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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Brecon, Wales;


PERSONS Cruso; Coupland; Sutton; Williams; Church;

DESCRIPTION Letter, dated 10 June 1816, from Samuel Church of Brecon to John Cruso & Co. Solicitors of Leek, Staffordshire re Sutton v Williams. The letter states that defendant had remitted 27 - 3s, the amount of the goods then due but had handed him a further 11 13s 0d making a total of 38 16s "the utmost of your client's demand". The defendant claimed a discount of 11% on the sum "now paid but not due". The defendant had also paid Church 3 13s 6d -Cruso & Co's costs and Church had enclosed a Banker's Draft for the balance. On the back of the letter is a list headed "Sutton v Williams , Sam Church Esq., solicitor, Drt value 15s 4d; Balance of debts paid Messrs Suttons & Co. 11 13s 0d; Our costs 3 13s 6d; Postage and stamps. Total 15 6s 6d; deduct 2/16 retained by Mr. Church 15 4s 0d. Acknowledged 15 June 1816".



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Badnall; Daintry; Mills; Yeomans;

DESCRIPTION In Chancery - Mr. Michael Daintry of Leek, Staffordshire, ribbon merchant and one of the assignees of the estates and effects of James Badnall and Henry Yeomans late of Leek, button makers, dealers and chapmen against whom a Commission of Bankruptcy had been awarded. The affidavit states that a book of account marked "A" which he had exhibited to the Commission contained a full and true account of monies relating to Badnall's estates which had come into his hands or "the hands of any other person for his use" and that all the sums to be paid had actually been paid by him. The sum of money due to the estate of the Bankrupts was 280 0s 4d "and no more". Document is undated. 
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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Daintry; Davenport; Mellor; Brynne; Lay;

DESCRIPTION Extract for an account, probably 18th century, on undated paper carrying the watermark S. Lay. The account is headed "Cash received on Coach Account" and the entries include Mr. Davenport 89 0s 11d; Mr. Mellor coach & horses 89 0s 11d; Mr.Brynne Coach etc. 89 0s 11d; J. Daintry 89 0s 11d; M(ichael) D(aintry) 89 0s 11d. Total 445 4s 7d. The overall accounts stood at Disbursements 3937 3s 7.25d . To B... 445 4s 7.25d . Total 4382 8s 2.5d.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Badnall; Hammersley; Lovatt; Gould; Challinor; Westhead; Marsland; Kay; Allen; Davenport; Johnson; Broster; Booth; Phillips; Bourne;

