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REFERENCE 626 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Gaunt; Wardle; Alsop; Wain; Robins;

DESCRIPTION Heads of articles of partnership between Josiah Gaunt, James Wardle, James Alsop and John Wain. Undated but paper watermarked 1834. Firm were to trade as Gaunt, Wardle & Co for a term of 10 years as from 1st May 1839.


REFERENCE 627 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Gaunt; Dishley; Brookes; Hardy; Sigley; Harris; Bowcock; Cope; Pickford; Plant; Wardle; Ainsworth;

Pownall; Robinson; Amson;

DESCRIPTION William Dishley's (Agent, of Leek) statement of account of Matthew Gaunt's devisees' rents for the half year ending 14 November 1896. Document dated 23 November 1896. The rents due per half year were 34 : 3s : 5d but the total due including arrears was 76 : 11s : 8d. There were 13 persons paying rents


REFERENCE 628 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Derby;


PERSONS Wardle; Watson; Newall; Burgess; Harrison;

DESCRIPTION Letter, dated 20 November 1886, on company headed paper from Charles Watson of Watson & Co, silk manufacturers, Leek, Staffordshire to Mr.William Newall of Wood Street. It appears to concern a dispute over a contract and states "Mr.B. has had many disputes similar but only two have gone to law viz. one with Lowe a dyer in Derby which was settled before the hearing and one with Messrs Harrison of Halifax which came to trial & Burgess found a verdict but the ... of the case are opposite to ours. When the market went against him he ceased drawing and when it took a sudden rise he wanted the contract completed but Harrison would not...."


REFERENCE 629 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Derby;


PERSONS Challinor; Shaw; Osborne; Kirkland; Godwin.

DESCRIPTION Challinor & Shaw's account with Osborne & Company, bill posters, of 69 St. Edward Street and 29 Broad Street, Leek, dated 23 February 1891. This 10 shilling bill concerns reward posters posted between May 1890 and February 1891. 50 bills were posted on 17 May 1891 offering rewards in connection with the pulling down of a wall in the Walks. The others concerned the throwing down of a bridge over the Churnet in May 1890; the theft of turnips, garden robbery and damage to Challinor's Austrian pine.

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REFERENCE 630 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Derby;


PERSONS Lancellot; Maddocks; Pratt; Davenport;

DESCRIPTION An extract of Richard Lancellot's will dated 17 June 1760. The date of the extract is not given but the watermark on the paper is 1794. There is a good description of Lancellot's property on Stockwell Street, which included "the messuage where he lived with the shop or workhouse which was a part of or adjoined the house together with a stone building standing in the backside of the house and which was used as a brewhouse". Adjoining the house was a "late erected" building called the New End occupied by John Davenport". Adjoining the New End was another range of buildings which included a low building  at the North end. The property was variously bequeathed to Richard, Dorothy and Martha Pratt and to Lancellot's daughter Mary Maddocks and his wife Sarah.


REFERENCE 631 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Hanley, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Lancellot; Pratt; Maddocks; Cruso; Booth; Daintry; Bosley;

DESCRIPTION Draft of a deed poll, dated 10 June 1812, between John Booth of Hanley, Staffordshire, schoolmaster, and only surviving child of Thomas Booth of the same place, hair dresser, deceased and John Smith Daintry, George Bosley and John Cruso, the executors of Michael Daintry, for the discharge of 350 and interest -Trust Monies. Cruso, Leek. Thomas Booth was the only surviving child of James Booth of Leek, Twister, deceased and his wife Dorothy formerly Dorothy Pratt. The document recites a settlement of 27 June 1762 between (1) James Booth (2) Dorothy Pratt (3) John Maddock of Leek, Bookseller, and Mary his wife (nee Mary Maddocks) and the Rev. Simon Mills Vicar of Leek,(4) Michael Daintry of Leek and John Maddock (Trustees of (1) and (2)). Mary Maddock and the Rev. Simon Mills were the executors of the will of Richard Lancellot. Richard, Dorothy and Martha Pratt were the children of Lancellot's daughter Isabell Pratt deceased. Dorothy Booth nee Pratt and John Maddock had died sometime prior to 9th June 1790 when Thomas and James Booth drew up a deed poll. Dorothy's share in the residue of Richard Lancellot's estate amounted to 642 which was then in the hands of Michael Daintry the surviving trustee of Dorothy's marriage settlement. The document gives details of how the monies were used for various agreed purposes. Michael Daintry died in 1811. James Booth died 19 May 1812 and John Booth had attained the age of 21 years and was entitled to the residue of Dorothy's 642 i.e. 350. The document deals with this.


