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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;

FIELD NAMES Mill Lane Lynney; Lynney Meadow;

PERSONS Gaunt; Badnall; Tatton; Cruso; Holyoake; Elliot; Challinor; Daintry; Royle; Allen; Ryle; Mellor; Pearson; Stevenson; Ward; Leake;

DESCRIPTION Draft conveyance of land formerly part of Lynney Meadow near Mill Lane, Leek, Staffordshire from Mrs Frances Gaunt to Mr Samuel Tatton, silk dyer, both of Leek and William Beaumont Badnall, May 1853. Challinor, Badnall & Challinor. The property had been conveyed to Frances Gaunt in an agreement between (1) Vernon Royle, John Allen, John Cruso (2) Louisa Gaunt, Ellen Gaunt, and Catherine Gaunt (3) Frances Gaunt dated 2 May 1849. Tatton agreed to buy 1700 square yards of land at 3s a yard for 255. The land was situated on the Northwardly side of the road from Leek to Macclesfield. Frances Gaunt reserved the right of free and uninterrupted use of a culvert lately made by said Frances Gaunt through the plot of land and intended to communicate with the main culvert leading from Mill Street. The property was to be conveyed to Samuel Tatton and his heirs upon trusts as Samuel Tatton should direct by legally executed deed. In default then to the use of Tatton for life then to W.B.Badnall in trust for Samuel Tatton. A note concerning the culvert suggests that " she will only want it as a drain to the sludge pool".. Tatton was to erect and maintain a substantial fence of not less than 5' in height on the Westwardly side of the plot. The schedule of deeds starts with one dated 24 October 1767 between Joseph Mellor and John Ward. The others are: 25 March 1779 between (1)John Ward(2) Joseph Mellor (3) John Leake; 13 April 1789 Between (1) Thomas Pearson and his wife Elizabeth (2) Francis Holyoake (3) Joseph Mellor (4) William Stevenson. 25 May 1798 Indenture between (1)William Stevenson (2) William Elliot Elliot, John Elliot, Michael Daintry and John Ryle (3) Joseph Mellor (4) John Cruso. 22 and 31 December 1827 Indenture of lease and release between (1) The Governor & Company of the Bank of England (2) John Cruso the elder (3) Michael Daintry Cruso. 13 June 1838 Indenture between (1) Joseph Badnall (2) Matthew Gaunt (3) John Cruso the elder. 9th March 1842 Indenture between (1) Francis Cruso and Jane Milnes his wife (2) Richard Gaunt. 2 October 1847 Merger of tithes. 28 October 1843 Probate copy of will of Richard Gaunt. 2 July 1849 above mentioned agreement by which Frances Gaunt acquired the property.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;

FIELD NAMES Mill Lane Lynney; Lynney Meadow;

PERSONS Cruso; Badnall; Gaunt; Challinor; Milnes; Davenport;

DESCRIPTION Draft release, dated 9 March 1842, of the Lynney Meadow or Mill Lane Lynney with the sludge pool open sewer at the bottom of Mill Street, Leek, Staffordshire by Mr Francis Cruso and Jane Milnes his wife to Richard Gaunt Engrossed 24 January 1842 Cruso. Cruso had agreed to sell the 5 acres 1 rood 0 perches of land to Gaunt for 1500. The landed is described as bounded on the East by land which was once part of the meadow but now forms a garden adjoining the silk factory and buildings of Nathan Davenport and on the West by the River Churnet and by the Turnpike Road from Leek to Macclesfield, on the North by the river and on the South by the same turnpike road. Previously in the occupation of Benjamin Challinor, afterwards of John Cruso late father of Francis Cruso, since of Richard Badnall the elder, and late of the said John Cruso together with buildings, etc. sludge pool, etc.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Sutton; Pratt; Cruso; Porter; Jones;

