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PLACES Leek, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire; Upminster, Essex; Prestbury, Cheshire; Thorpe, Derbyshire.


PERSONS Badnall; Cruso; Hopkins; Hand; Sharpe; Brewson; Dawson; Fynney; Roe; Fowler; Swann; Cope; Piery;

DESCRIPTION Extracts copied from the Badnall family bible on 6 July 1901 for Mrs. W. B. Badnall of "Thorpe, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. The extracts start with Richard Badnall born 28 February 1770 and baptised at Leek and his 1st wife Harriet Hopkins born 15 October 1773 and baptised at Upminster, Essex. The couple were married at Prestbury, Cheshire on 20 June 1793. Their daughter Mary Elizabeth was born at 5 o'clock in the morning on 2 February 1795 and her sponsors were Mrs. Sharpe, Mrs. Brewson and Mr. William Badnall. Their son Richard was born at half past 11 at night on 16 February 1797 and his sponsors were Miss Dawson, Mrs. Sharpe and Mr. Hopkins. Their daughter Martha was born at 2 o'clock in the afternoon on 9 October 1798 and her sponsors were Mrs. Swann, Miss Cope and Mr. Fynney. Their son William was born at half past one in the afternoon on 10 October 1803 and his sponsors were Miss Harrop, Mr. Pratt and Mr. Piercy. Harriet their daughter was born at 2.40 in the morning on 20 January 1806 and her sponsors were Mrs. Roe, Mrs. Fowler and Mrs. Samuel Hopkins. The above named Harriet was taken to her everlasting rest on Friday afternoon the 16 October 1812 aged 6 years and nine months and was interred in a vault in the new burying ground on the 20th of the same month. Harriet Hopkins the "dear wife" of Richard Badnall was taken from her weeping friends to "Joys eternal" on Tuesday the 7th March 1820, "her precious remains were interred in the vault near to her dear child on Tuesday 14 March her disconsolate husband begs to be laid close to her. A precious wife and mother wrote much of this a short time before her death". Mary Elizabeth their eldest daughter was married at the Parish Church of Leek on 23 May 1816 to John elder son of John Cruso, esquire & Catherine his wife of the same place. Richard their eldest son was married at the Parish Church of Uttoxeter on the 19th August 1819 to Sarah eldest daughter of Enoch Hand and Mary his wife of the same place. Martha Badnall was married at Leek on the 19th day of August 1824 to Henry Cruso Esq., second son of the above mentioned John & Catherine Cruso. The above Henry Cruso departed this life at Leek on Sunday the 25 January 1829.



PLACES Leek, Longsdon, Staffordshire;

FIELD NAMES Over Bank; Lower Bank; the Whitfields ; the Dearnford Meadow; the Rough Eyes; Horse Gate meadow;

PERSONS Badnall; Boughey;

DESCRIPTION Draft mortgage between William Badnall of Mill Street near Leek, Dyer, and Mrs. Anne Boughey of Leek, Spinster, of the Bank Top in Longsdon, Leek, Staffordshire for 200 Dated 1747. The 200 was secured by a 500 year lease at a peppercorn rent on a farm known as Bank Top in the Hamlet of Longsdon, in the parish of Leek and closes, enclosures and pasture called Over Bank, Lower Bank, the Whitfields (divided into 4 parts) the Dearnford Meadow, the Rough Eyes, and the Horse Gate meadow with all houses, outhouses, buildings, barns, stables, orchards, gardens, yards, backsides, curtilages, ways, waters water courses easements, commons profits, etc. belonging to the farm. There was provision for Badnall to redeem the lease by repaying the capital sum and interest.

