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PLACES:  Buglawton, Congleton, Dane in Shaw, Cheshire;  
PERSONS: Hall; Yates; Coterill; Johnson; Reade; Vaudrey; Hammond; Oakes; Cookson; Stanway; Dresser; Birchenough; Kidd; Radford; Wright; DESCRIPTION: Printed sale particulars, dated 1827,  re the sale by auction at the Bull's Head, Congleton on 17th May 1827, of silk and corn mill, messuages, cottages and farms at Higher Dane in  Shaw.  The property was said to be yielding an income of £1000 per annum or thereabouts from a compact estate of 128 acres situate on and around the Dane in Shaw Brook. The mill is described as " extensive water power silk mill formerly used as a cotton factory, situate at Higher Dane in Shaw aforesaid, four stories in height, and 43 yards 6 inches long, by 10 yards, 2 feet wide and the powerful water wheel, main shafts and heavy gearing whereby the machinery of the said mill is worked.  The property lay adjacent to the Congleton - Leek turnpike and included a large house with pleasure grounds occupied by Mr Thomas Hall. The corn mill was situated on the opposite side of the road to the silk mill and had two water wheels. The corn mill was subject to a 14 year lease (commencing 25 March 1822) to Messrs Oakes & Cookson.  There was also a building which had been leased to a Mr Hadfield and others which was used as a chapel. The farms include : Hind's Wood Farm and Rainow Farm.  

:  Leek, Staffordshire;  
DESCRIPTION: Particulars of Highfield Hall, Leek, Staffordshire taken from deeds -undated. Lists property and acreages. Total acreage 70 :03:35.

PLACES:  Leek, Norton, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Lucas; Key; Mills; Smith; Stevenson; Ford;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft deposition in Chancery, date unknown, by John Smith of Lichfield, Staffordshire, Tanner, one of the executors of William Ford late of Endon Bank, Leek, Staffordshire, Gentleman, in connection with the bankruptcy of Messrs William Key and James Lucas, of Leek, Button Merchants, Chapmen and Co-partners.  Lucas and Key were indebted to Smith and Ford's other executor William Stevenson of Baddiley Green, Norton, Staffs., Farmer, in the sum of £100 13s  6d for principal and interest under a bond dated 4 April 1766. This £200 bond bound Lucas and Key top repay £100 and interest on the sum at 4.5%. The bond was executed before Lucas and Key were made bankrupt. Nothing had been received.