DESCRIPTION Extract dated 25 March 1809 from articles of co-partnership entered into between Messrs Sutton Pratt & Sutton. Document drafted by Cruso, Jones & Porter. The indenture dated 20 March 1809 was between (1) Sarah and Mary Sutton of Leek, spinsters, (2) Thomas Sutton of Leek, silk manufacturer, (3) George Pratt of Leek, (4) William Sutton of Leek and recited a partnership agreement dated 25 March 1807 for 7 years. The capital was to be 7000 advanced as follows : Sarah and Mary Sutton 2000, Thos. Sutton 2000, George Pratt of Leek 2000, William Sutton 1000. The shares of the profits were to be 2/9th to Sarah and Mary Sutton, 3/9ths to Thomas Sutton, 3/9ths to George Pratt and 1/9th to William Sutton. The partners were not to trust or lend to anyone or to buy goods exceeding 500 in value without the consent of the others. Expenses for journeys with consent to be paid for out of the trade. Sarah and Mary Sutton as one party, Thomas Sutton and George Pratt to receive 3 guineas weekly on a Tuesday out of the trade for maintenance and William Sutton 1 guinea for maintenance. Thomas Sutton and George Pratt's shares were charged with the payment of interest to the Misses Sutton on the principal sums of 1000 and 1500.

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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Sutton; Wakeman; Cruso; Hand;

DESCRIPTION Articles of co-partnership dated 1st September 1815 between Thomas Sutton, William Sutton, Francis Wakeman and John Hand all described as manufacturers of Silk Ribbons, Buttons and Twist. Document drafted by Cruso. It states that they became partners or joint traders on the 1st January 1815. The partnership was to last 10 years and trade as "Suttons Wakeman and Hand using a capital of 10000. Each party was to have an equal 2500 share. Thomas Sutton was to have a 3/10ths share of the profits and each of the others a 2/10ths share. The remaining share was to be divided equally between them during the first four years and between the latter group only for the last 6 years. The trade was to be carried on " within the houses warehouses, shops, shades or buildings situate and being in or near Custard Lane and in Mill Street, Leek and within other houses, etc. which they, etc. shall from time to time mutually agree". The yearly costs of rent and repair (particularly of putting the roof of the shade in Mill Street into and keeping it in good repair) was charged to Thomas Sutton. The terms were very similar to those of the Sutton, Pratt and Sutton partnership. Thomas Sutton was to take 3 guineas and the others 2 guineas out of the trade each week for maintenance. More could be taken but the partner doing so had to pay interest on the additional amount taken at the end of the year.



PLACES Leek, Barlaston, Staffordshire; Stretton, Leicestershire; Ashbourne, Derbyshire; Hadley, Shropshire;

FIELD NAMES Fallow's Field; Blincolms Croft; Cock Low;

PERSONS Kynnersley; Cave; Gaunt; Badnall; Fynney; Cruso; Moore; Doxey; Rider; Challinor; Astles; Sleigh; Mills; Marston; Birds; Adderley; Parker; Yates; Hippersley; Welles; Fenton; Davies; Bagnall; Edensor; Bennett; Wedgwood; Cotton; Houghton; Mainwaring; Sneyd;

DESCRIPTION Abstract of the Title of Miss Frances Gaunt of to several closes in Leek and Lowe, Staffordshire 1850, Challinor, Badnall & Challinor. Hand written note states "For Mr George Rider the purchaser from Mr Josiah Astles of Lots 10 and 11 of Fallows field. It commences with indentures of lease and release dated 24/25th April 1827 between (1) Thomas Sneyd Kynnersley of Loxley Park, Staffordshire and George Moor of Snareston, Leicestershire, (2) Robert Browne Cave of Stretton, Derbyshire and C.P. his wife, (3) John Sleigh of Leek, (4) Richard Gaunt of Leek Silk Manufacturer, (5) John Cruso, which recited a marriage settlement made on 20 and 21st November 1821 between C.P. the wife of J. R.B.Cave "therein described as C.P.Mills of Barlaston Hall, Stafford, spinster daughter of William Mills late of Barlaston deceased and his wife then Rosamund Marston late his wife late the wife but then the widow of W.M.Marston late of the Grove near Ashbourne, Derby", (2) J.R.B.Cave eldest son of Sir William Cave of Stretton, Baronet and (3) J.S.Kynnersley and Geo Moore. The land was all that piece of land adjoining to the said messuage etc. and occupied therewith then divided into 3 parts and commonly called or known by the several names of Near Fallows Field (including the bit of land which was intended to have been laid to the piece of land therein before described called the Blincolms Croft but which intention was abandoned) containing 1acre 1 rood 12 perches more or less and the Far Fallow's Field containing 1acre 0 rood 20 perches more or less and heretofore in the holding or occupation of Messrs Fynney & Badnall late of the said John Doxey and then of the said Thomas Pool, together with a strip of land about 7 yards wide laid out for a street between the Near and Far Fallows Fields and the said piece of land called Blincolms Croft through which a public footway leading from West Street or Barn Yates to Back o'th Street in Leek then ran being the hereditaments comprised in Lot 14 in the printed particulars. Note the document contains details of Richard Gaunt's will and action taken by executors to pay off debts and divide estates between the beneficiaries of Gaunt's will Gaunt's will was proven at the PCC12 August 1844. and at PC York on14 September 1844. The value of the lands exceeded 50000. Lot 4 of the four lots was valued at 12536 : 13s : 2d.