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PLACES Leek, Horton, Heaton, Staffordshire; London; Congleton, Witton, Cheshire;

FIELD NAMES Two crofts; the 3 lower fields; Gill croft; Barn croft; the meadow; the Horse Hays; two new fields;

PERSONS Vardon; Hayward; Bromfield; Antrobus; Badnall; Ward; Pratt; Daniell; Cruso; Coupland;

DESCRIPTION Copy abstract of deeds, etc. relating to Braddow House farm in Crowborough, Horton, Staffordshire in mortgage to the surviving administrators of Mr. Joseph Badnall deceased for securing 125 and interest. The copy was made on 2 March 1825 by William Ward for Cruso & Coupland. It starts with the citation of an indenture of lease and release between (1) Hugh Hayward of Chester devisee in trust in the will of James Vardon late of Congleton, Ironmonger, (2) John Vardon of Grace Church Street in the City of London, Ironmonger, eldest son and heir of the late James Vardon (3) Thomas Vardon, Joseph Vardon, Catherine Vardon and Mary Vardon four of James Vardon's children who were over 21 years of age, (4) the Revd James Daniell of Horton (5) Phillip Antrobus of Congleton, gent. (6) Thomas Bromfield of Witton, Cheshire the surviving executor of James Vardon's will. Vardon's will was drafted  on 10 Feb 1773 and authorised the sale of Vardons estate at Crowborough by his executors -his wife Martha and his brother in law Thomas Bromfield for the benefit of his children. Vardon died in April 1779. Although advertised for sale by auction in weekly newspapers circulated in Staffordshire and Cheshire and printed notices no one was willing to give more than 900 for the property. James Daniell then offered 1000. The final agreement was for Daniell to purchase by paying 500 to Bromfield and assigning the unexpired term of a 1000 year lease to Bromfield as security for the remainder. The property was then occupied (at least in part) by Samuel Machin and included a cottage in Crowborough occupied by Richard Gibson, Blacksmith. A further deed cited concerned was dated 29 March 1793 and was made between (1) Hugh Vardon (2) Thomas Bromfield (3) Revd Thomas Bowness of Heaton and Silence Dorothy his then wife who was one of the sisters presumptive heirs of the Revd James Daniell, Rector of Horton and (4) Joseph Badnall of Leek, Staffordshire, Silk Dyer. This deed states that the Revd Daniell had been in such a state of insanity for several years as to be totally incapable of managing his own affairs. Thomas Bowness had taken over the management of Daniell's affairs with the consent of Daniell's presumptive heirs. Hugh Vardon had requested payment of his 125 plus 4 4s outstanding interest immediately and Bowness had approached Joseph Badnall who had agreed to advance the money to Bowness. The document also notes that in his will dated 9 April 1779 Joseph Badnall appointed Thomas Pratt, James Badnall and Thomas Ward his executors. On the 13 July 1803 letters of administration of the will of Joseph Badnall were granted in the PCC to William and Richard Badnall residuary legatees under the will of Joseph Badnall since James Badnall and Thomas Ward had renounced the executorship. William Badnall died in July 1806 leaving Richard Badnall his survivor.



PLACES Leek, Hilderstone, Leigh, Brockton, Staffordshire;

FIELD NAMES Whitefield;

PERSONS Vernon; Badnall; West; Jones; Porter; Phillips; Ford; Fynney; Chetwynd; Lander; Nicolls; Joliffe; Mills,