DESCRIPTION Draft mortgage, 1868, by William Henry Hammersley, silk dyer, of Leek to the Trustees of the Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Company of dyeworks, land, etc. in Leek, Staffordshire- Challinor & Co. Hammersley had a half share in lands and in engines, machinery, fixtures, implements and utensils on the premises, which was subject to a previous 1600 mortgage by Robert and W.H Hammersley to William Phillips of Leek, dated 9 December 1859, and also to another mortgage, dated 30 March 1863, to J.P.B Westhead, Edward Marsland (since deceased) and John Robinson Kay, Trustees of the Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Co., for 1000. The last mortgage was to secure sums of money which might become due from the Hammersleys on the balance of their current account with the company. The lands and machinery were also subject to a further mortgage from W.H.Hammersley to Philip Hammersley, George Davenport, Henry Lionel Johnson and William Allen, dated 18 December 1866, to secure payment by instalments of the sum of 2082 -11s 1d "which still remains owing" A pencilled note in the margin relates that "Mr. Allen states that W.H.Hammersley is practically entitled to a moiety of Lovatt & Gould's mill but no deed has been executed vesting such moiety in him as far as he knows". The lands, etc. listed were (1) at Bridge End in Leek which had formerly been used as stables and sheds but were afterwards converted into dyeworks and " sometime since converted into a brewery with yards adjoining lately occupied by Messrs Dixon & Johnson and then by James Farrar Dixon but now unoccupied". (2) land in Leekfrith called Flashy Hill "now called the Hill (11acres 3r 2p) lately occupied by P and W.H.Hammersley and now of ...Hulme, widow, together a building on it used as a cowshed. (3) a plot at Bridge End formerly part of the Old Turnpike Road 790 square yards on the West of the new road leading from the bridge over the River Churnet to Highfield". This later field was divided by a wall on the East side from other Hammersley property, on the South by the River Churnet "from which the plot is separated by a wall which remains of the old county bridge together with a wheelwrights shop and other erections built thereon". (4) another part (619 square yards) of the Old Turnpike Road extending from the junction of the old and new roads at or near White's Bridge and on the South side of Barn Field, against the buildings of William Hammersley deceased on the Easterly side and to the centre of the old road. The westerly part of the Old Turnpike Road had been conveyed by the Trustees of the Sandon Road to the owners of Highfield and owners of lands on the West side of the road. (5) "all those buildings erected on the Hencroft and partly on a croft called Bourne's Croft, part of which was formerly erected by Richard Badnall the Elder and used as a Tannery, Dyehouses and warehouses now occupied by the said W.H.Hammersley as a dyeworks together with a yard, also formerly part of Bourne's Croft and occupied with this". (6) "all those several plots of freehold land in or near Mill Street in Leek containing 14657 square yards together with a silk mill, engine house, boiler house and other buildings erected thereon by Messrs Lovatt & Gould and lately in their occupation but now of the several occupations of Joseph Broster, Frederick Hammersley....and Charles Booth.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Newark, Notts;


PERSONS Goodwin; Joinson; Cotton; Higgs; Bassett; Daintry; Ryle; Ward; Read; Hall; Lovatt; Bagnall; Close;

DESCRIPTION Schedule to be attached to a deed -undated- it lists sums of money, the greatest of which is 800, set against John Read, Wm. Read, Sarah Read & Hannah Read or their representatives on the death of Mrs. Catherine Hall. Two firms are mentioned : Messrs Fenney & Barns, Newark; Daintry & Ryle. 

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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Thompson; Carr; Challinor; Brook; Birch; Killmister;

DESCRIPTION Agreement, dated 28 February 1828, by George Thompson of Leek, Staffordshire, silk merchant and sell half of all warehouses, shade, stable, garden, etc. and premises now occupied by Carr and Thompson at the bottom of Derby Street, Leek and half of two small dwellings occupied by Francis Brook and William Birch to Thomas Carr of Leek, silk merchant for 600. Conveyance to be completed by 15 March next. The document was signed by the two parties and was witnessed by William Challinor.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Thompson; Carr; Challinor; Eyre; Hyde; Sleigh; Cutting; Phillips;

DESCRIPTION Document dated by watermark after 1825/26. States "Terms and conditions for finally settling and adjusting the affairs on the dissolution of the partnership between Messrs Carr & Thompson". The warehouse was to close and all business cease on 28 February 1828 when the partners were to begin to divide the stock equally between them. Fixtures utensils and tools of the trade were to be valued by Ralph Hyde and John Eyres and prices affixed to each. The partners were then to ballot for the individual items. All monies in hand were to be divided equally between them, bills and securities were to be paid into the Bank at Leek and as they became due, paid as cash into the respective party's account and any debts owing by the firm paid there from. Final dissolution was to take place on 1st March and after that date all letters addressed to Carr & Thompson were to be kept at the Post Office until they could be opened in the presence of both parties or their agents. Books and papers belonging to the firm were to be lodged in a place hired for that purpose to which each party could have access. All goods addressed to the firm which might arrive after 1st March to be deposited in that room until divided between the parties. 4 to be placed in the hands of Mr. Benjamin Woolf to cover carriage or other incidental expenses. The partners were to accept the decision of two referees, John Sleigh and Samuel Phillips, in case of dispute. A pencil note states "Mr. Carr objects to Mr. Cutting...