REFERENCE 632 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; London;


PERSONS Daintry; Whitiors; Mills;

DESCRIPTION Affirmation of debt by John Daintry of Leek, Button Merchant, against William Whitiors of London, Button Seller dated 3 November 1779. Amount of debt owing to John Daintry and his partner Michael Daintry was 43 : 10s : 0d.


REFERENCE 633 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Kingston, Herefordshire;


PERSONS Lucas; Jones; Daintry; Ford; Bagnall;

DESCRIPTION Assignment of debt by William Lucas of Leek, Button Merchant, "being one of those persons called Quakers" to his assignees John Daintry, Hugh Ford and Ralph Bagnall of Leek, Button Merchants, undated but the date of his agreement of assignment is stated as " 7th September last". Lucas was owed 10 : 6s : 8d by Charles Jones, of Kingston, Hereford, Mercer and bankrupt for goods sold.

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REFERENCE 634 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Kidderminster, Worcestershire;


PERSONS Key; Lucas; Yates;

DESCRIPTION Affirmation of debt by William Key of Leek, Button Merchant "being one of those persons called Quakers" against William Yate of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, Grocer and bankrupt dated September 1779. Yates was indebted to William Key and his partner James Lucas of Leek in the sum of 6 : 12s :


REFERENCE 635 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Bath;


PERSONS Key; Lucas; Tanner; Oxford; Mills;

DESCRIPTION Affirmation of debt by William Key of Leek, Button Merchant "being one of those persons called Quakers" against Jacob Oxford of the City of Bath, Ironmonger and bankrupt dated September 1779. Oxford was indebted to William Key and his partner James Lucas of Leek in the sum of 20: 00s : 0d  on account of a Bill of exchange drawn by Jacob Oxford on 27 August last upon Mr.Walter Hallam for payment of the sum of 20.. one month after the date to Mr.William Tanner or order. The Bill was endorsed by Wm Tanner to Key and Lucas in account between them. Bankrupt still indebted to Key and Lucas for 14s for protecting/protesting the Bill of Exchange making a total sum of 20 : 14s : 0d.


REFERENCE 636 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Manchester; Lincoln; Dudley, Worcestershire; Penrith, Cumberland;


PERSONS Phillips; Ford; Binns; Bathew; Nall; Pickering;

DESCRIPTION Four affidavits of debt by partners in the firm of Phillips and Ford of Leek, Button Merchants. (1) Dated 1780 Hugh Ford affirmed that Anthony Binns of Lincoln, Dealer and Chapman owed him and his partner Thomas Phillips 12 : 7s : 0d for goods sold and delivered. (2) Dated 1782 Hugh Ford affirmed that John Bathew of Dudley, Worcestershire, Mercer owed him and his partner Thomas Phillips 10 : 3s : 6d for goods sold and delivered. (3) Dated December 1782 Hugh Ford affirmed that Thomas Pickering of Manchester, Mercer and Bankrupt owed him and his partner Thomas Phillips 3 : 13s : 6d for goods sold and delivered. (4) Dated 11 March 1783 Thomas Phillips affirmed that John Nall of Penrith, Cumberland, Mercer and Draper owed him and his partner Thomas Phillips 27 : 15s : 0d for goods sold and delivered.