PLACES:  Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Cruso; Ward; Phillips; Gaunt; Heathcote; Knight; Maskery; Brassington; Salt; Kelly; Cope; Trafford; Smith; Hammersley; Sherratt; Earls; Peacock; Shingler; Bold; Lovatt; Lees; Barker; Bell; Ruston; Hallows; Steel; Abbot; Watson; Clulow; Nicolls; Houghton; Miles; Lovatt; Whitehall; Tatton; Joinson; Winterbottom;  Weaver; Pyott; Rushton; Bloore; Goldstraw; Durham; Hales; Hulme; Woolley; Rowley; Fernyhough; Braddock; Maddock; Thacker; Brough; Hyde; Ball; Simpson; Alcock; Pickford; Davis; Stonehewer; Trafford; Holmes; Walker; Spilsbury; Thompson; Coals; Mellor; Chaddock; Washington; Smith; Vigars; Wood; Beard; Woodward; Marchington; See  
DESCRIPTION: Hand written list dated 1835 -probably- of recipients of relief living within Leek and Lowe, Staffordshire. The names are listed in four columns each carrying the name of a leading member of Leek society (John Cruso, Mr Heathcote, Mr Gaunt, Mr Phillips, Mr Ward) who may have been the trustees of the charity. The names are as follows: Mill Street: Martha Kelly; Ellen Cope; Nanny Sherratt, widow; Ralph Hammersley; Joseph Bold; Ann Watson; Betty Fallows; Elizabeth Winterbottom; Joseph Pickford; Widow Rowley;  Strangman's Walk: Hannah Knight;  Brough's Yard, Spout Street: Samuel Maskery; Widow Salt;  Hollow Lane: Sarah Trafford; John Brough;   Dales Yard: Lydia Smith; Ann Vigars;  West Street; Sarah Hammersley; Edward Walker; Thomas Gibson;  Back o th' Street: Lydia Earls; Betty Lees;   Bottom Derby Street: Sarah Peacock;  Stockwell Street: William Shingler; Charlotte Nicols; Thomas Joinson; Mary Hyde;  Scolding Bank: Rachel Lovat;   Back o th' Church: Betty Lees; George Hallows; Mary Clulow; Thomas Braddock;   Queen Street: Mary Barker;    Jacob's Alley:  Mary Ann Bell; Charles Ruston; Susannah Pyott;  Clerks Bank: Thomas Steel; Sarah Miles;  The Spotted Cow: Mary Abbot, widow;   Near the Fountain, Leek Moor: James Houghton; John Woolley;   Spout Street:  Elizabeth Lovatt;  Mary Simpson (bottom); Sarah Allcock (bottom);  Union Street: Molly Whitehead;   Cheshire Cheese Yard: Mary Tatton;  Ley's Yard, Stockwell Street: Ann Weaver;  Mary Mellor;   Derby Street: Jane Rushton, widow; William Meakin; Joice Thacker; Kitty Tatton, widow; Sarah Simpson;   Cock Yard, Derby Street: Sarah Bloore;  Gettliffs Yard: Mary Goldstraw;  Fountain Street: Ann Durham, widow; James Maddock;   Near The Talbot: Widow Sherratt;  Leek Moor: Mary Hales, widow; Ann Marchington; Matthew Washington; James Wood;    Compton: Solomon Hulme; Mary Coals, widow;   Overton's Bank: Widow Rowley; Thomas Braddock; Mary Braddock; Anne Stonehewer; Thomas Hughes; Dinah Trafford;    Church Lane: Hannah Fernyhough;    Spooners Lane: Cornelius Ball;  William Davis;   Cornhill: Michael Holmes; Margaret Smith;   Blacks Head Yard: Charles Spilsbury;   Cherry Row: Widow Thompson;  London Road: Bessy Chaddock;   Hole: Thomas Beard;  Nr Workhouse: Betty Woodward;

PLACES:  Leek, Staffordshire;  
DESCRIPTION: Handwritten alphabetical listing of applicants for Naylor's Dole, Leek, Staffordshire, dated 6 December 1898.  It gives names, addresses, ages, details of health, marital status and other details though not all data are given for all applicants. Ticks indicate those in receipt of parochial relief.

PLACES:  Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Badnall; Gaunt; Fowler; Holroyd; Johnson; Newbold; Stonehewer; Knight; Clowes;  
DESCRIPTION: Indenture dated 18 November 1830 between (1) Olive Holroyd of Leek, widow; (2) Joseph Holroyd of Leek, stonemason; (3) Ann Badnall of Leek, spinster;  (4) Sarah Fowler of Leek, widow; (5) Matthew Gaunt of leek, gent.;  (6) Josiah Gaunt the younger, of Leek.   Parties 4, 5 and 6 covenanted to purchase the fee simple in possession of property described below  for £36  8s  0d from parties 1, 2, and 3.  The Holroyds were to receive £11 and Ann Badnall £25  8s  0d in accordance with an indenture of sale between Olive and Joseph Holroyd and Ann Badnall on the one hand and Matthew Gaunt on the other dated the day previously,  which is attached to this indenture.   The property involved consisted of (1) an allotment on Foker Moor of 5 perches extent which was allocated by the Commissioners for the enclosure of the wastes and commons of Leek to William Stonehewer and was previously sold by Hannah Newbold, widow and the Reverend Francis Stonehewer Newbold to Olive Holroyd on 7 November 1830.  2 allotments on Foker Moor of 2 and 7 perches respectively which had been formerly purchased by Joseph Holroyd and Robert Johnson respectively and allotted to John Holroyd late husband of Olive Holroyd in and by the same award.   These allotments had subsequently bee enclosed together and were in the occupation of Thomas Knight.      (2) The second property consisted of an allotment "now planted with trees" on Foker Moor of 34 perches  which had been allotted to Joseph Badnall (son of James Badnall of Leek) since deceased and to Ann Badnall. When Joseph Badnall died the property became vested in Ann Badnall as devisee and heiress at law of Joseph Badnall.   The document is signed, sealed and witnessed by the Holroyds and Ann Badnall but not by the other parties. The witnesses were Ann Clowes, Anne Holroyd and C. D. Tomlinson.  Attached to the deeds are (1) a valuation of the lands of Joseph Badnall on Foker Moor.  (2) A note re the quantity of land purchased from Miss Badnall was based on estimates by George Rider.

