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This is the index to a collection of original provincial (mainly Staffordshire) newspapers dating between 1829 to 1953
Currently this is simply a listing but when time permits, further information about  interesting articles, including either transcripts or facsimiles, will be added.

The contents column contains only one or two local and national items of news but all these newspapers contain much other material of interest to local and family historians, such as:

There are now several good on line sources of newspapers including: The British Newspaper Archive and the National Library of Australia's Trove

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10 May 1845

The Staffordshire Advertiser



9 December 1854

The Staffordshire Advertiser

Battle of Inkerman; Siege of Sebastapol. 

Patriotic collections. 

Notices calling out the Staffordshire Militia.

Meeting of the North Staffs Agricultural Society.


1 April 1865

The Staffordshire Advertiser



13 October 1866

The Staffordshire Advertiser



27 June1868

The Staffordshire Advertiser



4 July 1868

The Staffordshire Advertiser



26 August 1868

The Staffordshire Advertiser



29 August 1868

The Staffordshire Advertiser



20 February 1869

The Staffordshire Advertiser



1 May 1869

The Staffordshire Advertiser



22 May 1869

The Staffordshire Advertiser



18 June1870

The Staffordshire Advertiser



25 June 1870

The Staffordshire Advertiser



2 July 1870

The Staffordshire Advertiser



17 August 1872

The Staffordshire Advertiser



2 November 1872

The Staffordshire Advertiser



1 February 1873

The Staffordshire Advertiser



8 February 1873

The Staffordshire Advertiser



15 February 1873

The Staffordshire Advertiser



12 September 1874

The Staffordshire Advertiser



16 June 1877

The Staffordshire Advertiser



4 January 1879

The Staffordshire Advertiser



18 August 1888

The Staffordshire Advertiser



1 October 1892

The Staffordshire Advertiser



23 March 1895

The Staffordshire Advertiser



27 October 1900

The Staffordshire Advertiser



18 July 1903

The Staffordshire Advertiser



  25 July 1903

The Staffordshire Advertiser



1 August 1903

The Staffordshire Advertiser



29 August 1903

The Staffordshire Advertiser



4 November 1905

The Staffordshire Advertiser



13 November 1909

The Staffordshire Advertiser



20 November 1909

The Staffordshire Advertiser



23 March 1896

The Staffordshire Sentinel



16 October 1886

The Leek Times, Cheadle Times & Moorland Advertiser

Leek Schools Attendance Committee report.

Sale of Daisy Bank, Leek; 


29 March 1896

The Leek Times, Cheadle Times & Moorland Advertiser

Biographical Sketch of Mr William Challinor with 4 sketches. 


1 February 1913

The Leek Times, Cheadle Times & Moorland Advertiser

Turkish Crisis;


Flight over the Alps;


Lost in the air-Mr Henry Bablet;


"What is to be done with women? [suffragettes];


Announcement of death of Mr Thomas Shaw with photo, details of career etc;


Death of Mr E. T. Keates-details of funeral listing all funeral tributes.


8 February 1913

The Leek Times, Cheadle Times & Moorland Advertiser

The Monoplane -Army fliers may use-doubts about stability re biplane;


Suffragettes with a paint brush- London court case;


Thomas Shaw-An appreciation and funeral. Leek UDC condolences and comments;


Leek Licensing Sessions- Tributes to Mr Shaw;


21 June 1913

The Leek Times, Cheadle Times & Moorland Advertiser

Article on the labour movement;

Liquidation of Leek United Football & Athletic Club;


28 March 1896

The Leek Post, Cheadle Times & Moorland Advertiser

The Ashanti Expedition-Experiences of a Leek Soldier Part II;


Church Bells of the Moorlands: Inscriptions on the bells of Alstonfield, Alton, Bagnall, Biddulph, Blore Rey, Brown Edge, Bucknall, Butterton, Calton, Cauldon, Caverswell & Cheadle churches;


Letter from W. E. Gladstone re Burns;


Edison's claim to a substance that enables him with the aid of Rontgen Rays to see thro' 8" of solid wood;


Letters from Rev. C. B. Maude and J. Hall of Ball Haye, Leek of secondary education in Leek;


Leek UDC tenders for the Butter Market;


Death of Mr William Challinor MA on 21st March, at Pickwood, aged 75. 3-4 column Obituary/biographical account; Votes of condolences;



8 January 1898

The Leek Post, Cheadle Times & Moorland Advertiser

Leek, Cauldon & Hartington Light Railway- deputation from Leek( including Thomas Wardle) seeking deviations of the line;


Death of Mrs Mary Edith Watson[2 columns];


Leek Board of Guardians report;


New Year's treat for Leek workhouse inmates;


Biddulph shooting;


Trades Conference in London;


Miners' Federation Conference;


East coast express crash at Dunbar Station;


The Penistone Railway Accident Report;


18 September 1952

Leek Post & Times

Sale of Mount Pleasant Mill, Leek; Sale of Roche Grange;

Leek silk workers pay; Local news generally.