REFERENCE 637 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Loxley Park, Barlaston, Staffordshire; Stretton, Derbyshire; Snareston, Leicestershire

FIELD NAMES the Ash Meadow or Fowler Ash Meadow 1 acre 2r 14p; The Pike; The Fords Meadow otherwise Ann Fords Meadow; the Wheelwrights Meadow; the Near Bridge Meadow; Far Bridge Meadow; the Dig Lake; the Water Lag; Brunts Croft; Betts Croft formerly Birches Croft;

PERSONS Walmsley; Mills; Cave; Challinor; Moore; Sneyd-Kynnersley; Adderley; Jennings; Cruso; Badnall;

Hulme; Emerson; Bould; West; Hunt; Brough; Stubbs; Harrison; Fynney; Crompton; Ball; Hall; 
Draft Abstract of the title of the late Philip Walmsley to lands in Leek, Staffordshire dated 11 February 1847. Redfern, Leek. The lands included the Nab Hill Croft, 5 acres 2r 36p, formerly in possession of John Cruso and John Hulme and many other meadows and fields. It also mentions "the Eyes or Dole in the Eyes since laid to Nab Hill Meadow". All the property had been part of the Mills estates and had been acquired by Philip Walmsley at auction on 25 November 1826 for 4417 : 19s : 10d. The deed of release was drawn upon 24 and 25 April 1827 between (1)Thomas Sneyd-Kynnersley of Loxley Park, Staffordshire and George Moore of Snareston, Leicestershire, (2) John Robert Brown Cave of Stretton, Derby and Catherine Penelope his wife (nee Mills), (3) Philip Walmsley of Leek, silk merchant, (4) William Challinor of Leek. This document cites the last will, etc. of Thomas Mills of Barlaston, Staffordshire the Great Great Grandfather of Catherine Penelope Cave and her sister Rosanna then wife of Ralph Adderley, dated 16 November 1800. Thomas Mills died on 7 April 1802 and his only son Thomas died without issue in February 1821. Thomas Mills the Great Uncle of Catherine Penelope and Rosanna died about February 1821 without issue and they thus became heirs of their late father William Mills who died on 9th April 1802. The document gives details of the estates, various settlements, etc.

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REFERENCE 638 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Warslow, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Wardle; Challinor; Crewe; Robinson; Lynam; Scott-Holland; Burne-Jones; Flint; Sutton;

DESCRIPTION Letter dated 19 September 1906 from Thomas Wardle to Mr.Challinor. The letter is typed on headed paper and signed. Challinor and family had evidently been at Stype Grange. Wardle was ill with a bronchial disturbance and had had to give up several shooting engagements. He states "I shall be glad to read Canon Scott Holland's paper on Edward Burne-Jones. An extensive P.S states "I hope you will not forget the question of increasing the endowment at Wetton, by Miss Flint's aid. I have been asked by Lady Crewe to interest myself in another project, the building of a chancel at Warslow Church. If you have any money to spare towards it from the Sutton trust, I shall be glad. I have spoken to Mr.T. Robinson about it. I send a rough sketch suggested by Mr.Lynam, I suppose it will cost between 300 & 400 including re-seating and re-heating of the Church, to which we have already raised 100".


REFERENCE 639 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Hanley, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Goostrey; Brunt; Fynney; Ridout; Hacker; Bloore;

DESCRIPTION Draft notice, dated 15 May 1850, from Messrs Joseph Brunt, Mountford Fynney and James Ridout all of Leek, silk manufacturers, to Mr.Samuel Goostrey of Hanley, plumber and glazier to remove obstruction which he had placed against windows in the gable end of their silk warehouse in Bagnall's Court, Leek. Hacker & Bloore.