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Henbury, Cheshire; Bury, Lancashire; Kidderminster, Worcestershire;


PERSONS Hammersley; Challinor; Westhead; Marsland; Kay; Phillips; Bourne;

DESCRIPTION Extract from a second mortgage, dated 30 March 1863, by Robert and William Henry Hammersley, silk dyer, of Leek to the Trustees of the Manchester & Liverpool District Banking Company, of brewery land and premises at Bridge End, in Leek, Staffordshire to secure the balance of a running account not exceeding 1000. Hacker &Bloore, Leek. Challinor & Co. Leek. A margin note states Edward Marsland of Henbury Hall, Cheshire died 26 December 1857.



PLACES Stowmarket, Suffolk;


PERSONS Bulmer; Edge; Drake; England; Clay; Sharpe; Reid; Johnson;

DESCRIPTION Report and Directors Statement and Accounts to 31st January 1928 of the Bulmer Rayon Spinning Company Limited of The Silk Works, Stowmarket, Suffolk. The accounts were to be presented to the third ordinary general meeting at the company's registered office -the Silk Works. Directors Sir William Bulmer (Chairman); Sir William Edge JP, MP; J. Wilfred Drake; John William England; Joseph Clay; Charles Bernard Clay; Charles Brereton Sharpe and Walter Clarke Reid. The Company Secretary was Clifford Johnson. The Directors had concluded an agreement with the British Acetate Silk Corporation Ltd whereby the latter bought the Company in consideration of 600000, 10%, participating, BASC Ltd., ordinary 1 shares; 200000, 1/-, BASC Ltd., deferred shares all issued as fully paid; 40000 in cash; a call expiring 31 December 1929 on 100000, BASC Ltd., 1/-, deferred shares. 

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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Mellor; Bagnall; Davenport; Key; Daintry; Smith;

DESCRIPTION Mellor & Bagnall's Account with Mr. John Davenport 9th May 1763 to 3rd December 1767. The items listed include -shallons and silk, glazed linens, fustian, canvas, thread, flannel, leather, superfine cloth, ribbons, twist, tape, buckram, buttons, lastings and bindings. Also included are: Screws, Bath coating and "a lottery ticket 13 1s". Overleaf a balance of account is given with the debts due to purchases of textiles ( 21-5s-2.5d plus the balance due to Mr. Davenport 9-0s-11.5d) offset by the third share of a lottery ticket 4-14s-0d; "By your share of a 20 prize by Mr. Allen Key 6-11s-3d; By coach cash from Mr Daintry 19-0s-11d".



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Thorpe near Ashbourne, Derbyshire;


PERSONS Badnall; Challinor; Wright; Maude; Brealey; Sleigh; Daintry; Cox;

DESCRIPTION Letter, dated 6 July 1891, from William Beaumont Badnall of Thorpe near Ashbourne, Derbyshire to Joseph Challinor re the appointment of a new trustee for Badnall's Dole. He expresses his concern with regard to the illness from which "our dear old friend Sleigh is suffering" and that "I am very glad to here that Dr Aldridge has seen him and that his report was rather favourable". Badnall stated that he "quite approved" the proposal to appoint new trustees and suggested Mr. Wright, yourself (Joe Challinor this was crossed out in pencil and C.D Maude inserted), Mr.Brealey and Mr. Hugh Sleigh be appointed. He said that " I did express a wish for the appointment of Mr. Hugh Sleigh, Daintry, Mrs. Cox I observe."



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Thorpe near Ashbourne, Derbyshire;


PERSONS Badnall; Challinor; Hammersley; Shaw; Cook; Gailey; Davenport;

DESCRIPTION Copy or draft conveyance, dated 11 November1892, of Ford House in Stockwell Street, Leek, Staffordshire from William Beaumont Badnall to George Davenport of Leek, silk manufacturer, for 1760. Bishton, Leek; Challinor & Shaw, Leek. The house was described as fronting and near to Stockwell Street, Market Street and Ford Street and formerly in the occupation of W.B.Badnall late of Dr John Gailey deceased but now of the said George Davenport" -total area 1815 square yards. The property was said to have been endorsed on a conveyance dated 1st June 1863 between (1) George Hammersley, William Challinor and Thomas Shaw and (2) W.B.Badnall. W.B.Badnall's signature was witnessed by Mary Jane Cook, maid to Mrs Badnall.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire;