DESCRIPTION Deed of feoffment, dated 4th April 1801, by George Vernon to Joseph Badnall of a piece of land in Leek field in the parish of Leek, Staffordshire called Whitefield. Mills, Cruso & Jones, Leek, Staffordshire. Declaration as to outstanding terms for the benefit of Mr. Badnall and covenant from Henry West for the production of title deeds. Consideration 475. The document is on vellum and has been signed, sealed, stamped and witnessed. There are receipts and delivery of seisin on the back. The agreement was made between (1)George Vernon of Hilderstone Hall, Stone, Staffs., (2) Richard Badnall of Leek, Staffs. Button Merchant (3) Joseph Badnall of Leek, Silk Dyer (4) Henry West of Abbey Green, Leek, Farmer, The land is described as being in Leekfrith on the Northwardly side of and adjoining the Turnpike from Leek to Macclesfield and contained 8 acres and 38 perches. It had previously been in the tenure of Messrs Phillips & Ford but now of Messrs Fynney & Badnall and was or had been part of a farm called Bridge End Farm which had been part of the inheritance of Sir George Chetwynd who had conveyed it to George Vernon. A further deed of lease and release made in 7 and 8 October 1799 between George Vernon and Sarah Nicolls, spinster, and Edward Nicolls her father both of Swythamley and George Vernon of Wood Leasow, Leigh, Staffs. the father of George Vernon which was part of the settlement made on the marriage of George Vernon and Sarah Nicolls in which certain of George Vernon's estates at Matlock in Derbyshire were assured to his wife to be Sarah and goes on to state that despite this Sarah Vernon (nee Nicolls) would not become dowable out of the land in question in this case e.g. Whitefield.  The attached schedule of deeds which Henry West covenanted to produce when required included Indentures of lease and release dated 28 and 29 April 1721 between (1) John  Allen of Abbey Green, yeoman, and Dorothy his wife (2) Walter Chetwynd of Brockton, Staffs. conveying the property to Chetwynd. Indentures of L & R dated 24 and 25 July 1733 between (Thomas Joliffe of Coston, Worcestershire and Walter Chetwynd conveying the Chief Rents to Chetwynd; Chirograph of a fine Michaelmas 1800 between John Lander, clerk, plaintiff, and Sir George Chetwynd and Jane his wife deforciants of premises in Bridge End, Abbey Green Leek ; Indenture of feoffment and livery dated 25 March 1801 between (1) Sir George Chetwynd of Brockton eldest son and heir at law of William Chetwynd of Brockton who died intestate and Dame Jane his wife (2) George Vernon (3) John Lander , clerk (4)Henry Jones, solicitor, of Leek .

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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Badnall; Sleigh; Maude; Heathcote; Cruso; Smith; Gaunt;

DESCRIPTION The Badnall Charity. Two letter from J.J Smith Manager of the Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Company Limited, Leek (1) dated 18 November 1893 addressed to Hugh Sleigh, Esq. J.P. and the other (2) dated 30 November 1893 to Messrs Challinor & Shaw. Both relate to 1646 -1s-9d worth of stock (2.5% Consols). Sleigh, the Revd. Thomas H. Heathcote, John Cruso, John Gaunt and W.B.Badnall were the trustees. Letter (1) states that the bank had not received the October dividend and on approaching the Bank of England had been informed that the stock had been sold. They wanted confirmation of this so that they could correct their books. Letter (2)refers to the possible transfer to a new name and asking for instructions in view of the fact that dividends had, for some years past been paid to Hugh Sleigh. The Manager "presumed that Mr. W.B.Badnall, Mr. H.R.Sleigh and the Rev. C.B.Maude will derive a continuance" and enclosed an application form.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Badnall; Bentley; Pratt; Phillips; Jones;

DESCRIPTION Badnall's Charity; Extract from the will of William Badnall late of Leek, Staffordshire, Silk Dyer dated 11 January 1806. By his will William Badnall bequeathed 1000 in trust in the names of the Revd. Richard Bentley Vicar of Leek, his cousin Joseph Badnall, his uncle George Pratt, Thomas Phillips the younger and Henry Jones both of Leek. The dividends and annual receipts were to be used for the purchase of blankets, quilts, clothing or other necessaries (but not eatables) and yearly and every year on the 5th of November distributed amongst 20 poor Widows of good reputation and not less than 60 years of age, ten of whom were to be resident in Leek and the remainder resident within Low (but not inhabiting the almshouses). The beneficiaries were to be nominated by Badnall's trustees and the Churchwarden of Leek.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Badnall; Knight; Hulme; Birch; Spilsbury; Fogg; Lomas; Crompton; Williamson; Sales; Rushton; Walmsley; Blome; Ball; Astles; Wright; Jones; Greatorex; Hammond; Dyson; Ashton; Clulow;

DESCRIPTION Badnall's Charity or Badnall's Dole; Names and particulars of applicants 1853. Contains the names of  22 applicants aged between 61 and 79. Seven had been receiving the dole for between 1 and 10 years. Document contains notes about habits, homes and other sources of income, for example 75 year old Ann Clulow lived at" the Back o'th Church. In one of Mr. Hulme's houses. Lives with her daughter Ann Gessen. Has 1/6d and a loaf from the Parish. Husband has been dead 10 years. Never had the dole". 