REFERENCE 640 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Hulme, Lancelot, Smith; Needham; Davenport; Lees; Cliff; Griffin; Cutting; Hulme; Cruso;

DESCRIPTION Draft observations of John Cruso of Leek on the title to two houses and gardens on Clerks Bank, Leek which were to be sold by Richard Cutting the surviving trustee named in the will of Thomas Griffin, deceased, to Nathan Davenport. Undated but paper watermarked 1828. Document contains information on the Hulme family. It mentions Samuel Lancelot party to the deed of 1752 and his son and heir Joseph Lancelot the mortgagee in 1774 but this is deleted and the question who is Joseph Lancelot inserted.


REFERENCE 641 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Ball; Bagnall; Challinor;

DESCRIPTION Copy of a Notice to quit to Sarah Ball issued by John Bagnall on 26 September 1814. Bagnall made his mark. Copy certified by W. Challinor.

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REFERENCE 642 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Wetton, Bradnop, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Challinor; Killmister; Fynney;

DESCRIPTION Letter from G. Killmister to William Challinor of Derby Street, Leek, dated 29 October 1819,

concerning a proposed agreement between Mr.William Fynney and his Grace the Duke of Devonshire. It contains a draft agreement concerning Fynney's title to a farm at Cowlow which was in mortgage to William Chamberlayne (but not including the tythes to which he was entitled from premises in Wetton belonging to the Duke nor to land in Bradnop called the Will Meadow) at a price to be determined by independent arbiters-one chosen by himself and the other by the Duke. Killmister states that Fynney was "from home" and hadn't seen the proposed agreement but that Mr.Fynney of Crompton had and said it was exactly as W. Fynney wished. 


REFERENCE 643 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Congleton, Astbury, Buglawton, Cheshire


PERSONS Booth; Redfern; Clulow; Phillips; Bramwell; Osborne; Harsell; Faulkner; Spilsbury; Poole; Davis; Billington; Johnson; Timms; Kidd; Clarke; Goodwin; Trafford;

DESCRIPTION Abstract of the title to the devisees under the will of the late John Booth of Congleton to property in Leek, Staffordshire . Redfern, dated 1862. It cites the will of William Booth formerly of Leek dated 21 March 1796 in which property was bequeathed to his wife Mary, his nephew Peter Booth of Buglawton, his son William, and others. William Booth senior died June 1797and was buried in Leek. His widow Mary died March 1798. William Booth the Great Nephew of the testator was 21 on 16 June 1803 and died on 12 December 1836 and was buried in Leek of the 15th December. John Booth was the latter William's brother and to bar the estate tail he granted, etc. the property to William Condlyffe in trust. The property consisted of a house where William Booth had once lived in Spout Street which had been divided into two properties occupied by James Trafford and Benjamin Goodwin; a building adjoining the above house and called "the Shop" which "was converted many years ago into a house" and then occupied by Daniel Billington afterwards by ?? and then by Samuel Johnson; another building called "the stable" used as a chairmaker and wood turner's shop then occupied by Isaac Booth plus a plot of land formerly a garden but then used as a timber yard lying in Dales Yard at the west end of the last building. Four other houses in Jacob's Alley in Spout Street formerly in holding of Michael Gunnel, Joseph Steel, David Lees and Alice Osborne but since of Widow Clulow and Robert Phillips and then of Hannah Timms, William Kidd, George Clarke. Another house in Spout Street in which Martha Lloyd, widow, used to dwell together with a small garden a small distance from it on the back or west side occupied by Isaac Booth. In his will John Booth his property in Jacob's Alley, etc. to the children of Isaac Booth late of Leek, chairmaker, the illegitimate son of John Booth's eldest sister Sarah. John Booth died on 23 January 1862 and his will was proven at Chester on 7 February 1862 by his executors James Davis and Francis Poole.


REFERENCE 644 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Watson; Rushton;

DESCRIPTION Agreement between S. Watson of Watson & Co (Leek) Ltd and J. Rushton & Co, Silk Manufacturers dated 2 April 1907 in which Watson & Co. agree to find steam power for turning and heating premises in London Street, Leek, owned and occupied by J. Rushton & Co. at an annual rental of 75 per annum inclusive of a watchman, from 21 October 1907. The document is signed by Watson and Rushton and witnessed by W. Watson of Lowe Mill, Leek.