22 November 1953

Leek Post & Times

  Local news


21 August 1909

The Abroath Guide

Burning of the Cunard ship Lucania in Liverpool dock;

Carnoustie-List of visitors;

The Scott Anniversary;

Editorial on the new constitution of South Africa

Coming Trades Union Congress;

Effect of old age pensions on the Patriotic Fund;

Queen Alexandra at Balmoral;


27 October 1890

The Daily News (part)

Bismarck and chancellorship;


Labour Conference-Paris;


Gladstone on Books;


Llanerch Inquiry;


Cruft's Dog Show -based on early dog show in Newcastle (1859).


Notices re: Matthew Knowles late of Leek; Miss Louisa Du Pres; Caroline Favatt;


1 October 1834

The Derby Mercury

Staffordshire Yeomanry Cavalry at Lichfield;


Editorial on Mr O'Connell and Ireland;


Derby Agricultural Show Awards- one award was to a labouring husbandmen "of good moral character" who had succeeded in bringing up a family (12 children)  without "parochial relief";


Trades Union Case-strike breakers assaulted;


Rising in the West Indies;


Notices: Will of James Shore of Matlock; Bankruptcy of Edward Mousley of Haunton, Staffs, maltster;


Turnpike Tolls to let;


Sale of stock of Mawe's Original Museum, Matlock Bath;


12 December 1818.

The Nottingham Journal

Visit of Persian princes to Nottingham;


Slave trade in America;


Condolences to Prince Regent on his mother's death;


Details of Queen Charlotte's funeral;


Court of Exchequer- Cases of "Imitative Tea, Coffee & Tobacco;


Sale of town & township of Barnstone, Notts;


13 January 1894

The Macclesfield Courier & Herald

Matabele War; Royal Commission of Labour;


24 July 1922

The Daily News

War debts; Registrar General's report; the Russell Case; 


Future of Hospitals; Irish National Army success against irregulars;  

Norman Lockyer observatory at Sidmouth.


14 November 1829

The Staffordshire Advertiser

Ashley Association For the Prosecution of Felons; 

Sale of the Tanyard and land at Lane End, Endon, Staffordshire;

Sale by order of assignees of William Greatbach's pottery at  Stoke; 

Disturbances involving navvies building the new canal at Gnosall; Notices of new roads, conversion of turnpike to highway etc;

Formation of a company to build a railway from St. Helens to Runcorn, with branches to connect with the Liverpool & Manchester Railway. 

Sale of silk factories and corn mill at Buglawton near Congleton;

 Acceptance of Mr Stephenson's plan by shareholders of proposed Manchester to Stockport railway; 

Coach crash near Macclesfield; 

Body snatching in Ashbourne, Derbyshire; 


The banking problems of 1826 and much else.


28-30 June 1851

The Times

Attendance of members of British and foreign Royal families at the Great Exhibition.

 Questions in Parliament re the removal of the Crystal Palace following proposed closure of The Exhibition in November 1851.

Capture of slavers by British ships. Excursion adverts. 

Adverts re sailing to Australia etc. 

News of railway developments -Midland Railway introduces upgraded 3rd Class coach with a roof and glazing. - reduction of fairs in the Nottingham, Derby etc. region.


6 January  1851

The Times & Supplement

Exhibition Catalogue-notice to potential advertisers.

Editors comments on "Our Splendid Railways;

Ireland-Lord John Russell's Manifesto;

Ireland- Encumbered States Commission;

Railway Accidents- GNR & LNWR;

Railways opened in 1850. Promotion of Hereford, Ross & Gloucester line.

Slavery question in the USA;

Proposed new electric telegraph -England to France


18 August 1888

The Leek Times

"On British Birds-the Stock Dove" [Similar articles (on quails and the chough) in the following editions of the Leek Times;]

Leek local news including railway timetables, cricket, football and tennis club etc. results, Board of Guardians' and medical officer's reports etc. [Similar articles in the following editions of the Leek Times]

Poisonous dyes;

Leek volunteers in camp;

River pollution;

Snow fall in Leek in August;

Military riot at Sandgate;


6 October 1888

The Leek Times

Impending publication of "Leek 40 years ago" advertised with a complete (detailed) list of contents.

Letters on proposed extension to Leek Cemetery.

State of the silk trade in the town;

University extension lectures at the Nicholson Institute - Awards.

Inquest on fatal accident at Leek. 

Suicide at Rudyard Lake;

Salvation Army in Leek;

Frost and snow in Leek "winter lingered until August 18th".

Paris fashions;

Whitechapel Murders -Was assassin an anatomist?


3 November 1888

The Leek Times

Education in Leek-editorial comment;

Proposed Buxton to Leek railway;

Leek silk trade;

"Up the feeder" article on the landscape, flora and fauna etc along the Rudyard Lake feeder;

Cases of specimens illustrating the life cycle of the silk worm presented to the Nicholson Institute by Thomas Wardle on behalf of the Indian Government.

Whitechapel murders;


28 February 1930

The Leek Times etc.

Women's Unionist Association;

Ancient Gleanings article -lists subscribers and subscriptions for the 1795 "Subscription for the Poor of Leek" as published in the Staffordshire Advertiser of 29 August 1795.

Leek UDC building houses for sale;

Patriotic Farming article-Tuberculosis and Milk Supply;

Details of deaths/funerals etc of F. Walwyn, Harold Birch and Mrs E. Davenport;













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