PLACES Leek, Lowe, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Badnall; Singer; Pickford; Armstrong; Russell; Clemsha; Davenport; Mc Dona; Gibson; Coates; Holmes; Phillips; Clowes; Bradley; Garner; Lovatt; Maddon; Dresser; Bradbourne; Shallcross; Earls; Bullock;

DESCRIPTION Badnall's Charity or Badnall's Dole. Names of recipients 1880. In 1880 the recipients were aged between 62and 81. Seven were receiving between 1/6d and 2/6d Poor Relief.

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PLACES Leek, Lowe, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Badnall; Sleigh; Cruso; Gaunt; Phillips; Maude; Heathcote; Mottershead; Robinson; Wright; Brearley; Challinor; Shaw; Mottershead;

DESCRIPTION Badnall's Charity or Badnall's Dole. Two drafts of an appointment of new trustees Hugh Sleigh of Leek and William Beaumont Badnall of Thorpe near Ashbourne, Derbyshire to the Reverend Charles Bulmer Maude, Vicar of Leek, Revd. William Benson Wright and Hugh Richard Sleigh, dated 1891 and 24 July 1891 respectively. The previous trustees -Thomas H. Heathcote, John Cruso and John Gaunt- were dead. The 1000 legacy left by William Badnall in 1806 had become 1646 : 1s : 9d by 1891 and was invested in new 2.5% Consols. In the second of the two drafts, the Revd. Benson Wright's name is  crossed out and John Brealey's name has been inserted.



PLACES Leek, Lowe, Staffordshire; Durham; Retford, Notts.;


PERSONS Fynney; Badnall; Challinor; Tomlinson; Knight; Davenport; Walthall; Sutton; Dean; Cowap; Brunt; Wheeldon; Richmond; Carr; Dixon; Myott;

DESCRIPTION Messrs Fynney & Badnall's Account with William Challinor from July 1788 to January 1798. The total amount of the account was 2233 : 8s : 1.5d and it was balanced by John Fynney's payment of 120 : 3s : 9.5d. The items include insurance payments, rents, game certificates, interest payments on bonds, the purchase of Davenport's premises. Other items mentioned include Jamaica Rum, Madeira, lottery win 32-15s-6d, coal, straw, scarf silk, bills for the prosecution of felons business debt payments (Richmond of Durham, Isaac Dean's debt Retford, Michael Carr's debt Darlington, Cowap's debt,). 



PLACES Leek, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire; Castleton, Derbyshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire;


PERSONS Balguy; Beresford; Davenport; Hall; Beard; Badnall; Pratt; Mitford; Bramwell; Cope; Brocklehurst; Waller; Howard;

DESCRIPTION Attested copy of bargain and sale of Bankrupts Real Estate in The Commissioners of Bankrupt awarded against James Badnall of Leek, Staffs., Button Merchant, to the Assignees Dated 6 February 1781. It carries a note signed by John Mitford that it was inrolled in his Majesty's High Court of Chancery on 23 day of February in the year of our Lord 1781 being first duly stamped according to the tenor of the statutes made in the 6th year of the Reign of their late Majesties King William & Queen Mary and in the 17th year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Third. The parties involved were (1) William Beard of Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs., John Davenport of Ball Haye, Leek, Micah Hall of Castleton, Derbyshire, (2) Samuel Glover of Macclesfield, Silk Merchant, Thomas Brocklehurst of Macclesfield and Ralph Waller of Leek, Grocer. The Commission was awarded on 12 December 1780 against Badnall as surviving partner of Richard Pratt late of Leek, Button Merchant. There were two other Commissioners John Balguy and Francis Beresford in addition to Davenport, Hall and Beard. Badnall and Pratt were said to have bought silk and mohair and manufactured it into buttons and twist which they then sold. Badnall became indebted to William Howard of Leek, feltmaker and his wife Elizabeth for 100 plus for money lent by Elizabeth Howard to Richard Pratt & James Badnall for which they had received nothing but a promissory note dated 15 November 1776 which promised to pay the 100 plus interest at 4.5% per annum. A meeting of creditors was called at the George Inn, Leek on 1st and 2nd February 1781 at which several creditors proved their debts. Those who were owed more than 10 chose Glover, Brocklehurst and Waller to be the assignees of Badnall's estate and effects and authorised the Commission to make the assignment. The attestation as to it being a true copy was signed on 16 November 1786 by Thomas Bramwell and Isaac Cope.