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REFERENCE 645 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Cobridge, Staffordshire;

FIELD NAMES Churnet Meadow; Ball Haye Green;

PERSONS Gould; Davenport; Repton Dean; Wardle; Bullock; Knight; Salt; Lamb; Chadwick; Millward; Redfern;

DESCRIPTION Draft content of advert concerning sale by auction at the Blue Ball Inn in Leek of the property in Leek and Cobridge in the Staffordshire Potteries formerly belonging to Sampson Gould, deceased. Redfern & Co. Leek -undated. The property included three houses in Russell Street, Leek occupied by Mrs.Hannah Wood, Mr.James Wrigley and Mrs.Elizabeth Chadwick; three houses with gardens behind in Mill Street, Leek occupied by James Lamb, Mrs.Maria Salt and Mr.Joseph Knight; 233 square yard building plot at the back of the Blue Ball Inn with a frontage of 22ft. to Back 'o'th' Street; two other similar adjoining 202 square yard plots; three other plots all adjoining the same with area of 222 to 233 square yards each; the Blue Ball Inn public house in Mill Street with the newly erected brewery adjoining with the  club room, stables, garden, etc. now occupied by Thomas Bullock; a house on Ball Haye Green let to Joseph Schoefield; the Churnet Meadow at Leek Brook near the Turnpike from Leek to Cheadle containing 5 acres 0r 27 p. late occupation of Sampson Gould. This latter is bounded by the River Churnet and North Staffordshire Railway line and by lands belonging to Mr.John Davenport and Joshua Wardle. Excellent springs in this lot and it is "well adapted for the erection of dye houses or a brewery". In addition to this property there was also a public house in Cobridge called the White Horse with brewhouse and lands then occupied by Edward Millward.


REFERENCE 646 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Gaunt; Fernyhough;

DESCRIPTION Letter dated 17 January 1839 addressed from James Fernyhough to Josiah Gaunt, Esq. junr, containing Fernyhough's valuation of Mr.Josiah Gaunt's silk mill, ten cottages and manager's house in Union Street, Leek, Staffordshire . The value was estimated at 3750 on 17th January 1839. It includes walls, steps, iron railings and land, etc.


REFERENCE 647 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Derby;

FIELD NAMES New Close; Maudlin Meadow;

PERSONS Sykes; Ridgway; Gaunt; Porter; Cruso; Emerson; Lee; Lankford; Birtles; Wedgwood; Loxdale; Andrews; Robinson; Coupland; Daintry; Sutton;

DESCRIPTION Letter from Sinckler Porter to John Cruso at Leek dated 16 May 1821 and post marked at Derby concerning a conveyance? from Emerson's Trustees to Gaunt. It mentions the abstract of Emerson's title deeds supplied to him when he bought property from Messrs Sykes and Thomkinson and in particular deeds prior to the articles of 19 June 1761. It lists certain deeds namely: 23/24th June 1735 conveyance of a new close from W. Wedgwood to Joshua Ridgway in fee; 20 June 1735 devise of a new close from Ridgway to Thomas Loxdale for 500 years to secure 200 + interest; Deed of 3 Sept 1737 another of 28 December 1738 for residue of the term from Loxdale's to James Andrew ; 10 June 1746 an agreement from Andrews to Thomas Birtles for residue of term and 28 August 1753 conveyance of close from devisees of Ridgway to Samuel Lankford; 28 August 1753 an assignment of term of 500 years from Birtles to Peter Robinson in trust; 1 & 2 July 1735 conveyance from Mr.& Mrs.Wedgwood of Maudlin Meadow to Samuel Lankford and Ralph Lankford in fee. Samuel was the survivor and in his will dated 9 September 1758 he left his estate at Boothlow to his son Samuel and devised all his residuary estate including the New Close and Maudlin Meadow to his son Harry in fee. Porter states his hope that Mr.Gaunt will be advised to complete his purchase" and explains that the reason why all the deeds were not detailed was to save expense and not to conceal anything. Discusses other business relating to Sutton's bankruptcy; purchase under Geo Lees titles by Coupland and Milward and Mr. Daintry's probable disappointment at not receiving monies.