PLACES:  Leek, Aston, Eccleshall, Longsdon, Newcastle, Enville, Staffordshire; Lancaster  
PERSONS: Booth; Knight; Hambleton; White; Kingsley; Acton; Ward;  
DESCRIPTION: Account of legacies bequeathed in the will of Catherine Booth -undated.  It gives the sums bequeathed and the location of the beneficiaries in most cases.

PLACES:  Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Badnall; Challinor; Shaw; Bagshaw; Nicholson; Skidmore; Wynne; Hepburn; Bailey; Milward; Thonger; Hulme; Brough; Hall; Heath; Glover; Clowes; Buckwell; Davenport; Hand; Allen; Johnson; Hammersley; Bowen; Parker; Fane; Heaseman; Gregg; McClellan; Durose;  
DESCRIPTION: Catalogue for the sale by auction of the Highfield Hall Estate, Leek, Staffordshire by W. S. Bagshaw & Sons at the Red Lion Hotel, Leek, on 15th May 1939. (4 copies but only no. 1 has a plan of the estates). Copy 2 has handwritten changes to the"£ Special  conditions of sale" one of which changes the date for completion form the 14 July 1939 to 26 August 1942.  Conditions 5, 8 and 9 are deleted. Condition 10 is modified to eliminate undue repetition and to widen its scope and avoid any liability falling on the vendors.  Copy 3 contains a handwritten query concerning  whether or not Lot 16 includes half the bed of the river to which the answer "No but some doubt was expressed at the time" was given. The hay barn mentioned in this lot is also said to be the property of the tenant and therefore excepted from sale as part of the lot.  Copy 4 contains bids for lots 2 (Mr Durose),  Lot 4, Lot 5, Lot 6, Lot 7, Lot 10, Lot 11, Lot 12 (Highfield stud Farm), Lot 14 (Abbey Green Farm), Lot 15, Lot 16, Lot 17, Lot 18 (Foker Grange Farm), Lot 19, Lot 20, Lot 21, Lot 22, Lot 23.  It also lists names against the lots on page 16. i.e. West; Copestake; Wardle Sales; Gilchrist; Bailey; Hulme; Hammond; Bishton; Brough; Swindells; Stanard; Brunt; Morrison.

PLACES:  Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Challinor; Ward; Killmister; Daintry; Cruso; Perkin; Phillips; Brooks;  
DESCRIPTION: Draft conveyance, dated 1829, from Mr William Challinor to Mr Anthony Ward of land near Compton in Leek, Staffordshire. The conveyance  was between (1) William Challinor of Leek, gent., and (2) Anthony Ward of Leek, silk manufacturer and (3) Geo. R. Killmister. The consideration is blank. Challinor sold the property by virtue of "a power and authority to him given" by an indenture of release dated 10 May 1823 made between (1) John Smith Daintry (2) John Cruso the elder, (3) William Challinor, and (4) Joshua Perkin, writing clerk.  The plot devised to Ward was defined as "a parcel of land lying and being at or near Compton near Leek".  It was bounded on the south side  by..[  ] on the north side by a plot belonging to a Mr Chell on the east side by [(deleted) the turnpike road] part of the said parcel of land? and on the west side by a house and premises belonging to Mr John Phillips and Mr [  ] Brooks, extending in breadth in front to the South along the said St...   yds.,.....The rest is incomplete but it finishes by stating " and is now in the possession of the said A. Ward".  The conveyance includes restrictions to prevent any wife  of Anthony Ward's acquiring a right of dower in the property.  Towards the end it states that Mr A. Ward agreed to " erect at his own expense and build and finish in  a good and workmanlike manner with good brick to be set in lime mortar and at all times thereafter maintain and keep in perfect repair and condition good and substantial walls of the thickness of [...] and of a height of [    ] at the least on the eastwardly side and northwardly end of the said plot of as to enclose the same from the remainder of the land of the said William Challinor and so as to prevent nuisance and trespass or damage to be committed and not to erect any necessary  against this wall or any offensive Tra... on or to his premises".  A deleted marginal note states " Is Mr Ward to have the full length to the Turnpike from his house".

