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PLACES: Leek, Staffs; Bradford, Yorkshire;  
PERSONS: Nicholson; Shaw; Brough; Hall; Johnson; Rawnsley; Challinor;  
DESCRIPTION: Printed letter dated 3 April 1902 from Challinor & Shaw, solicitors, Leek, Staffordshire to Messrs Johnson Rawnsley & Co, Castle Works, Gratton Road, Bradford, Yorks. re  payment of  £5 -12s which they owed on their account with Messrs Brough, Nicholson & Hall of Leek, silk manufacturers.

PLACES: Leek, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Davenport; Shaw; Challinor;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter dated 22nd June 1904 from George Davenport to Messrs Challinor & Shaw re £25 cheque received from the C U D Council.  Letter with a printed heading as follows : Foxlowe, Leek, Staffs. 

PERSONS: Cruso; Plaxton; Story; Frogatt;  
DESCRIPTION: Two documents (1) is a draft rent receipt undated  for monies received under a certain Indenture dated 5th August 1780 between (1) William Plaxton and his wife Catherine (2) John Story (3) William Frogatt and (4) John Cruso. On the back are several calculations of sums of money. (2)is another draft rent receipt dated June 1783 which this time relates to an indenture made on 10th August 1780 between (1) William Plaxton and his wife Catherine (2) Joseph Walker (3) Maurice Swaby and (4) John Cruso.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Tatton; Gaunt; Badnall; Challinor;  
DESCRIPTION: Challinor, Badnall & Challinor's (solicitors) bill to Samuel Tatton of Leek, dated 1854. It relates to the purchase of land on Mill Street, Leek from Miss Gaunt on 21st May 1853.

PLACES: Leek, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Wardle; Menzies; Allen; Hacker; Young;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft letter dated August 1902 to Messrs Hacker & Allen of Leek, solicitors, re Sheep House Farm. The letter concerns Sir Thomas Wardle's interest in  land which was to be sold by the trustees of Joshua Wardle to the North Staffs. Railway Company. He stated that he would buy the remainder of sheep House Farm and lands a valuation to be made by Geo Menzies for the Trustees and Mr Barnet Young for himself. The conditions which he specified included: culverting of part of the River with provision for him to put pipes through the culvert, the provision of a 10ft wide strip between the River and the land sold to the Railway Company, a level crossing between certain points.

PLACES: Leek, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Wardle; Allen; Hacker; Challinor; Shaw;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy of a letter from Sir Thomas Wardle to Messrs Challinor & Shaw of Leek (solicitors) dated 12th September 1902 re Sheep House Farm.  He states that with regard to his rights of pre-emption under his father's will with regard to Sheep house" I feel it my duty to exercise it in respect of 3 acres 0 roods 3 perches of land..."   "Further, if I can purchase the whole Farm at a price mutually reasonable  I should like to buy it.."  His reasons for buying were: (1) the condition of the Leek Brook water " it is not fit for dyeing purposes or for drinking. It is more like a sludge drain than even a brook in flood".  (2) "that this Brook has been, is, and must be, an artery of supply of good water to the Dye Works; without it the Works will not survive competition; they must have a dam of pure water for washing the silk. It does not pay to pump water from  wells to wash silk, because the volume of water required is too great. At present to oblige the Railway we are doing this at an expense of coal and machinery for which we hope to get recompense".  t(3) to  

PLACES: Leek, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Wardle; Allen; Hacker; Challinor; Shaw; Brealey; Parker; Wooley;  
DESCRIPTION: Report and valuation of Sheep House Farm by Messrs Brealey, Parker and Wooley dated 2nd March 1903. The farm totalling 99 acres 7 perches, was valued at an annual rent of £130 (the landlord paying the Land Tax) equivalent to a purchase price of £4060.  A separate price is given for two fields (11 acres 2 rood 28pc)containing three wells from which approximately 200,000 gallons of water could be extracted per day. With water rights the value was estimated to be £1150.

PLACES: Leek, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Wardle; Allen; Hacker; Challinor; Shaw; Heaton; Bishton;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy dated November 1905 of correspondence with Sir Thomas Wardle, Messrs Hacker & Allen and Messrs G.W. Heaton concerning Sheep House Farm. In the letter dated 15 November 1905 Sir Thomas Wardle stated that he wished to lease the springs exactly as " we have them now, but instead of annually, for a term of years, say  five."  The Trustees, however, in a letter dated 16 November 1905 declined to grant a lease  of the meadow, water rights or springs of water to the firm of Messrs Joshua Wardle & Sons. Heaton stressed that " Sir Thomas Wardle and Mr George Wardle must either exercise the option offered them of acquiring by purchase the property as a whole, or leave the trustees with a freehand to treat with another purchaser".  

