst other things devised his real estate to W. Beaumont Badnall. Hugh Ford Bacon, and Thomas Brealey in trust for the testator's wife during her life and afterwards upon trust for the benefit of Michael Daintry Cruso for his life and on his death to Henry Beaumont Cruso in fee simple. . It also mentions an annuity for life of £200 which John Cruso held under the wills of Ralph Knight dated 9 August 1752 and Henry Galley dated 20th February 1798 charged on lands at Warsop in Nottinghamshire, which were then in the possession of William Fitzherbert. These were also granted to the testator's trustees. John Cruso died 20 October 1867 and his will was proven on 9 December 1867 by Anne Cruso, widow, W.B.Badnall, H.F.Bacon and Thomas Brealey.  The mortgagees had agreed to lend the two Crusos £6500 at 5 percent interest, on the security of the lands listed in the schedules to the document.  The first schedule lists: the house on the North side of the Market Place, Leek, with gardens, pleasure grounds, servants cottages, coach houses. Land and fishpond heretofore held with the house, consisting of the field below the garden and churchyard, the Fish Pond, the field to the North of the fish pond, the field now used as a kitchen garden  now in the occupation of the said Anne Cruso, Thomas Brealey, Henry Bowcock and others, totalling 8 acres in all.  Big meadow lying to the West of the fish pond and the field on the North side of this -8.5 acres formerly in the occupation of Mr Plant but now of Henry Bowcock. House and shop (No. 3) in Stockwell Street, Leek occupied by Henry Bowcock. Offices (No.1) in Stockwell Street, Leek with appurtenances occupied respectively by Messrs Challinor & Co. solicitors and Messrs Brealey, land agents.  7 cottages situate behind the parish church of St. Edward's, Leek, occupied by Mary Wheeldon, James Tatton, Henry Parr; Caroline Gee, Christopher Doxey and Samuel Bowcock.  The second schedule refers to Foker Moor Farm of 81 acres  1r  2p, House, shop garden etc. of 5acres  2r  25p at Pool End in Leekfrith in the occupation of Christopher James; Red Earth Farm of about 172 acres  1r  3p in Leekfrith in the occupation of John Lockett; Woods and plantations of about 17acres  2r  18p at or near Red Earth and Gun in Leekfrith;  Land, messuages etc, near Strangman's Walks in Leek in the occupation of Nathan Goodfellow containing 12.5 acres. several more closes which were once part of the Ball Haye Estate totalling 11acres  2r  15p situated at or near Park Road in Leek and now in the occupation of Anne Cruso. Two houses in Stockwell Street (no.s 11 and 13) now occupied by William Warrington and Miss Eaton together with the ...and houses in the occupations of Joseph Parker, William Hodkiss, Maria Keates and Catherine O' Conner known as Cavendish Square.

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