PERSONS Tomkinson; Daintry; Ryle; Challinor; Hall;

DESCRIPTION Letter dated, 12 July 1797, from E. Tomkinson, Leek to William Turnock, Daintry & Ryle, Macclesfield. It simply states "your favour received in the absence of Mr.Challinor, who is now from home and will take care to deliver it immediately upon his return". Also written on the letter in a second hand is a list of debts as follows: 1793 balance 100: 3 :10 ; Wm. Hall 2 : 16 : 0; Given Mr.Challinor a... of these two debts 9 Aug 1797. On another part of the letter is a list of small sums for a period of 17 weeks from 3rd April to 31st July (year not given). The sums are given on a weekly basis and range from 2 to 5.

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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire;


PERSONS Jones; Daintry; Ryle; Challinor; Hall;

DESCRIPTION Messrs Daintry Ryle & Daintry 's account with William Hall -two slips which state " Mr.Wm. Hall Dr. to Daintry Ryle & Daintry 1794 May 14th To Raw silk 13..10..0 Rec. on account 10..12.. Bal(ance) 2..18..0. The above sold to allow 5 percent Dis(count) on present payment." The second slip pinned to it is a receipt "Received 15th November 1794 from Mr.Wm. S. Hall (by payment of Mr.Challinor) the sum of ten pounds and twelve shillings on account of Messrs Daintry Ryle & Daintry,  Henry Jones." -Official stamp.



PLACES Leek, Walsall, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Daintry; Satterthwait; Mills;

DESCRIPTION Draft affidavit by John Daintry of Leek, Staffordshire, button merchant that Clement Satterthwait a bankrupt of Walsall, Staffordshire, mercer, was indebted to him and his partner Michael Daintry of Leek, button merchant in the sum of 9 : 5s : 3 for goods sold and delivered by them to the bankrupt before the date of his bankruptcy. The document is dated October 1781.



PLACES Leek, Wolfstanton, Staffordshire;

FIELD NAMES The Daywork in the Calf Croft; the Daywork in the Furlongs; the Cornhill Cross Fields; Brounts Field; Pickwood;

PERSONS Stonehewer; Hall; Grosvenor; Slack; Lucas; Trafford; Pyne; Lee; Moreton; Rowley; Finney; Bradley;