PLACES: Leek, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Hunt; Bennett; Killmister; Challinor; Gaunt; Coupland; Sikes; Harding; Daintry; Ainsworth; Goldstraw; Ball; Bullock; Cope; Whittles; Deaville; Smith; Brooks;
DESCRIPTION: Draft conveyance dated 20th December 1827 by Mr Robert Hunt and his mortgagees to Matthew Bennett of several houses, buildings and land at and near the bottom of Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire and the assignment of a term of 500 years affecting part of the premises In trust "to attend the inheritance". Killmister & Challinor, Leek.  The parties to the conveyance were (1) Josiah Gaunt the younger of Leek, silk manufacturer, (2) George Deaville of Leek, grocer, (3) Samuel Bower Whittles of Leek, grocer, (4) Robert Hunt of Mill Street, shopkeeper, (5)Matthew Bennett of Leek, coachman (6)  George Killmister of Leek (7) Matthew Gaunt of Leek (8) William Challinor of Leek.  The property is described as "messuages, dwelling houses, bakehouse buildings gardens lands tithes  ....." It is later described in more detail as a messuage, etc. at the bottom of Mill Street  with barn, croft, garden and pigsty in the tenure of Robert Hunt; three cottages with gardens occupied by Joshua Ball, Samuel Ball and Baset Bullock; a garden adjoining occupied by Joshua Cope all of which had been erected partly on the said croft and partly on the site of an old barn formerly called Kiln Barn situated in Kiln Lane near the bottom of Mill Street.  Hunt had purchased all these from John Smith Daintry.  The property also included three houses near the others which were then or had been occupied by James Goldstraw, Samuel Brookes and Ann Smith which Hunt had bought from Messrs Ainsworths.  An indenture dated 4th October 1763 between Edward Sikes  and Edward Harding concerning the house occupied by Robert Hunt later is mentioned since this created the term of 500 years.  