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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Knutsford, Marthall, Cheshire;


PERSONS Badnall; Pratt; Cope; Booth; Egerton; Ford; Phillips;

DESCRIPTION Attested copy of the will of Richard Pratt of Leek, Staffordshire, Button Merchant, dated 6 March 1777. Amongst the property mentioned are two houses and a silk mill in Knutsford, Cheshire plus and interest in two pews in Knutsford Church; house and lands in Leek and in Marthall, Cheshire which he held under lease from Samuel Egerton. He made bequests to his wife Ann Pratt and to his father Thomas Pratt. After his (the Testator's) wife's death all his other estates, except those in Knutsford, were to go to Joseph Badnall of Leek, silk dyer, and his brother James Badnall of Leek, button merchant, for a 1000 year term in trust to raise monies by sale, etc. (700). 400 was to be put out at interest to the benefit of his sister, Dorothy Booth, for life and afterwards for the benefit of his sister's children. In default of heirs, the money, etc. was to go to his (the Testator's) nephews William and Richard Badnall, sons of Joseph Badnall, share and share alike and then to the survivor of them. 200 of the 700 was to go to his partner James Badnall for his own use. The remaining 100 was to go to the Testator's father. His new built house, workshop, warehousing, stables, garden yard and backside in Spout Street where he then lived and also the house, warehousing, brewhouse etc. in Stockwell Street, Leek then occupied by Thomas Phillips and Hugh Ford unto the use of his nephews William and Richard Badnall as tenants in common and not as joint tenants. After his wife's death all the property leased from Egerton were to go to his nephew Richard Badnall. The residue and remainder of his estates were to go to William and Richard Badnall. He appointed his father, his wife and Joseph Badnall as his executors. The will was witnessed by Samuel and Elizabeth Rathbone and Thomas Hulme. It was proved at Lichfield on 11 August 1778 on the oaths of the executors. The attestation of the copy was made on 12 December 1782 by Isaac Cope and John Copeland.



PLACES Nether Knutsford, Rostherne, Cheshire;


PERSONS Swinton; Kingston; Wright; Bertles; Chetham; Pickering; Boulton; Harper; Smith; Vardon;

DESCRIPTION Copy grant the Commissioners and Trustees of the parish of Nether Knutsford, Cheshire of pew number 139 in Knutsford Church to Mr. John Harper dated 7 August 1744. The document cites an act passed in the 14th year of George II's reign (1740-41) for making the cheaply of Nether Knutsford in the parish of Rostherne a separate parish and erecting a parish church. Money from the sale of pews was to go towards the building of the church, inclosure of the churchyard, etc. Pew No. 139 was purchased by John Harper the younger of Nether Knutsford, saddler, for 7 10s. Alterations to and burial under the pew were prohibited. Harper's money was paid to Samuel Wright, the "clerk and receiver to the Commissioners J Swinton, J. Kingston, Samuel Wright, William Bertles, John Chetham, Ralph Pickering, James Boulton, John Harper. Witnesses were: Edward Smith and Joseph Vardon.



PLACES Nether Knutsford, Rostherne, Ollerton, Cheshire;


PERSONS Swinton; Kingston; Wright; Bertles; Chetham; Pickering; Boulton; Harper; Symcoe; Tomkinson;

DESCRIPTION Attested copy of the grant of pew number 139 in Knutsford Church by John Harper the younger of Nether Knutsford, Sadler, to Thomas Hewitt of Ollerton, Cheshire, Gentleman for 8. It was witnessed by John Harper, John Symcoe and William Tomkinson. Initial phrasing similar to Bed Coll. 688 but contains mention of a deed poll of 7 August 1744 executed by the Commissioners which stated that a church had been erected and that pew 139 had been granted to John Harper.