DESCRIPTION Probate copy of the will of Mr. Joshua Stonehewer 12 July 1749. Bequests include: to his Grandson William Stonehewer Hall eldest son of his daughter Hannah -all his houses in Derby Street, Leek, Staffordshire occupied by himself, Richard Slack and Widow Pyne and the fields called "the Daywork in the Calf Croft and the Daywork in the Furlongs, together with "a new erected " house in Leek now divided into two dwellings standing where the barn or building called the Kiln used to be and now in the possession of John Rowley and James Lee; the two Cornhill Cross Fields one lately purchased from Thomas Jolliffe and now or late in possession of Samuel Lucas, a piece called Brounts field now or late in the possession of Joseph Jackson (lately exchanged for a piece called Birchall Croft); my farm in Leek called Pickwood now or late in the possession of William Trafford (mentions timber in the Clough next Moorhouse on the North side of Pickwood which he wished to grow there and remain to such uses as mentioned in the last will of "my late father in law Thomas Finney". He also left his Foulchurch Farm in Tittesworth, now or late in the possession of John Davenport, and also his third share in a farm called Crowborrow in the parish of Horton, now or late in the possession of Thomas Bolton to his grandson. If his grandson had no issue then the property was to revert to his Grandson Thomas Hall, the second son of his daughter Hannah and in default to his Grandson Joshua Grosvenor, eldest son of his daughter Ellen and in default to his (the Testator's ) own right heirs. To his Grandson Thomas Hall he gave his house known as the Cross in Biddulph now or late in the possession of Matthew Broadhurst. The will also states "That whereas I am informed that my daughter Hannah and her husband and my son in law Joseph Grosvenor do intend after my decease to dispute my right of devising some part of the premises here in before given and devised to the said William Stonehewer Hall (which were devised to me by my late father in law Thomas Finney). He goes on to mention he was entitled to other rents which he had allowed his daughters Hannah and Ellen and their husbands to receive for several years. He authorised his executors to place 400 out at interest which, if his daughters, etc. conveyed the property bequeathed to William Stonehewer Hall as he wished, would be paid to his Grandchildren Samuel, Rupert and Elizabeth -the children of his daughter Ellen - when they reached the age of 21. But if Ellen and Hannah and their husbands refused to make the conveyances he required, then his grandson William was to enjoy the rents formerly received by Ellen and Hannah and he was also to have the 400. The Testator left Five pounds which his executors were to use to provide two gravestones and inscriptions "to be laid on my late wife deceased and the other upon myself". He bequeathed 300 to Thomas Hall and to each of his Grandchildren Joshua Grosvenor, Samuel Grosvenor, Rupert Grosvenor and Elizabeth Grosvenor 100 each when they reached 21 or got married. He bequeathed 300 to his granddaughter Sarah Hall and 200 to his granddaughter Elizabeth Hall on the same terms. The residue of his estate he bequeathed to his Grandson William Stonehewer Hall as his executors. The will was witnessed by Isaac Cope, Ralph Bradley, and Mary Slacke.

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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Buxton, Derby, Derbyshire;


PERSONS Mills; Cruso; Jones; Trafford; Mayer; Middleton; Nixon; Ford; Hainswath; Boot; Jackson; Morris;

DESCRIPTION Letter, dated 8 August 1792, from Henry Jones, Leek, Staffordshire to Mr.Cruso in which he says he thinks he has answered Mr.Morris's queries except those respecting John Boot's wife and Mr.Jackson's mother "both of whom would be dowable if living". The letter relates to a draft deed and concerns Mr.Thomas Mills in so far as regards the assignment of his vested interest in a term of 500 years associated with a farm. "Mr.Mills has to covenant with Mr.Morris and Mr.Jackson that he has not encumbered and Mr.Mills junior covenants in a like manner". Jones questioned the mode in which "the assignor generally covenants with the assignee ... tis a plan we never pursue". The deed which created the term of 500 years, was dated 12 December 1757 and the reversion of the term was assigned on 25 March 1768 to William Trafford in trust for Nathan Jackson the father. There was a subsequent assignment to a Mr.Cross. The new deed was for the purpose of "more effectively securing the payment of the sum of 2500 so advanced by the said T. Morris". Jones states he feels that Mr.Mills would delete the latter statement since they were not in agreement with the intent of the assignment. The letter also mentions that a Mr.Middleton and Mr.James Mayer had visited concerning alterations with regard to the "Buxton Road securities". A footnote concerns a case involving Thomas Hainswath and states that Ford & Nixon of this town both subpoenaed to attend trial at Derby. 



PLACES Leek, Horton, Cheddleton, Staffordshire; Wilmslow, Cheshire;

FIELD NAMES The Daywork in the Calf Croft; the Daywork in the Furlongs; the Cornhill Cross Fields; Brounts Field; Pickwood;

PERSONS Hall; Grosvenor; Key; Ash; Turnock; Bayley; Pyott; Clowes; Davenport; Knight; Peacock; Ward; Bolton; Young; Goodwin; Joliife;