PLACES: Leek, Cheadle, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs; London; Sheffield;  
PERSONS: Cruso; Pratt; Ridgway; Mayfield; Etches; Daintry; Ryle; Hall; Buxton; Copeland; Sparrow; Johnson; Cope; Bullock; Knight; Challinor; Braddock; Goostrey; van Tuyl; Thorneycroft; Clowes; Woolfe; Emerson; Sutton; Harrison; Davenport; Bould; Sleigh;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft abstract of title, dated 11 January 1844, to a shop standing at the bottom of the Market Street in Leek, Staffordshire and to buildings yards and gardens adjoining and behind it formerly the inheritance of Gabriel Mayfield and many years afterwards of Thomas Pratt.(68 pages) . The first indenture cited is dated 10/11th September 1759. It was made between (1) Thomas Pratt of Leek, joiner (2) Mary Ridgway of Leek, spinster, daughter of John Ridgway late of Cheadle, Staffs, Clerk deceased by Elizabeth his wife who was also deceased, (3) Michael Daintry of Leek, Button Merchant, & William Condlyffe of Leek. The deed was in connection with the marriage of Thomas Pratt and Mary Ridgway and the property was part of Mary's "paternal estate" and the settlement was intended to provide her with an annuity of £10 should her husband predecease her. In 1759 the property was or had recently been occupied by Peter Hope, Samuel Hilditch, surgeon, and Samuel Walmsley. Gabriel Mayfield whose property it once had been was Mary Ridgway's Grandfather and he had bequeathed the property to Mary's mother Elizabeth. In a further indenture dated 9th October 1793 was drawn up between George Pratt the only surviving son of Thomas Pratt and Mary Ridgway, and Joseph Mellor to extinguish the "estate tail"  in the usual way i.e. by levying a fine in the Court of Common Pleas and drawing up indentures of lease and release.  The description of the property locates it  as in the market place nearly opposite to the Market Cross. In 1793 it was occupied by James Lucas. The three adjoining dwellings stood at the back of this and they were occupied by Elizabeth Braddock, Hugh Hall and Catherine Goostry. The fine described the property as 4 messuages, one curtilage one garden common of pasture for all cattle and common of turbury.   The indentures of L & R were drawn up on 1st November 1793 between (1) Richard Etches, a liquor merchant of leek, (2) Michael Daintry of Macclesfield, merchant and John Royle of Macclesfield, merchant (trustees of the will of John Daintry of Leek, and (4) John Cruso of Leek. Etches agreed to buy the property for £600 and he borrowed £400 of this sum from Daintry and Royle on the joint bond of Etches and Pratt. The document had a term of 500 years and in a separate document dated 4 and 5 days later, Etches conveyed the property to Pratt to hold upon trust -Etches to receive the rents while Pratt was responsible for any charges levied by Daintry & Ryle.  Etches should have paid Pratt the £200 difference between the purchase price and the amount borrowed from Daintry & Ryle. However, he didn't have the money so he had given Pratt a promissory note. Pratt required further security and Etches made the note a charge on the property in Market Street.   Etches became bankrupt about 20 July 1796 and 3 of the Commissioners - Thomas Sparrow of Newcastle under Lyme, John Cruso of Leek, and Isaac Cope the younger or Leek- sold the property to John Buxton of Leek, linen draper, to whom Etches owed £100.  The sale (or assignment) was subject to the existing mortgages. Buxton put the property up for sale at the George Inn, Leek on 20 September 1797 and it was sold to Thomas Knight of Leek, linen draper, for £530. Out of this sum £448-2s-11d was needed to cover the Daintry & Ryle mortgage. George Pratt thus received £81-17s-1d "in full satisfaction of  his "principal".  The property was subsequently conveyed to Knight and to Bullock in trust.  At the request of Knight & Bullock the 500 year "mortgage " was assigned by Daintry & Ryle to Challinor.  27/28 March 1797 the property was conveyed to Richard Bullock of Leek and in return Thomas Knight received £500.  At Richard Bullock's request the residue of the 500 year term was assigned to Hugh sleigh of Leek, merchant, and William Challinor. Richard Bullock died 22 Nov. 1799 leaving £500 each to his mother Ann and his sisters Mary and Prudence. he also bequeathed £1500 to his brother William Bullock and Samuel Tibbitts of Milk Street, London, merchants upon trust to invest and pay the interest on £500 of it to his sister Martha the wife of Thomas Knight for life and then  equally amongst her children. They were to pay the interest on £1000 to his sister Olive the wife of Bogart van Tuyl for life and afterwards equally between her children. His will was proved in the PCC on 12th February 1800.    The will of William Bullock was proved at the PCC on 10th February 1804.  In 1806 Thomas Knight mortgaged the property to  G. K. Killmister for £230. It was then subject to a mortgage to Eleanor and Ann Thornycroft of £500.   A further description of the premises is given in 1806 which states " in Market Street nearly opposite the cross or Market Hall".  In his will dated 3 Nov 1807, (proved at Lichfield 26 October 1809) Thomas Knight bequeathed the property to his friends Benjamin Woolf and William Challinor in trust to sell. A sale took place at the Queens' Head at which Robert Emerson bought the property for £1925 at "the request and for the sole use and benefit of Sarah Sutton, Mary Sutton and Thomas Sutton of Leek

PLACES: Leek, Staffs; Rainow, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Cruso; Challinor; Sykes; Sutton; Allen; Alsop; Glendenning; Gaunt; Simkin; Marshall; Goddard; Sanders; Pointon; Wardle; Broster; DESCRIPTION: List of insurances in the Norwich Union Office 1821 onwards, Leek, Staffordshire. The document lists names, amount insured, duty, total premiums, date received and from whom and the amount received. It is broken down into fire and life insurance policies.  John Cruso senior was insured against fire in the sum of £4200. The premium for this was £4-4s, the duty £6-6s making a total of £10-10s. The others insured included his son John Elijah Pointon, Thomas Sanders, John Goddard, William and Edward  Challinor, James Wardle and Joseph Broster of Rainow. The range of values insured against fire was from £150 to £5000. The highest sum insured related to the policy covering Messrs Glendenning & Gaunt. Messrs Sutton & Co were also insured with the Norwich in the sum of £1200. The number of life insurance policies was relatively low Charles Coupland's life was insured for £999 in 1821 for a premium of £23-17s. The only other life insurance policies listed were on the lives of G. R. Killmister and the Revd. James  

PLACES: Leek, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Wardle; Illsley; Smith;  
DESCRIPTION: Minutes as to the children of Joshua Wardle and shares re Sheephouse, dated 13 October 1902. It lists the children of Joshua Wardle deceased : Thomas, George, Elizabeth Illsley. After the latter it states "her children Elizabeth wife of William Smith. She is in England, he in Trinidad has the power of disposition without her husband's concurrence." It then goes on (a) Martha Phoebe  ...(a) her share subject to her will devolve on all the testator's other children equally in fee  therefore 1/4th of 1/3rd belongs to each of Elizabeth Illsley, Ann, Thomas and George absolutely but Sit Thos. says that she made a will leaving everything to her sister a whether for life only he is not aware ? obtain office copy of her will.  A pencilled note on the front indicates that be   Mrs Illsley 