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PLACES Nether Knutsford, Ollerton; Marthall; Cheshire;


PERSONS Hewitt; Banks; Riley; Parren; Bramwell; Cope; Pratt; Badnall; Wheeldon;

DESCRIPTION Attested copy of a copy of the will of Mr. Thomas Hewitt of Ollerton, Cheshire, gentleman, dated 7 December 1755. Proven at Chester 15 August 1757. He bequeathed to her his house, gardens and orchard at Ollerton were he lived together with the household goods to his wife for life in addition to her jointure. He bequeathed lands at Ollerton to his daughter Martha subject to the payment of a 14 annuity to John Hewitt of Manchester; his tenement at Marthall he gave to his daughter Ann subject to the jointure to his wife. His right and title to lands in Nether Knutsford the buildings and money advanced on the account of the silk mills was to be shared between his daughters with everything going to the survivor if one should die before marriage or the age of 21. He appointed his wife his executrix and the will was witnessed by Thomas Hewitt, Edward Banks, Samuel Riley and Josiah Parren. The copy was attested by Thomas Bramwell and Isaac Cope on 9th August 1783 and their marginal notes state that (1)Dorothy Hewitt had by then died leaving a husband. (2) Ann Hewitt had married Richard Pratt of Leek who was in partnership with James Badnall and is now married again to Ralph Wheeldon. (3) the silk mills in Knutsford had been sold.


REFERENCE 691 LOCATION Transfer Box 62

PLACES Macclesfield, Cheshire; Leek, Staffordshire;

FIELD NAMES Lower Dams; The Dams;

PERSONS Higginbotham; Nicholson; Gaunt; Wadsworth; Davies; Taylor; Mair;

DESCRIPTION Draft assignment, dated 30 November 1875, of a leasehold silk factory and premises situated in the Dams in Macclesfield, Cheshire between (1) Louisa Higginbotham 646 Rochdale Road, Manchester, widow, Mathew Taylor of Macclesfield, John Barnett Wadsworth of Macclesfield, silk manufacturer, the Executors of the will of Mr. John Higginbotham deceased (2) the same Louisa Higginbotham and Charles Higginbotham of 5 Vere Street, Ecceles New Road, Salford, spirit merchant, Louisa Riley Higginbotham, Fanney and Ann Higginbotham of 646 Rochdale Road, Manchester (3) Ellen Gaunt of Leek, spinster and (4) Joshua Oldfield Nicholson of Macclesfield, silk manufacturer and others to Mr. Joshua A. Nicholson. Redfern & Co. Leek. It cites a lease dated 28 February 1824 between (1) Joshua Webb and Francis Twemlow, (2) Revd. David Davies, (3) Micah Mellor and John Mellor, concerning land in a field called The Lower Dams in Macclesfield near a place called The Dams extending on the Northeastwardly end along Elizabeth Street 40 yards on the northwestwardly side against land belonging to David Davies including the width of the Dams Brook 39 yards 28 inches on the Southwestwardly end along Union Street 40 yards and on the southeastwardly side along Statham Street including the width of the Brook 40 yards and 8 inches. The whole contained 1576 square yards and a quarter. The lease gave the Mellors the right of free passage along the adjacent streets and also the power to erect weirs or dams or reservoirs on the land and impound the Dams Brook subject to their returning the water after use and any surplus waters back into the brook. The lease was for as term of 999 years at a rent of 22 - 19s - 7.75d. A further indenture of lease mentioned was drawn up on 9th March 1854 between (1) Ellen Gaunt and (2) John Higginbotham in which the before mentioned land together with a warehouse and factory and other buildings which had been erected on it, the steam engine and machinery (including throwing engines, etc.) the property of Micah and John Mellor were assigned by Ellen Gaunt to Higginbotham for the remainder of the 999 years. Higginbotham reassigned the property to Ellen Gaunt on 16 March 1854 by way of security for repayment of 2000 with interest at 4% to Ellen Gaunt on 16 September 1854. Higginbotham raised a further sum of 550 on the same property in the same way on 30 April 1858 but at 5% interest. Higginbotham made a will on 23 January 1860 in which he bequeathed the freehold of his factory, all his stocks of wrought and unwrought silk, steam engine, boiler and other apparatus to his executors in trust. They were to wind up his silk business, pay off his expenses etc. including 1500 which his mother had lent him, and then let the factory and pay rents to his wife for life. On his wife's death, remarriage, neglect of children, etc. they were to sell the factory and pay the monies to his children. John Higginbotham died on 5 March 1860 and his will was proven at Chester on 17 April 1860. The testator's children were Charles, Louisa Riley, Fanny and Ann Higginbotham. The latter was born on 18 November 1855. The total sum owing to Ellen Gaunt was 2749 -8s -9d and Nicholson agreed to purchase the factory for 3250.