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REFERENCE 648 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Walmsley; Heathcote; Hilliard; Prince; Badnall

DESCRIPTION Extracts from Leek Parish Registers which show that Joseph Walmslow married Hanny Prince on 15 October 1788 by banns in the presence of Samuel Walmsley and Francis Hilliard. It also shows that Emmanuel son of Joseph and Ann Walmislow was baptised in October 1789 and, on page 161, that Ann Walmsley of West Street, Leek was buried, aged 70 years, on June 11th 1837, by the then Vicar J.H.Heathcote No.1284. There is also an entry, No. 918, for 7 March 1837 showing that Joseph Walmsley of West Street, Leek was buried at the age of 80. In the latter case the minister officiating was William Badnall, Vicar of Wavertree.


REFERENCE 649 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Tatton; Cruso; Brough; Hacker; Bloor;

DESCRIPTION Bundle of 5 documents relating to Samuel Tatton of Leek, Staffordshire, Silk Dyer and to the laying of a new sewer across the Hencroft by the Leek Commissioners. Document (1) dated 8 March 1860 a notice to Tatton informing him that the Leek Improvement Commissioners had served a notice on him on 10 January requiring him to sell or lease a portion of the Hencroft in Mill Street so that they could lay down and maintain a brick sewer not exceeding two feet three inches diameter through it. The notice stated that because he hadn't given any particulars of his claim and had failed to discuss the matter with the Commissioners they were going to put the matter to a Jury to determine the compensation to be paid. The notice goes on to state that they were willing to pay Tatton 5 shillings per lineal yard for easement and to cover damages and also that they were willing to lay a pipe through the Earl of Macclesfield's lands at their own expense so as to deliver a supply of sewage water for the purpose of irrigating the Hencroft Field "to the same extent that it is now irrigated". Document (2) is a copy of the original notice from the Leek Commissioners dated 10 January 1860 and served on Tatton on 10 January 1860 to which is attached a note (Document (3)) signed by Joshua Brough and making the offer detailed above on behalf of the Commissioners. Document (4) is a letter from the Commissioner's Office at Leek to Samuel Tatton dated 22 March 1860 and signed by Hacker and Bloor which was attached to Document (5). Document (5) is a copy of resolution 1023 passed by the Commissioners the previous Tuesday that consideration of claims from Mr.Cruso and Mr.Tatton should be adjourned to ascertain whether or not they would submit the claims to arbitration instead of a Jury. 


REFERENCE 650 LOCATION Transfer Box 89

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Sykes; Brough; Ridgway; Mellor; Plowman; Ensor; Bourne; Turnock;

DESCRIPTION Copy of the will of Edward Sykes of Leek, Staffordshire, button merchant dated 1st August 1741. Bequests included 50 of household goods to his wife with the remainder of his goods and stocks to be sold, and monies put out at interest, for the benefit firstly of his wife for life then, after her death, to his nephew Joseph Mellor and his executors, etc. for ever. All his houses and lands were to go to his wife for life and then to his brother in law George Ridgway, his heirs and executors, for 500 years and at the end of that term to his nephew Joseph Mellor and the heirs of his body. In default of the latter, then this property was to go to his (the testator's) brothers Joseph Sykes and George Sykes, their heirs and assigns, forever. The bequest to Ridgway was a special demise in trust to raise annuities of 5 for the testator's brother George Sykes, 5 for the testator's sister Hannah wife of Edmund Brough. It was also to be used to pay legacies of 5 each to the testator's nephews Samuel and Joseph Sykes and his niece Elizabeth Brough, 50 to his niece Margaret Plowman and 10 to George Ridgway himself. The will was witnessed by Thomas Bourne, Thomas Ensor and Robert Turnock.

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