PLACES Leek, Barlaston, Staffordshire; Stretton, Leicestershire; Ashbourne, Derbyshire; Hadley, Shropshire;

FIELD NAMES Fallow's Field; Blincolms Croft;

PERSONS Gaunt; Cruso; Cave; Taylor; Poole; Ryle; Allen; Brealey; Machin; Leech, Coupland;

DESCRIPTION Abstract of the Title of Miss Frances Gaunt of to several closes in Leek and Lowe, Staffordshire 1850, Challinor, Badnall & Challinor. Hand written note states "For Mr George Rider the purchaser from Mr Josiah Astles of Lots 10 and 11 of Fallows field. Continuation of 580.

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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;

FIELD NAMES Ball Haye Green;

PERSONS Badnall; Challinor; Bentley; Hammersley; Gaunt; Carr; Beardmore; Clowes; Birch

DESCRIPTION Draft deed of dissolution of partnership dated 6 January1855 between George Hammersley and Joseph Bentley both silk manufacturers of Leek. Challinor, Badnall & Challinor. The two had been operating as co-partners but had not previously drawn up a formal agreement. They had mutually agreed to dissolve their partnership. Hammersley had agreed that Bentley (who intended carrying the business on alone) should have all Hammersley's half share in the goods, stock, machinery, etc. with a few exceptions. Bentley was to pay Hammersley for this and was also to have certain "hereditaments for his own use ". Those purchased from the trustees under the wills of Richard Gaunt and Thomas Carr were subject to certain reservations relating to a mortgage of 800 to Thomas Birch under an indenture dated 1 October 1845. The schedule of property to be transferred to Hammersley was "a messuage, etc. in Fountain Street and on the east side of Victoria Street in Leek, now in the occupation of George Hammersley". A messuage, etc. in Fountain Street and on the west side of Victoria Street now in the occupation of Joseph Bentley. The silk factory, shade yard and premises in Victoria Street, Leek now in the occupation of (Hammersley & Bentley). A note made by William Beaumont Badnall states that the factory and shade stand on land purchased from the Trustees of Mr Gaunt. A further note states that the factory stands on land partly purchased from the Trustees of Richard Gaunt and part purchased from the trustees of Carr. The schedule also lists "A plot of land in Ball Haye Green containing about 1792 square yards and also a plot of land on Ball Haye Green purchased by Hammersley & Bentley from Thomas Beardmore...... of land bought from Mr S. Clowes, also a small portion bought from Mr Beardmore near to the shade on Ball Haye".



PLACES Leek, Calton, Waterfall, Staffordshire; London;


PERSONS Challinor; Ward; Jennings; Cruso; Mollatt; Lucas; Strangman; Morse; Ball; Pointon; Scott; Clouston; Harrop; Sargeant; Reynolds; Cotton; Gillies; Wright; Forbes; Daintry; Mills;