PLACES: Macclesfield, Bollington,  Cheshire; Bowden, Hartington, Derbyshire;  
PERSONS: Stafford; Lankford; Tatton; Robinson; Young; Orford; Warhurst; Warburton; Evans; Orme; Pimlott; Daveson; Simpson; Cholmondley; Dunning; Cooke; Wright; Goodwin; Whitaker; Wood; Henshall; Latham; Brooks; Wagstaff; Barber; Boothby; Norton; Legh; Harryman;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft abstract of title? to lands formerly the property of John Stafford of Macclesfield dated (approximately) 1780.  Approx 45 pages. Document contains details of the Stafford family relationships and details the locations, sizes, tenants and values of Stafford's property in Cheshire, Derbyshire etc. Details of agreements entered into between Stafford's heirs.  The document also states that Harry Lankford was in partnership with his brother in law William Stafford, the only son of John Stafford, and John Robinson prior to 1775.  John Stafford's house in Jordangate, Macclesfield is stated to have been formerly in the possession of Samuel Harryman, gent. After John's death it and the fields associated with it (Back St. field, Perle Walls and Perle Walls meadow -total area 11 acres 2 rood 3pc)passed into the hands of his daughters Lucy and Penelope.  The estates included various chief rents amongst which were the chief rents for  the Sun Inn, Macclesfield which was then occupied by Matthew Simpson,  

PLACES: Leek, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Sneyd; Myatt; Critchlow;  
DESCRIPTION: Agreement, dated 1851, between Thomas Sneyd and John Myatt re the letting of Ashes Farm "lately occupied by Thomas and John Critchlow".  The document consists of printed terms and conditions for the letting  key items of which were filled in by hand. It is signed by Myatt but not by Sneyd. The lease of the 140 acre farm was to start from 25 March 1850. The rent was £210. 

PLACES: Cheadle, Staffs; Manchester; London;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy of a  printed agreement, dated 30 July 1931, between the British Enka Artificial Silk Company Limited and Cheadle Textiles Ltd of Mill Tape Street, Cheadle, Staffs. re the  winding, sizing and beaming of  artificial silk yarns produced by Enka. In addition to very detailed and stringent conditions the document lists the prices to be paid by for different denier yarns according to whether they are   winding pirns, jumbo cones and bottled bobbins or cheeses and separately for the beaming and sizing of bleached warps.  Hand written notes indicate revised prices for 1932 and 1933. 

PLACES: Leek, Staffs;  Macclesfield, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Daintry; Ryle; Rogers;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter, dated 13 July 1807, from the Macclesfield Bank of Daintry & Ryle to Miss Rogers at Leek concerning her account with them. The letter is signed by [    ] Nicholson. The main item in the account concerns £800 of stock in 4% annuities.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Badnall; Challinor; Sleigh; Clowes; Shallcross; Bourke; and many others;  
DESCRIPTION: Land Tax Assessment for Leek, Staffordshire 1900-1901 This gives the names of the occupiers and the  owners of property;  a description of the property and its situation; the annual rent; whether or not exonerated; details of Land Tax to be remitted under the 1898 Finance Act and the sums to be collected. It contains 11 pages of names and details and a summary of the amounts paid. The total to be accounted for was £32 -3-7. The assessors were: John Shallcross and Elisha Clowes. The Commissioners were Hugh R. Sleigh and E. Challinor.   The Clerk to the Commissioners was Edward Challinor. The Surveyor of Taxes was W. Bourke.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Smith;  
DESCRIPTION: Plan on linen drawn by Jas. G. Smith, surveyor, of Leek showing part of the Leek to Ashbourne Road and the pencilled in site of a fever hospital.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Lucas; Redfern; Strangman; Chorley; Daintry; Buxton; Thomas; Williams;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft mortgage by demise of premises in Leek, Staffordshire for the term of 500 years to secure a debt of £100 plus interest. Dated 29 December 1835. The mortgage was between Edward Lucas of Mitcham in Surrey.... (eldest son and trustee at law and also one of the two children of William Lucas  late of the City of London son of James Lucas of Leek, Staffordshire, deceased one of the parties named in an indenture dated 9th July 1794 which was a settlement made in the name of Ann Strangman, Toft Chorley, Michael Daintry and [  ], and Thomas Redfern of Leek.  Edward Lucas mortgaged all his interest in the real estate formerly of Joshua Strangman father of Ann Strangman and in particular the Longdale, Handkerchief Field, Ludcroft, Spout Croft, house and Cha...bu.., shed and buildings adjoining the garden, Nixhill, Hungerfield and the houses and buildings in Spout Street, Leek all formerly in the possession of Ann Strangman and late of Toft Chorley.  Ann all the dwellings etc. standing in Spooner's Lane with the garden behind the same and adjoining to the Spout Croft formerly occupied by Samuel Buxton, Ralph 