PLACES:  Leek, Longsdon, Staffordshire; Milnthorpe, Westmoreland; Southsea;  
PERSONS: Flint; Challinor; Argyles; Sleigh; Wood; Reade;  
DESCRIPTION: Inland Revenue estate duty form C-1 File No. 69522 , 1905,  Regr. E.J.  1884  Fo. 2474 concerning property belonging to the late Elizabeth Flint of Leek, Staffordshire, spinster, who died on 18th November 1905 which was chargeable with estate duty. The document relates in particular to property in which Miss Flint had an interest under the will of her father Charles Flint of Leek, which was proved at the Principal Registry on 10 January 1865. The trustees of the latter were John Sleigh of Kent Cottage, Queens Road, Southsea and Thomas Atkinson Argyles of Eversley, Milnthorpe, Westmoreland. The beneficiaries listed were Mary Louisa Flint sister of Elizabeth Flint, who died on 5th July 1884 will proved in PR 24 July 1884 whose executor was Joseph Challinor of Compton House, Leek. The property was Bradshaw Farm -74 acres occupied by William Wood at a rent of £70- and another farm  of 52 acres 2r 32 p at Bradshaw-occupied by Ann Reade at a rent of £70.  The value of the farms was estimated at £2583  19s  1d.  The document was signed by Joseph Challinor on 11 December 1906.

PLACES:  Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Davenport; Travis; Keates; Swindells; Fogg; Phillips; Fergyson; Turner;  
DESCRIPTION: Statement, dated 12 July 1899, of the personal estate of Mr. William Davenport, deceased, and of payments made by Mr Travis. Gives money in Building Society, proceeds of sale of furniture, rent of a house in Fountain Place from Mr Turner and payments by Mr Travis. The latter include  Dr Dakeyne's bill, a payment to Charles Fogg for coals, to Edwin Phillips for plumbing work etc.  The real estate was sold to Edward Keates and to a John William Swindells.

PLACES:  Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Shaw; Phillips;  
DESCRIPTION: Documents relating to leases of the Springfields property in Leek, Staffordshire. (1) 8 August 1904 Position with regard to fixtures on the termination of Springfield leases. This covers items such as Venetian blinds, cupboards fastened to walls water taps, gas brackets garden shrubs, tiled edging to gardens, wooden huts, etc.     (2)19 July 1888 Edwin Phillips bill for work on a new water closet etc. at Springfield.  Detailed listing of costs including labour, materials, etc. The bill is signed and stamped and dated across the stamp 19 July 1888.

PLACES:  Eccleshall, Audley, Stone; Staffs; Coventry, Kenilworth, Warwickshire;  
PERSONS: Bostock; Beresford; Roberts; Hawkesworth; Sneyd; Howard; Heath; Papillon; D'ath;  
DESCRIPTION: Assent to devise of Baden Hall Farm near Eccleshall in the County of Stafford dated 28th October 1946 Hy. Walters & Welch, Solicitors, Stone, Staffordshire. Document recites that William Beresford of Clifford's Wood Farm near Stone in Staffordshire , farmer, and Enoch Bostock of Gibbet Hill, Coventry, farmer, were the trustees appointed in the will of Arthur Bostock of Baden Hall Farm near Stone, a retired farmed who died on 18th October 1944 at Baden Hall Farm. Arthur Bostock held the fee simple of the farm but had mortgaged it to William Beresford for £7000.. In his will dated 22nd June 1920 Arthur Bostock devised the farm to his Beresford, who was his nephew, for life. After Beresford's death the farm was devised by Bostock to his nephew Joseph Bostock  (son of his brother George) in fee simple.  Arthur Bostock's will was proved at Birmingham on 7th February 1945.  In the current document Arthur Bostock's trustees vested the farm in themselves upon trusts, etc. and acknowledged the rights of the "remainderman" Joseph Bostock and of William Beresford.  The schedule lists " The lands farmhouse farm buildings barns Entrance Lodge two cottages and hereditaments known as Baden Hall Farm containing three hundred and forty five acres Three roods and then occupied by William Beresford and Enoch Bostock carrying on business as farmers under the name of Beresford & Bostock as yearly tenants.  A hand written note adds" All which said lands farmhouse, farm buildings barns Entrance Lodge two cottages and hereditaments were inter-alia conveyed to the said Testator  by a conveyance dated the 30th October 1919 and made between (1) Ralph Sneyd,  (2) Robert Mowbray Howard & Arthur Howard Heath, (3) Robert Mowbray Howard, Pelham Rawston Papillon & Arthur Cloudsley Shovel Hughes D'ath and (4) Arthur Bostock.  The document is signed and witnessed.