DESCRIPTION Draft conveyance, dated 27 March 1838, of 3 houses in Spooners Lane, Leek, Staffordshire from Charles Jennings of Elm Court, Temple, London and others to Anthony Ward of Leek, silk manufacturer. The Revd. Richard Ward of Calton, Waterfall, Staffs, William Challinor of Leek, and John Cruso the younger, of Leek were also parties to the conveyance. Document cites an indenture of lease and release dated 2 and 3rd July 1837 between John Lucas and his wife Francis, Samuel Lucas, Allen Key Lucas, David Harrop and Ann his wife, Thomas Clouston and Mary his wife, Michael Scott and Ann Strangman his wife, Robert Poole and Hannah Wilson his wife, the Revd. John Payne Sargeant and Rachel his wife, Thomas Forbes Reynolds, Edward Lucas and Harriet his wife, William Morse and Mary his wife, of the one part and Charles Jennings. The "shares" of John Forbes, of Sarah wife of William Cotton, Charlotte wife of Thomas Gillies and Richard Ward are also mentioned. When the all the lands in which these had an interest were sold, Anthony Ward purchased Lot 5 for 225. The document lists the shares to be received by each interested party. It also mentions that James Lucas had died on 20 March 1834 (Probate Lichfield 17 May 1834). The property purchased covered 756 square yards and the dwellings were occupied by Thomas Pointon, Thomas Wright and Cornelius Ball. The deeds related to property some of which was owned by John Cruso and thus he retained the deeds. A schedule of deeds is appended which starts with an indenture of release dated 9 July 1794 between (1)Ann Strangman (2) Toft Chorley (3) Henry West (4) Michael Daintry and Thomas Mills the younger



PLACES Leek, Butterton, Mayfield, Draycot, Coton, Hanbury, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Hambleton; Mellor; Wild; Redfern; Walwyn;

DESCRIPTION Draft appointment of new trustees by Anne Hambleton of Bagnall Hall, Stoke on Trent, widow, the Administrix of the last trustee Thomas Hambleton and to Messrs John Hambleton of Wall Acre near Butterton, Mayfield, Staffs. farmer and James Bennett of Clayton House near Butterton, farmer, dated 21 March 1874 Redfern &Son, Leek. The trustees were the trustees of a marriage settlement made between Hannah Mellor and Thomas Wild. Some family data and field names. 

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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Alsop; Challinor; Ritchie; Towle;

DESCRIPTION Draft agreement by Messrs John Alsop and Robert Alsop for the production of the marriage settlement of James Alsop dated 20 May 1870, Challinor & Co. Leek. The two Alsops together with Joseph Challinor and John James Ritchie were trustees of the will of James Alsop and held two messuages etc. in Nelson Street on Ball Haye Green, Leek. The marriage settlement in question was that made between James Also and Adelina Elizabeth Towle on 2nd April 1862.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Alsop; Challinor; Ritchie;

DESCRIPTION Memorandum as to Mr Alsop's accounts on going through them with Mr Ritchie dated 4 June 1869.



PLACES Leek, Upper Hulme, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Flower; Alsop; Birch; Henley; Branscombe; Ritchie; Downes;

DESCRIPTION Re Mr Alsop deceased. Queries on entries in diaries dated 11 May 1869.



PLACES Leek, Upper Hulme, Staffordshire; Buglawton, Cheshire;


PERSONS Alsop; Wooliscroft; Charles; Flowers; Hammersley; Birch; Godwin; Davenport; Downes; Moss; Clowes; Birch; Brough; Mien; Dashwood; Brealey; Knowles; Buxton; Henley; Williams; Jackson; Walwyn;

DESCRIPTION Re James Alsop deceased. Receipts and payments contained in diaries dated from 1861 to 1868.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Booth; Daintry; Cruso; Bullock; Morley;

DESCRIPTION Draft release from Mr John Booth to the Executors of the late Michael Daintry dated June 1812, Cruso, Leek. All that house situate in Derby Street, Leek now and for some time past used as a public house and known by the name of the Butcher's Arms with the brewhouse, three stables, pigsty, backside, yard, garden and appurtenances... as are now in possession of Joseph Bullock. And also that house situate between the said messuage and the stables as is now in the occupation of John Morley tenant to Joseph Bullock.

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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Cruso; Grosvenor; Brentnall; Jackson; Clulow; Mien; Joinson; Allen.