PLACES: Macclesfield, Cheshire; Leek, Swythamley, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Brocklehurst; Hulme; Challinor; Redfern; Dale; Robinson;  
DESCRIPTION: Statement of negotiation dated 1877, Brocklehurst v Hulme. Fair copied 10 December 1877. Document concerns a case between Brocklehurst and Js. Hulme concerning the sale and purchase of the Moss and Isle Farms. Hulme agreed to sell the farms to Brocklehurst for £900 in a letter (dated 1st November 1877) which Brocklehurst subsequently burnt together with other documents. Meeting arranged at Redfern's office in Leek to arrange a conveyance etc.  On 20th November Hulme rode from Macclesfield to Swythamley to inform Brocklehurst his brother could not meet as arranged. Hulme said that he kept his brother John and they wanted £500 to carry on their trade and that some one had offered them £600 for the Moss farm. Eventually a meeting was agreed and at the meeting Hulme  went up street to obtain the deeds from Challinor, He came back 2 hours later saying Challinor had told him not to sell since he could get £700 for the Moss farm by public auction.  The title to the land also came into question Challinor saying the title was good and Robinson indicating that others thought it wasn't.  

PLACES: Leek, Bradnop, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Naden; Fernyhough; Challinor; Barker;  
DESCRIPTION: Document dated 21 July 1853 in which Richard Ratcliff of Leek, stone mason, makes an arbitration award in a case involving a disagreement between John Naden of Leek, stone mason, and Joseph Fernyhough of Bradnop, farmer about a bill for work carried out on a house in Russell Street, Leek.  Naden's bill to Fernyhough was the subject of an arbitration hearing by Ratcliff held on 13th July 1853.  The document is a draft and the amount of the award has not been filled in. Costs were to be shared equally.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Fernyhough; Phillips;  
DESCRIPTION: Statement of Joseph Fernyhough's "mortgage money and interest" due to William Phillips. for the latter part of 1856. Total amount £1767 -12s-11d.  The interest comprised £17-12s-11d of this. Income Tax on the interest was £1-3s-6d.  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Fernyhough; Phillips; Ratcliff; Pointon; Howson; Mien; Weston; Challinor; Mollatt;  
DESCRIPTION:  Rent account for 1855 with respect to Mr Joseph Fernyhough's premises in Rose Bank Street, Leek. It includes cost of repairs. A footnote states " This sum given credit for in Petty France rent account.  

PLACES: Leek, Hanley, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Mare; Cruso; Ballantine; Moorland; Tomlinson; Jones; Porter; Brittan;  
DESCRIPTION: Two documents  (D1)Appears to be a draft or copy document bearing the date 16 July 1796. It cites and indenture concerning the assignment of property for 1000 year term to John Cruso in trust between (1) John Tomlinson, (2)Richard Mare, (3) Robt. Ballantine and Mrs Moorland, (4) John Cruso. The premises assigned by Tomlinson to Cruso are not specified directly but reference  is made to deeds dated 9 July 1793 and 9th March 1795.    (D2) Letter dated 6 November 1807 from  J. Tomlinson at Hanley to Messrs Cruso, Jones and Porter, Leek, Staffordshire concerning a conveyance from a Mr J. Mare to Mr Brittan of part of premises in Mr Moorland's mortgage and included an  

PLACES: Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Cruso; Fletcher; Plaxton;  
DESCRIPTION: Two letters.   (1) Letter dated Leek 9th May 1797 from JC [John Cruso?] to an unknown lady apologising for his delay in replying which was due to " hurry of business".    (2)  Copy of a letter dated 13 October 1785 sent by John Cruso (JC) of Leek, Staffordshire, to a Mr Fletcher re " Mr Plaxton's business". It starts " I have received your extraordinary letter which I conceive give, my information to you as received from the Gentleman I am concerned for in Mr Plaxton's business, the Lye direct  I can therefore only say that so long as  am concerned in that business my attention shall as I trust it always has been attended to their interests & am sir yrs...."


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