DESCRIPTION Notice to Joshua Bayley that by an indenture dated 18 February 1789 between (1) William Stonehewer Hall then of Cheddleton, Staffordshire, (2) Thomas Fenton Grosvenor of Leek, Staffordshire which stated that William Stonehewer Hall, then late of the Green, Wilmslow in Cheshire, gentleman, in his will dated 22 December 1772 devised all his messuages in Derby Street, Leek then occupied by John Davenport, John Clowes and James Davenport; 2 houses called the Kiln then occupied by Robert Turnock and John Pyot; the 2 Cornhill Cross Fields purchased from Thomas Jolliffe and then or late in the holding of William Key; Brunts Field then in the possession of John Davenport but exchanged for Birchall Croft; the land called the Daywork in the possession of Thomas Ash; the Calf Croft then in the possession of William Key; the Furlongs then in the possession of Barnett Young; Pickwood Farm then in the possession of Thomas Ash; Fowlchurch Farm in the possession of Soloman Ash; Crowborrow Farm in the possession of Richard Bolton; to his wife Catherine Hall for life and then to his nephew "the said William Stonehewer Hall party to the new reciting indenture" for ever subject to the payment of his debts, etc.... Thomas Fenton Grosvenor, as a surety for W.S.Hall the nephew, became bound with him in a bond, dated 18 February 1789, to the Company of the Proprietors of the Navigation from the Trent to the Mersey in the sum of 400 on condition that the said W.S.Hall was appointed Clerk to the said Company and making the said bond void if the said W.S. Hall should well and faithfully conduct himself in the said office and should from time to time account for pay and deliver all sums of money books papers goods and merchandise he should receive for the Company or for their use. W.S.Hall had conveyed the property in which he had a reversionary interest to T.F.Grosvenor to indemnify him from any loss or damage due to his standing security for W.S Hall. There then follows a long recital of the lands, etc. again which shows that the occupancies had changed. The deed by which W.S.Hall conveyed the property to T.F.Grosvenor gave Grosvenor the power to take the rents and take other actions to recover any loss, cost or damages he might sustain due to a breach by W.S.Hall of any of the conditions in the previously mentioned bond. The notice ended by saying "And I further give you notice that I am now called upon by the said the Company of Proprietors in pursuance of the said bond to pay off and discharge a debt due from the said William Stonehewer Hall to the said Company of Proprietors Dated this day 17 February 1794." Signed Thos Fenton Grosvenor.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; London;


PERSONS Sutton; Cruso; Hambleton ; Cantrell; Coupland; Hudson; Young; Grimsditch; Wilson;

DESCRIPTION Letter from G.F.Hudson 23 Bucklersbury, London for Coupland at Leek, Staffordshire -undated. A footnote signed by John Cruso, junior, and dated 30 August 1837, states "given undertaking to appear for Mr.Cruso". The letter is a writ sent to Thomas Sutton, John Cruso and William Hambleton to make appearance within 8 days at the High Court of Chancery to answer a Bill against them by Daniel Cantrell and his wife Martha. Appearances were to be entered at the Slip Clerks' Office, Chancery Lane, London. A further footnote states " Grimsditch for Hambleton, Wilson & Young to rep. Sutton. 

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PLACES Basford, Ipstones, Staffordshire; Birmingham; London;


PERSONS Broughton; Kynnersley; Curry; Pennell; Hunter; Clowes; Hand;