DESCRIPTION Plan of buildings on the east side of the road leading from Stockwell Street, Leek to Mr Cruso's stables. Undated but no earlier than the 1845 watermark. Lot numbers are indicated and names have been pencilled in. Adjacent land owner was Mrs Grosvenor. See also Bednall Collection 591.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Cruso; Lay; Coupland; Mills; Macclesfield; Maddock; Walwyn; Bullock; Ash; Sutton; Coupland; Grosvenor; Bidcott;

DESCRIPTION Draft deed poll, dated 1824, of road through yard for all purposes from Mr John Lay of Leek, Silk Manufacturer, to Mr Cruso . Cruso & Coupland. Closes on North side Stockwell Street, Leek with right of road through. Mentions indentures of lease dated 3 Nov 1785 between (1) Mary widow of William Maddock late of Leek, tallow chandler, (2) William Maddock, Mary Maddock the younger Catherine Maddock and James Maddock the only children of Mary Maddock, widow, by said William Maddock her late husband, (3) Thomas Mills of Leek, gent. The lease concerned two closes laid together some time before as one croft on the North side of Stockwell Street, Leek and bounded on the East by Mrs Sarah Grosvenor's land, on the West by the Earl of Macclesfield's land, on the North by Thomas Sutton's land and on the South by the garden of Thomas Mills and that of Mrs Bidcott which was then occupied by her tenants (Thomas Bullock and John Walwyn), the garden of the said Mary Maddocks then in possession of Ralph Waller, a timber yard belonging to Mary Maddock and tenanted by William Ash, and the garden of Mary Maddock then tenanted by Thomas Hulme. Thomas Mills had a right of road or passage with or without horses, cattle, carts and all manner of carriages at all times into and from the said close through to the timber yard into and from Stockwell Street through the gate at the top. John Cruso of Leek had purchased the closes with other property from Thomas Mills. John Lay had purchased the timber yard and other related property formerly the inheritance of Mary Maddock and her children. Lay wanted to change the course of the road and passage through the timber yard to the Eastwardly side and asked John Cruso for his consent which was given on condition the right of road was extended to Broad Bridge thro' all Cruso's lands.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Thorneycroft;

DESCRIPTION Rough undated jottings headed Thorneycroft's Residue annual income thereof. The income appears to exceed 3000. The paper is watermarked 1806. 

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PLACES Leek, Alstonfield; Horton; Staffordshire; Cheshire; Wales; Middlesex;


PERSONS Fowler; Gaunt; Badnall; Chorley; Towgood; Daykeyne; Flint; Watt; Molineaux;

DESCRIPTION Copy deed of appointment and assignment, dated 31 October 1838, by Mrs Sarah Fowler of Highfield House, Leek, Staffs., widow, to her trustees Charles Flint of Leek, surgeon, Henry Towgood of Woburn Square, Middlesex, Esquire, and Matthew Gaunt and Josiah Gaunt of Highfield House, Leek sons of Sarah Fowler. Challinor, Badnall and Challinor. Sarah's 2nd husband John Fowler made a will on 29 April 1818 in which he devised all his estates in Horton and in the county of Cheshire to Matthew Towgood the Elder and Toft Chorley their executors and administrators, etc. for the term of 500 years from the date of his decease. The devise for the purposes of a trust and John Fowler also devised the same estates and all his real estate whatsoever and wheresoever to Richard Badnall and Joseph Gould their heirs and assigns forever upon trust for the benefit of his wife Sarah during her life. And after her death his estates in Leek (except for his houses on the northwardly side of Stockwell Street and an allotment on Foker Moor) upon trust to convey them to his daughter Phoebe Elizabeth Hough Fowler (now wife of Fitzjames Watt, Esquire) her heirs, etc. forever. His estates in Horton and their associated allotments of common land, were also to be in trust for his daughter Phoebe E. H. Watt. If Phoebe died without any children benefit of the trust passed to John and Matthew Gaunt, Mary Gaunt (now wife of Henry Charles Daykeyne) and Josiah Gaunt the children of his wife by John Gaunt her former husband. The trustees were to sell the property with the consent of his wife if the sale took place in her lifetime, his estates in Cheshire and Wales and the houses on Stockwell Street plus the allotment on Foker Moor and invest the monies in Parliamentary stocks or public funds on interest or on real securities for the benefit of the Gaunt children of Sarah Fowler. There is a clause which states that "in case the money to arise from the sale of the testator's estates in the County of Chester should not amount unto the sum of 16000 or upwards". This empowered Towggod and Chorley to raise 2000 on his estates at Horton for the benefit (detailed in the document) of the named Gaunt children. A codicil dated 11 September 1819 states that he had since purchased lands at Horton. He made a further codicil on 4th June 1825 appointing John Molineux and Charles Flint trustees in place of Joseph Gould who had died. John Fowler, the testator, died on19 May 1827 and his will was proved by his widow and Toft Chorley in the PCC on 26 November 1827. The current document relates that Sarah wanted her to appoint the Fowler estates, etc. amongst her children.