REFERENCE 692 LOCATION Transfer Box 62

PLACES Poynton, Macclesfield, Cheshire; Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Challinor; Landor; Fygins;

DESCRIPTION Letter from Thomas Landor of Poynton to William Challinor at Leek dated 19 October 1838. The letter concerns the execution of a new mortgage deed for the Byron's property and asks Challinor to send him a statement of claim upon the late Mr. Fygins estate.

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PLACES Macclesfield, Cheshire; Leek, Staffordshire; Buxton, Derbyshire;


PERSONS Challinor; Landor; Fygins;

DESCRIPTION Letter from Thomas Landor at Buxton to William Challinor at Leek dated 16 November 1843. It mentions Byron's House being long untenanted and the need for money to convert the old school rooms into cottages. He still hadn't paid Challinor's bill though he thought he might do so by selling off  the Moor land.


REFERENCE 694 LOCATION Transfer Box 62

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester;


PERSONS Challinor; Gaunt; Allen; Johnson; Twigg; Ryle;

DESCRIPTION Letter from Mr.? Allen to Challinor & Co. re Gaunt estate, dated 31 October 1844. It mentions that Mr. Ryle proposed to contact him about "the result of the offer of the property at Altrincham" and also that a Mr. Johnson had approached him with some enquiries about the Boston Mine from a Mr. Johnson who had heard that one Twigg had taken it.


REFERENCE 695 LOCATION Transfer Box 62

PLACES Macclesfield, Cheshire; Horton, Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Hough; Oldham; Hall; Rushton; Mellor; Alsop;

DESCRIPTION A copy of the will of John Hough, the younger, of Macclesfield, chapman, dated 28 April 1724. The copy is not dated. Hough mentions a deed of settlement made on his marriage with his late wife Katherine [Mellor] which allowed him to make charges on his property in Maxfield, Whitefield and Henbury to raise money for his younger children. He appointed his brothers in law Robert Mellor of Whitehough and John Alsop of Horton Hall, Staffs. his executors. He asked his executors to raise the sum of 800 on his property and bequeathed the money to his daughters Phoebe and Elizabeth in equal shares. He bequeathed the dresser or drawers standing in his dwelling house, the bed in the Red Chamber and all its furniture, the clock in the chamber and one tankard lettered K.M. and a little silver cup to his son John. To Phoebe he also gave the bed and its furnishings and chest of drawers standing in the best chamber and a silver cordial cup letters J & M and the clock in the house place. To his daughter Elizabeth he also gave the large blue bed and the chest of drawers that were her aunt Elizabeth's (his sister) and a silver poynt lettered J & H.


REFERENCE 696 LOCATION Transfer Box 62

PLACES Macclesfield, Cheshire;



DESCRIPTION Plan to a scale of 1" = 20 ft. showing a proposed new building site on land situated on the East side of the Chester Road, Macclesfield, bounded by a proposed new road on the East and a new road on the North. The 5 plots covered and area of approximately 300 feet by 180 feet. Undated and unsigned.