PLACES:  Eccleshall,  Stone; Staffs;  
PERSONS: Bostock; Beresford; Jepson; Barker;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy of the will and two codicils of Arthur Bostock of Baden Hall Farm, Eccleshall, Staffordshire. In his will Bostock mentions not only his nephew William Beresford of Clifford's Wood, near Stone but also Elizabeth Barker the daughter of his sister Elizabeth Jepson.  Between the dates of his first and second codicils (29 March 1921 and 30 June 1933) Bostock's brothers Joseph and George died. A hand written note attached lists the key elements of the will.

PLACES:  Eccleshall,  Stone; Staffs;  
PERSONS: Bostock;  
DESCRIPTION: Typed particulars of the fire insurance policy issued by the Allied Assurance Company Ltd with respect to Badenhall Farm near Eccleshall, Staffordshire which was valid until 24th June 1945. Policy No. 5835740. Total Amount Insured £7725. The farm house was valued at £2000, the Lodge at £100 and the two cottages jointly at £500. All the latter buildings were stated to be brick or stone built and slated and tiled. The two cottages were semi-detached.  The Lodge and the cottages each had a privy, a wash house and piggeries.  The farm buildings are listed and these include an engine house and a smithy.

PLACES:  Eccleshall,  Stone; Staffs;  
PERSONS: Bostock; Beresford; Jepson; Barker; Welch; Walters;  
DESCRIPTION: Two copies of the will dated 22 June 1920 and codicils of Arthur Bostock of Baden Hall Farm, Eccleshall, Staffordshire.

PLACES:  Liverpool; Cheadle, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Badnall; Ashton; Gilbert; Blagg;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter dated 22 November 1838 from Joseph Yates Ashton of Church Street, Liverpool to Blagg of Cheadle re the case of Gilbert v Badnall. Ashton states that Messrs Keasey Hughs and Thomas  had received his instructions some days ago to forward a writ of summons for servants on the defendant  as the acceptor of a Bill for £100 due on 26 October 1838. He had received a letter from Badnall stating that he would call "to arrange the matter on Saturday last". He hadn't heard anything further from Badnall and therefore wanted to know what was happening.