PLACES Leek, Etruria, Burslem, Longport, Cobridge, Newcastle u. Lyme, Stone, Hanley, Lane End, Wittington, Sneyd Farm, West Bromwich, Staffordshire; Birmingham; Chesterfield, Derbyshire; Macclesfield, Cheshire; London; Manchester; Rochdale, Lancashire; etc.


PERSONS May; Fisher; Holines; Noble; Leek; Kirk; Higginbottom; Carter; Fanshaw; Littlewood; Leigh; Brougham; Dawson; Barlow; Stancliffe; Slater; Botham; Hill; Dimmock; Beardmore; Edge; Alcock; Joule; Gosling; Mugglestone; Boulton; Owen; Gordon; Sparrow; etc;

DESCRIPTION List of debts of May deceased (undated). Total debts 898 : 6s : 5d. Most of the debts refer to persons or companies in the Burslem, Hanley, Longport area. Individual names, locations, some occupations, and amounts of debts given. See also Bed Coll. 595.



PLACES Leek, , Burslem, Longport, Cobridge, Newcastle u. Lyme, Stone, Hanley, Staffordshire;


PERSONS May; Cruso; Bower; Brindley; Barlow; Colley; Carey; Davenport; Edge; Ford; Gorman; Heginbotham; Hill; Harper; Heath; Holdcroft; Hughes; Joule; Kirk; Leigh; Lockett; Lees; Mugliston; Mawdesley;

DESCRIPTION Account of John Cruso esquire with the administrators of Charles Hughes May, Esquire, deceased 1844 to 1845. It includes payments of Burslem Poor Rates, 954 of rents to the Earl of Macclesfield. Mine rents are also mentioned. 

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PLACES Leek, Heaton, Staffordshire; High Week, Teignmouth, Devon; Chelmorten, Buxton, Derbyshire;


PERSONS Alsop; Challinor; Cooper; Davenport; Beacock; Prime; Morten; Ritchie; Slack; Shufflebotham; Armett; Heath; Knowles; Hankinson; Birch; Henley; Salt;

DESCRIPTION Epitome of the will dated 31 March 1866 of James Alsop deceased and a codicil dated 26 May 1868. Challinor & Co., Leek, Staffordshire. A note on the front sheet states that the testator died 14 Dec. 1868. Beneficiaries include his wife Adelina Elizabeth Alsop, nephew John the son of his late brother John, the trustees of the Congregational Church, Derby Street, Leek; various missionary societies; his sister Elizabeth Henley and her husband Mr Creed Henley; his sister Ann Birch; his nephews and nieces John, Jane and Maria C. Salt children of his late brother John and the Revd Josiah Hankinson. His wife, his friends Joseph Challinor and Mr John James Ritchie and his nephew Robert Alsop of Teignmouth, were appointed executors and trustees. The document mentions his marriage settlement dated 2 April 1862. His wife was to have an income of 400 per year for life and 3000 and 18 acres of land at Chelmorten near Buxton. His nephews John and Robert the sons of his late brother John were bequeathed his silk mill, warehouse etc. in New Street, Leek plus four cottages and a shop which he had built in the same street together with all his premises at the bottom of Stockwell Street, Leek then occupied by Mrs Davenport, Mr Beacock senior and junior, D. Prime, J. Morten, J.J.Ritchie, and others in an area bounded by New Street, Buxton Road, the road to Ball Haye Green, Ball Haye Brook and property belonging to the late Josiah Gaunt. They were also to have the silk shade in New Street which formerly belonged to Joshua Knowles. These estates were subject to charges under the will of the late Mrs Cooper of weekly for quarterly payments to Thomas Slack, Joshua Shufflebotham, Mary Armett and Mary Heath. His sister Ann was to have his 3/18ths share in Berry Knowles Farm, High Week, Devon. 44 acres of land in Heaton went to his niece Jane Alsop.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Goodwin; Tatton; Wardle; Povey; Gwynne;