DESCRIPTION Bundle of eight letters from the Reverend Clement Francis Broughton, Basford, Ipstones, Staffordshire to Frank (Hand)? dating between 12 February 1872 and 9 November 1872. (1) 12 February 1872, Broughton mentions he had been staying at Dovebridge and Snelston Hall the previous week but mainly concerns investments in railway stock total value uncertain but upwards of 20000. Broughton states he will contact Tom K(ynnersley) about related matters and goes on to say "I will ask your Aunt Lila" . He was going to "the old quarters 9 ...... Terrace, Regents Park, London the following day and signs off "Your affectionate Uncle". The latter probably means that the recipient of the letter was Frank Hand but this needs to be confirmed. (2) 5 March 1872, he confirms receipt of a letter of the 2nd. The letter concerns the settlement made by Mr.Pennell on his daughter at her marriage. Broughton states that he thought the amount was 2000 and that he settled 2000 by mortgage on his living but since then Mr.Pennell had advanced his 2000 to pay off that amount secured by a previous mortgage on my living "and I think a smaller amount". He thought he had paid off the mortgages when the Norbury living was paid for -that the money was invested in North Staffs Railway Stock but he did not think the amount was as much as 4841. He thought part of the sum must have been part which remained in the bank from the sale of the farm belonging to my first marriage settlement. He also thought that there was still a mortgage on the living at Snelston "somehow mixed up with the settlement of my second marriage.....I fancy I shall be paid for Snelston shortly". He also thought he had papers showing details of the sale of Norbury -the amount received and how disposed of but could only find Mr.Curry's bill. He was going to ask Tom Kynnersley to shed light on the matter. (3) 8 March 1872, mentions his debts to Frank for the fire insurance on Norbury and Snelston. No reply from Tom Kynnersley. Kynnersley "had a little of my money standing in his own name." Proposed seeing Mr.Curry about the settlement of Snelston. Intended going to London for a week and on his return he intended bringing " your aunt Lila". (4) 11 March 1872 Opens letter by congratulating Frank on "your wife's safety & hope all will go on well as possible". Letter mainly concerns financial matters previously discussed - mentions "Mr.Hollet's mortgage for 2000" given as security from him for value received and that this and the share of the house at Snelston were given as security for Mr.Pennell's settlement. He enclosed a letter from Tom Kynnersley which he asked to be returned to him at 9 Cumberland Terrace, Regents Park, London. (5) 19 June 1872 Mainly concerns the Pennell settlement and other financial matters and states he didn't go into the City (London) to see Messrs Ion & Robinson (Pennell's solicitors?) but that Mr.Pennell had said that Hollet's mortgage was paid off long ago. Broughton also saw Mr.Curry who said that all encumbrances on "my living were paid off when I received the money for Norbury and that Snelston was free". " I cannot account for 6000 being settled on my marriage." He mentions that Lila was going to Moorgreen and that Tom K. had asked him to take her. He also mentions that " I have heard that poor John Sneyd has had a serious attack and is very ill. It might be well not to talk about it, but I hear it is true. I will try to get over to see but it rains in torrents and I am engaged to meet Bishop Abraham at dinner at Bouchers". (6) 1 November 1872, Broughton had heard from Mr. Hunter the Rector of Norbury that he insured the rectory with the Royal Exchange and that Frank should not therefore pay any more premiums to Atlas. (7) 9 November 1872, Broughton suggests that Frank's claims re the parsonage at Norbury be sent "direct to Mr.Clowes' agents Messrs ..... Taylor & Co. 8 John Dalton St., Manchester stating we got the new rectory insured at Mr.Clowes' desire...". On a personal note he states " I hope you receive better accounts of Eliza, my girls have not heard for some days. I intend to take your Aunt to London next Tuesday". At the end he adds "Off by train for Snelston." (8) Letter dated 18 March 1872 from Tom Kynnersley at Moor Green which was included in the bundle. Kynnersley states that "you are quite right about our talking on C. Broughton's settlement" and says that he will be glad to see him (the recipient of the letter) if he ( recipient) can get over to Birmingham on Thursday by the train leaving Uttox? at 11.38. and suggests a meeting at "the Public Office".



PLACES Cheadle; Chapel Chorlton, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Delves-Broughton; Haworth; Garnett;

DESCRIPTION Copy sent to Mr. Haworth of Haworth and Garnett trustees to Charles D. Broughton 13 October 1819. Concerns mortgage of property by Sir Thomas Broughton to Haworth & Garnett to secure the sum of 15000 which Sir Thomas gave to his son Charles Delves Broughton on his marriage. Haworth & Garnett were the trustees of Charles D. Broughton's marriage settlement. In codicils to his will, dated 13 May 1812, Sir Thomas instructed his trustees and executors to take action to accumulate an aggregate sum of 15000 with which to pay off the mortgage and subsequently to convey the property to Henry Delves Broughton subject to an annuity of 50 payable to H & G for Charles D. Broughton. " It appears that the sum of 15000 is raised as directed and the trustees, etc, are desirous to have the premises discharged from the said sum.. But part of the money is in the hands of Sir Henry Delves Broughton and he is not prepared to pay it to Haworth & Garnett and instead proposes to convey as security for the whole 15000 (underlined) the rectory of Cheadle and manor and several premises in Chapel lieu of the property charged therewith". 