PLACES:  Ashbourne, Derbyshire; Leek, Uttoxeter, Staffs; Tours, France;  
PERSONS: Broughton; Hand; Challinor; Sneyd-Kynnersley; Gibson; Aumas;  
DESCRIPTION: A bundle of eight letters written by Lucy Broughton of Clifton Croft near Ashbourne between January 1882 and September 1885. (1) January 12th 1882 to Mr Challinor concerns a mortgage of £500 which was dealt with by Frank Hand. She wished Challinor to take everything out of Frank Hand's hands "I feel sure, as you say, he his quite unfit for business". (2) January 25th 1882 To Mr Challinor. She stated she had written to Frank Hand asking for her £500 to be returned but had received no reply. Letter gives details of requests made to Hand with regard to money in accounts at the Ashbourne and Uttoxeter Banks); (3) January 6th 1883 to T. C. Sneyd-Kynnersley "Uncle Tom".  Lucy asked her uncle to make enquiries about her mortgage. She mentions that Frank Hand had invested £500 of hers in one the deed for which she signed on 8th December 1881 which was to be signed by the other party on 26th December 1881.  The £500 had been withdrawn from her account but she had received no interest. She had just learned from Hand that the deed was never signed. "I have now no wish whatever to take this mortgage and the loss of £25 interest is very serious to me". (4) March 6th 1883 to Mr Challinor. She reports Mr Hand had paid £351-15s-9d into her Ashbourne account.  Her brother in law Bruce Dickson had written to Mr Hand asking him to settle all accounts within a given time. (5) April 17th 1883 to Mr Challinor. Contains an account of what Frank Hand had paid to her sisters. Hand had paid her all the money due under the marriage settlement of 1843 except for £1300  "which I assume he still holds". Hand had also sent her £600 of a legacy from Mr Gibson.   (6) Copy of a letter dated May 21st 1883 from Miss Lucy Broughton to her Uncle Tom (Sneyd-Kynnersley). She state she had written to Frank Hand for a little money to pay the journey bills for Amy and Jessie. She was however unable to cash the £15 cheque which he sent because the Ashbourne Bank would not enter it in her account unless it was signed by him (Sneyd-Kynnersley) as well as by Frank Hand.  The letter lists the money she had received from her uncle that year. Lucy also states " We heard from Mlle Aumas the school mistress at Tours a short time ago and we have quite arranged that Amy & Jessie shall go to her next August or Sept.  She says her pupils always pay one term in advance so that £66 will have to be paid her before they go. We saw Aunt Harriet last Thursday.." The letter was signed "Lila Broughton".   (7) Copy of a letter dated 6th February 1884 to Mr  Challinor. It concerns the difficulties she was having getting money out of the Uttoxeter Bank because they wanted the cheque signed by her uncle Mr Kynnersley and that she must do this through Mr Challinor.   (8) September 8th 1885 to Mr Challinor.  Merely a note accompanying papers which she had signed.

PLACES:  Ashbourne, Derbyshire; Leek, Uttoxeter, Staffs; London;  
PERSONS: Broughton; Freeman; Dickson; Hand; Gibson; Kynnersley; Granville; Pennell; Challinor; Tomlinson;  
DESCRIPTION: The Revd. C. F. Broughton deceased. Approximate statement of Trust moneys and deficits 3rd September 1883. This states the sources and distribution of the moneys clearly.  Mentions that the leasehold premises at 9 Cumberland Terrace, London sold for £9000.

PLACES:  Norbury, Derbyshire;  
PERSONS: Broughton;  
DESCRIPTION: Extract from the will of Clement Francis Broughton dated 12th August 1879 concerning investments by his Trustees.

PLACES:  Ashenhurst, Leek, Uttoxeter, Staffs; Handsworth,  York;  
PERSONS: Phillips; Hacker; Allen; Crompton; Hawkesworth;  
DESCRIPTION: Copy draft appointment, dated 1st August 1885, of Colonel Phillips as a Trustee of William Phillips will. Hacker & Allen, Leek, Staffordshire. The appointment was made between (1) William Allen of Leek, solicitor and Thomas Phillips of Ashenhurst, Staffordshire, Colonel of Her Majesty's Army  "at present stationed at York".  States that William Phillips of Leek made a will on 29th May 1840 in which he appointed his brother Samuel and his nephew John Hand and Oswald Milne the younger executors. His property he gave in trust to his friends Oswald Milne the elder and Oswald Milne the younger, for the use of his brother for life and subsequently  to the use of his brother's first son and in default of issue to his second son and so on. In default of any such sons then to the Testator's nephew Thomas Phillips and subsequently to Thomas's first son and so on as previously. In default of any such heirs then to the use of the daughters of Samuel Phillips in common and for default of issue to the daughters of Thomas Phillips. In the daughters had no issue then the trusts were to be for the use of William Phillip's nephew John Hand the son of William's sister Mary Hand. Subsequently to the first son of John and so on. This sequence continued through William's other nephews Charles Hand and to the right heirs of William Phillips forever.  William Phillips made a codicil to his will on 12 July 1852 revoking certain gifts, revoking the appointment of the two Oswald Milnes as trustees and substituting John Hand of Handsworth Rectory, the son of his nephew John Hand as joint executor with John Hand. William's brother Samuel had died.. A second codicil was made on 11th August 1865 because John Hand the younger had died. William Phillips appointed Frances Bryan Hand the son of his nephew the Revd John Hand and William Allen (the Testator's friend) as trustees along with the Revd John Hand.  The latter died on 9th September 1870. William Phillips himself died on 4th January 1871 and his will was proved by Frank Hand in the Principal Registry on 28th February 1871.  Frances Bryan Hand died on 13th March 1885 and William Allen, at the request of Thomas Phillips wished to appoint Thomas Phillips as a joint Trustee. Signature in red ink of William Allen with a note that he can see no objection to the draft.