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REFERENCE 697 LOCATION Transfer Box 62

PLACES Macclesfield, Cheshire;


PERSONS Edge; Taylor; Daniel; 

DESCRIPTION Sale of Breach Farm by Edge to Taylor, purchaser's observations on the title dated 11 October 1892. F. Albiston Daniel junior, Solicitor, Macclesfield. It mentions William and Mary Edge and also the will of Joseph Edge dated 19 May 1849. Apparently a tithe of 3s 21/2d was payable annually to the Vicar of Alstonfield and 2s 3d to Sir Vauncy Harpur Crewe. 


REFERENCE 698 LOCATION Transfer Box 62

PLACES Macclesfield, Chester, Cheshire;

FIELD NAMES Barker's Croft;

PERSONS Malkin; Daintry; Roe; Bradshaw; Croxton; Thornicroft; Pattison;

DESCRIPTION Assignment, dated 31 May 1811, of several allotments upon Macclesfield Common by Simon Malkin to John Smith Daintry. Consideration 180. The document is signed and sealed and carries witnessed receipts. One plot was between plots 93, 94, 95, and 104 on the inclosure commissioner's map.


REFERENCE 699 LOCATION Transfer Box 62

PLACES Macclesfield, Mottram Andrew, Hurdesfield, Cheshire;

FIELD NAMES Worth Orchard; Little Whitefield Clough;

PERSONS Lankford; Rushton; Clowes; Holland; Philpott;

DESCRIPTION Two copies of an agreement, dated 16 June 1763, between Harry Lankford of Mottram Andrew and Francis Rushton of Macclesfield, butcher, for the sale of a property in Chestergate, Macclesfield then in the possession of Francis Rushton as a tenant and also a close called Worth Orchard in the possession of Philip Clowes. Consideration 330 for the absolute purchase. Rushton was to pay the half years rent due on 29 September next. The annual rent was 54 : 10s : 0d. Witnessed by John Stafford. The second copy states that Lankford was late of Mottram Andrew but now of the Fence within Hurdsfield and shows his wife's name Sarah deleted. The purchase in this second case is a joint one involving Rushton and one Philip Holland, a Macclesfield cordwainer. The property is said to have been formerly in the possession of William Booth, gent, but late of John Philpott, gent. It is described as a burgage tenement with rights of common of pasture, turbary, etc. and pews in the parochial chapel of Macclesfield. Part of the lands formerly occupied with it - the Little Whitefield Clough- are excepted from the agreement. Worth Orchard is described as lying at the West end of Chestergate late in the occupation of Jonas Hall and now of Philip Clowes and encompassed 1 acre of Cheshire large measure. It had been lately purchased by Lankford from John Philpott.


REFERENCE 700 LOCATION Transfer Box 62

PLACES Macclesfield, Cheshire; Strangeways, Manchester; Birkdale, Lancashire;


PERSONS Beswick; Froggatt; Ibeson; Hand; Jones; Sell; Corbishley; Fletcher;

DESCRIPTION Draft lease for 999 years, dated 1 February 1887, of a plot of land in Oxford, Road, Macclesfield by Miss Sarah Ann Beswick of Park Lane, Macclesfield, Willie Whiston of Langley, silk printer, (mortgagee in fee simple of part of the land), Harry Froggatt of Park Lane, Gent., Martha Phoebe,  Emma, Josephine, and Mary Elizabeth Froggatt, all of Park Lane, spinsters, to Mr. George Ibeson of Oxford Road, chartered accountant. Includes a scale plan by Firth & Sheldon of the site which had a frontage of 12 yards 30" to Oxford Road and was bounded on the North side by a proposed new street. The total area of the plot was 1005 square yards. Ibeson was to pay a rent of 10 per annum, pay all rates and duties, and within one year erect a house or houses to an annual value of 20 at least. Conditions re-maintenance, non-use for noxious trades, etc., and the erection of walls. Witnesses included: R.W. Fletcher of Strangeways, Henry Hand of Macclesfield, solicitor, Lucy Ellen Jones of 17 Weld Road, Birkdale, Southport, Jacob Corbishley of 49 Coare Street, Macclesfield and Charles H. Sell clerk to Mr Hand. 

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