DESCRIPTION Copy of an agreement, dated 8 October 1904, for the sale and purchase of the business of Stephen Goodwin and Tatton Ltd between Mr John Wardle and Mr Arthur Tatton of Leek Silk Manufacturer . Rawle Johnstone & Co. 1 Bedford Row, London W.C. The purchaser company Stephen Goodwin and Tatton (1904) Ltd was about to be formed with the object of acquiring and working the business, etc. of Stephen Goodwin and Tatton Ltd. The nominal capital of the purchaser company was to be 25000. The price to be paid was 27300 in addition to 4000 the book debts of the company payable as to 8750 in cash (to be borrowed by the Purchaser Company on security of debentures). The consideration was listed in a schedule. It included silk mills and warehouses in West Street, Leek and three cottages in Britannia Street, Leek. The value of debts, machinery, trade marks and goodwill, etc.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Tatton; Sheldon;

DESCRIPTION Draft assignment of a Life Policy 57337 dated 31 Dec 1881 for 100 in the Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd. from Mrs Ann Tatton of Garden Bank, Stockwell Street, Leek, widow, to Mr Paul Sheldon of No. 7 Compton, Leek, provision dealer, dated 25th January 1887. Sheldon gave Tatton 39- 2s-3d for this. The document includes a copy letter from Challinor & Co. to the Prudential notifying them of the of the change.
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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Lockett; Sheldon; Clowes; Debank; Crumpton; Walthall; Hordern; Joinson;

DESCRIPTION Copy of the probate copy of the will of James Lockett of Leek, gentleman, dated 30 August 1779. He bequeathed his household goods and plate, etc. to his wife Ann who was also to have a life interest in all his lands, etc. in Leek. His estate in the parish of Horton, which was in the holding of his cousin Thomas Crumpton, was bequeathed to Peter Crumpton the son of Thomas. After his wife's death, the life interest was to pass to John the son of his cousin Samuel Lockett and on his death to Simon Debank of Leek in trust for the children (in the usual sequence from the first born male) - if any - of John Lockett. In default of such children then to the children of Samuel Lockett. In default of such children then to Peter Crumpton for life. After this the estates were to pass to Simon Debank in trust for the contingent remainder to, first, the children of Peter Crumpton. In default of such children, then to his own right heirs. His nephew John was also to have 20 a year to be paid by his (the Testator's) wife to John Lockett's Aunt Mary Sheldon and used by her to pay for John's board and education and clothes until the age of 16 years when the testator hoped he might be put out "Clerk to an attorney or some other profession". Payments were to continue until John was 22 years old. To his cousin James Clowes four daughters he bequeathed 50 to Elizabeth, 50 to Jane, 100 to Ann and 100 to Sarah Clowes. He also gave 100 to the only daughter of Samuel Lockett. His executors were his wife, Lewis Davies and Edward Hordern and the said Mary Sheldon wife of John Sheldon all of Leek. Witnesses were John Joinson, Catherine Walthall and J. Walthall. NB the date of copying is not given but the watermark date on the paper is 1828.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Cheshire; Wales;


PERSONS Fowler; Gaunt; Badnall; Chorley; Towgood; Daykeyne; Flint; Watt; Molineaux;

DESCRIPTION Copy of the will of Mrs Sarah Fowler of Highfield House, Leek, Staffordshire dated 6 November 1838. Sarah's 2nd husband John Fowler made a will on 29 April 1818 in which he devised all his estates in Horton and in the county of Cheshire to Matthew Towgood the Elder and Toft Chorley their executors and administrators etc. for the term of 500 years from the date of his decease. The devise for the purposes of a trust (see Bed Coll No.593 which relates to the desire of Sarah Fowler to make an appointment of the Fowler estates in Leek, Cheshire and Wales. amongst the children of her first marriage -the Gaunts). In her will Sarah makes it clear that the will is in no way intended to interfere with the latter appointment. It mentions, amongst other things, " my share in the messuage or tenement called Highfield with the lands adjoining all in the parish of Leek aforesaid and which have been purchased by me and them from the mortgagees of the estates of Mr Richard Badnall senior, also from Miss Ann Badnall and the Holroyds and Wardles families and the trustees of Sir John Robert Brown Cave and his wife and the late Mr Robert Emersons Will". Her will was witnessed by William Condliffe, solicitor, of Leek and her servants Thomas Clayton and Hannah Bratt. Thomas Clayton and Ann Bettany (also a servant) witnessed three interlinings to the will which were made on 7th December 1838.