PLACES:  Leek, Staffordshire;  
PERSONS: Phillips; Hood; Evans;  
DESCRIPTION: Report of Sir William Charles Hood, to the Board of Visitors of Lunatics, dated 31st July 1868, on William Phillips of The Field, Leek, Staffordshire. Hood visited on the 24th July 1868. He stated that when he visited on 24th July he found that Mr Phillips was 83 years of age and had been "weak minded" from boyhood.  It was not, apparently, until 1865 that his intellect " became absolutely imbecile from satuity as to require the care which is now exercised". Phillips was looked  after satisfactorily  by his valet and a housekeeper but in view of his "considerable wealth" Hood thought some "respectable person should be appointed to superintend his household". The valet and the housekeeper were described as " humble though apparently very conscientious domestic servants".   A hand written marginal note states "this turns out to be information "from Evans who the visitor ought to have ascertained knew little or nothing .

PLACES:  Leek, Cheddleton, Biddulph, Staffordshire; Manchester; Mayfield, Derbyshire;  
PERSONS: Phillips; Titterton; Lay; Stevenson; Brough; Alcock; Doxey; Wheeldon; Pilkington; Whiston; Spilsbury; Martin; Holt; Stubbs; Atkin; Bull; Wardle; Date; Twigge; Hammersley; Wedgwood; Johnson;  
DESCRIPTION: List of William Phillips' mortgages" sent with Messrs Hacker & Allen's letter of 29th January 1866. The mortgages range in date from March 1820 to 1864 and the individual amounts from £20 to £2400. Six of those who had mortgaged their property were farmers. There was also a wheelwright, a sawyer, a brickmaker, a hair dresser (William Pilkington), a shoemaker, a publican, a vicar (Revd. Holt of Biddulph) and a grocer. Three of the Hammersley's (silk dyers) are listed and other persons connected with the silk industry such as  John Lay (a warehouseman) Henry Lionel Johnson (a silk manufacturer) and a Manchester drysalter - Eli Atkin. The rates of interest varied.

PLACES:  Thorpe, Derbyshire; Saint Milborough, Ludlow, Shropshire; Bradnop, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Badnall; Bowen; Hand; Stowell;  
DESCRIPTION: Charge by way of indemnity, dated 5th December 1890,  in respect of investments of trust funds set up under the marriage  settlement made on the marriage of Marianne Bowers of the Lodge Stroke Saint Milborough near Ludlow, widow (then Marianne Hand spinster) with the Reverend Percival Bowen.  William Beaumont Badnall of Thorpe near Ashbourne, Derbyshire, Esquire, and the Revd. Hugh Stowell of Southwood Cottage, Stockport, Cheshire, the trustees of the Hand/Bowen settlement which was dated 16 June 1838. Marianne Bowen and her son Percival were absolutely entitled to the funds in the settlement but subject to Marianne's life interest and to £4000 which was part of the settlement made on Percival Bowne junior's marriage on 20 June 1877.  The investments comprising the trust funds contained some made at Marianne and Percival junior's request but which were not within the powers of the trustees. To protect the Trustees, the beneficiaries agreed to indemnify them. One of the investments was a mortgage on Holly Dale Farm near Bradnop occupied by Thomas Simcock.  The document is signed and was witnessed by Eleanor Edensor a domestic servant.  In an attached document dated 27 April 1891, Marianne Bowen and her son consent to the investment of £279 13s 8d in in Cape of Good Hope  4 percent 1883 Inscribed Stock.

PLACES:  Leek, Staffs;  
PERSONS: Nicholson; Shaw; Tree;  
DESCRIPTION: Letter from Arthur Nicholson at Highfield Hall, Leek, Staffordshire to Thomas Shaw dated 21st August 1893 concerning a letter from a Mrs Tree re sale of Springfields.  Printed stationery with a Highfield Hall heading.


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