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PLACES Cheadle; Chapel Chorlton, Broughton, Staffordshire; France; Nantwich, Cheshire;


PERSONS Delves-Broughton; Haworth; Garnett; Atkinson;

DESCRIPTION Draft bond of indemnity (dated 60 Geo.3rd) from the Reverend Henry Delves Broughton of Broughton Hall, Staffordshire to John Haworth of Cliffe Park, Staffs. and John Jasper Garnett of Nantwich, Cheshire, Banker, Messrs Haworth & Garnett the trustees named in the settlement made upon the marriage of Charles Delves Broughton with Miss Mary Ann Atkinson. Adleston & Elwood, Newcastle. The marriage settlement was dated 6 February 1812. Broughton's bond was for 30000. It cites an indenture of the same date between Broughton and the others in which Broughton appointed the advowson in gross of the rectory and parish church of Cheadle and various farms and hereditaments in Chorlton, Staffordshire to Haworth & Garnett subject to certain conditions. However, when the title to the property was investigated Counsel recommended that a fine should be levied by all the younger children of the Reverend Sir Thomas Broughton, late of Doddington Hall, Cheshire, Bart., deceased (father of said Henry Delves Broughton) and the respective husbands of such children as are daughters. Because several of the parties concerned were abroad in France and other places and "other difficulties having arisen which cannot be removed such a fine cannot be levied yet". H.D Broughton not having produced a valuation of the estates, H & G., at the request of H.D.Broughton and with the consent of Charles Delves Broughton, agreed to accept the bond to indemnify them against the consequences of any defect, etc. or the insufficiency of the estates. The conditions of the bond are stated.



PLACES Basford Hall, Ipstones, Uttoxeter, Staffs; Moor green, Warwickshire; London;


PERSONS Broughton; Kynnersley; Hand; Pennell; Gifford;

DESCRIPTION Draft settlement by William Pennell Esquire of an additional sum of 500 upon the trusts of a settlement made previous to the marriage of the Revd. Clement Francis Broughton with Miss Mary Jane Pennell -dated 1872. The document carries a note "To be indorsed on the settlement of 10 February 1854, Hand, Uttoxeter". William Pennell of Cumberland Terrace, Regents Park, Middlesex. and the Revd. C.F Broughton of Basford Hall, Ipstones, Staff, Mary Jane Pennell and Thomas Clement Sneyd Kynnersley of Moor Green, Warwickshire were the parties to the new indenture. The money was paid to T.C.S.Kynnersley with the consent of C.F.Broughton and his wife Mary Jane and was invested by Kynnersley in the purchase of 485 of North Staffs. Railway New Preference stock. Francis Bryan Hand was appointed a trustee of the marriage settlement on 10th February 1854 in place of Edward Gifford who had died.



PLACES Leek, Endon, Staffs; Tarporley, Cheshire;


PERSONS Badnall; Challinor; Vickers;

DESCRIPTION Copy letter, dated 29 March 1881, from Challinor & Co. to Mr.Charles Vickers of Tiverton Moss, Tarporley, Cheshire, applying for the 47-14s 6d balance of account owing to the Revd. James Badnall of Endon, Staffordshire.



PLACES Leek, Endon, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Wardle; Heaton; Challinor;

DESCRIPTION Letter, dated 31 January 1893, from F. G. Heaton, Endon, to Thomas Wardle re the Leek Brook Dye Works. It deals with the acquirement of additional land by the Leek Brook Dye Works. Heaton states " Our proposition was that the land already built upon and also that which would be included by a line drawn from the lower end of the Boiler House to the Traveller's Rest garden should be made over to the the Leek Brook Dye Works property." 

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