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REFERENCE 351 LOCATION Trunk 4 Trunk 4 Box 12

PLACES Leek, Norton in the Moors, Staffs;


PERSONS Key; Lucas; Thacker; Mills;

DESCRIPTION Affidavit of debt in Chancery dated 23rdJuly 1782 before William Mills. John Thacker of Bank, Norton in the Moors, Staffs. gentleman, stated that William Key and James Lucas both late of Leek, Staffs, Button Merchants, Dealers, Chapmen and Co-partners against whom a Commission of Bankruptcy had lately been awarded owed him for 61 :7s :0d for principal and interest due on a bond of Key & Lucas dated 11 February 1767. This bound over Key and Lucas in 120 for the payment of 6o and interest



PLACES Leek, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs;

FIELD NAMES The four days work; Leekfield; the Lower Close, the Over Close, the Meadow and Beggarsway Croft

PERSONS Jackson; Mills; Webb; Hammersley; Fenton; Nichols; Ridgway;

DESCRIPTION Mr. John Webb's assignment of Adam Jackson's mortgage to Mr. Fenton in trust -dated 8 May 1732. The parties were John Webb of Heaton, Staffs. Adam Jackson of Leek, John Fenton of Newcastle under Lyme, Mercer and William Mills of Leek. Cites a mortgage for a term of 500 years made by Jackson to William Hammersley of Basford, Staffs, yeoman, on 8 July 1728 of a dwelling, etc. in Spout Street, Leek, Staffs. then known by the sign of the Crown and another house adjoining and before in the holding of Margaret Ridgway, widow, and lately of H. Worthington. It also included land, meadow and pasture belonging to the first dwelling i.e. the New Close, one close called Leekfield, the Lower Close, the Over Close, the Meadow and Beggarsway Croft lying in Leek and Low and then in the holding of Adam Jackson. The rent was a peppercorn and the mortgage agreement could be rendered void on payment of 209 :10s at certain days and times. Term of 500 years became forfeit due to none payment and Hammersley had died appointing Henry Bowers of Dalehouse, Cheddleton, yeoman, and John Leeke of Heathhouse, Cheddleton, yeoman as executors of his will. At Jackson's request, William Mills paid 214: 9s : 2d to Bowers and Leeke. He also advanced a further 450 : 10s : 10d to enable Jackson to discharge several other debts. As security for the total debt of 665, Jackson assigned the property , together with a croft or close formerly part of Leekfield known as the four days work which he had recently purchased from the brothers John, Josiah and Phillip Nichols, to Mills for a term of 1000 years. A further indenture between William Mills, Adam Jackson and John Webb dated 20 April 1730 is mentioned by which property was assigned to Webb in return for his paying the 713 : 12s : 6d 1/4 owed by Jackson to Mills and a further sum of 86 :8s :6d paid into Jackson's hands. Condition of redemption by Jackson was payment of the sum of 840 to John Webb without abatement for taxes etc. The money was due at a specified time and date which was not kept and property became forfeit to Webb. Jackson asked Webb for a further 100 and another assignment was drawn up dated 3 July 1730. A crossed out section indicates that Jackson had since sold some of the land (4 days work, Beggarsway field) with the equity of redemption etc. to Mills. Jackson thus now owed John Webb 990 :17s and to pay this off, Mills advanced 1000 to him on security of the conveyance to him and his heirs , of all the previous mortgages. John Fenton paid the monies to Webb who assigned the property to Fenton who was a trustee appointed on behalf of William Mills

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REFERENCE 353 LOCATION Trunk 4 Trunk 4 Box 12

PLACES Leek, Staffs; London; Manchester; Macclesfield, Cheshire; Glasgow; Paris; Bradford; Leicester; Liverpool; Baden, Hamburg, Germany; Leeds; Stoke on Trent; Staveley, Cumbria; Plymouth;


PERSONS Davenport; Young; Wardle; Hammersley; Sutton; Abbott; Rhead; Cartwright; Plant; Robinson; Platt; Streif; Walwyn; Burney; Phillips; Cowling; Wulf; Allen; Hacker; Johnson; Beckett; Clowes; Stafford; Chamberlain; Hammond; Potts; Moncur; Coignet; Wolf; Watts

DESCRIPTION Documents concerning the bankruptcy of William Young of Leek, Staffs., Silk Manufacturer, trading as George Davenport & Co. The documents include : (1) request by Challinor & Co, solicitors for search for the filing of a prior bankruptcy petition; (2) petition dated 9 May 1881 ,by William Young in the Cheshire County Court at Macclesfield stating that he owed 11,111 :12s : 6.5d requesting liquidation; (3) official announcement of meeting of creditors to be held at Union Buildings, Market Street, Leek, Staffs. on 26 May 1881; (4) a list of creditors present at a meeting held on 4th June 1881 - gives names, addresses and estimated amount of debt. The latter list contains details of 54 creditors of whom the largest were G.H.J.Gould a silk broker of Leek 2363; the Manchester, Liverpool & District Bank 3098; Trustees of late J.H.Hacker 2049; Messrs Francis Kidd & Co. silk brokers of Manchester 1795; Joshua Wardle & Sons, silk dyers of Leekbrook 676; Arthur Johnson of Leek, silk broker, 456. It also includes affidavits of debts; statement of estates, etc. dated 9 May 1881 which gives value of stock in trade, furniture and fittings, etc. at Hope Silk Mill and furniture in house on Overton Bank, Leek; Alphabetical list of 48 creditors. Goods and silks held by creditors are described. The Manchester, Liverpool & District Bank held a mortgage on the silk mill and also on the Rose Hill corn mill near Market Drayton, Shropshire.


REFERENCE 354 LOCATION Trunk 4 Trunk 4 Box 12

PLACES Leek, Sandon, Wetley Rocks, Staffs; Bullock Smithy, Cheshire;


PERSONS Cruso; Coupland;

DESCRIPTION Mr. John Cruso's resignation as trustee of the Sandon Road - dated December 1822. The resignation is addressed to the Commissioners and Trustees of the road from Sandon in Staffordshire to Bullock Smithy in Cheshire and from Hilderstone to Draycott in the Moors and from Wetley Rocks to Tean , Staffordshire. It cites Acts passed in the 2nd and 23rd years of the reign of King George III. The reason for his resignation appears to have been to avoid conflict with the requirements of an Act of the 4th George IV which prevented persons associated with contracts for the building and repair of roads, gates, weighing engines, etc. or for the hire of carts or for supplying materials, from becoming or remaining trustees.


REFERENCE 355 LOCATION Trunk 4 Trunk 4 Box 12

PLACES Leek, Tittesworth, Staffs;


PERSONS Cruso; Brearley; Mills; Challinor; Shaw; Coupland;

DESCRIPTION Press copy abstract of title of Mr. Thomas Brearley to land on the Northwardly side of Park Road, Leek, Staffs. Challinor & Shaw. Includes a plan showing Lands associated with Foxlowe House, Market Place, Leek, Staffs. Plots of land for sale are numbered and those referred to in the title deed are coloured. Some owners of adjacent lands are named, e.g. Earl of Macclesfield, Mr. Middleton and Thomas Brearley himself. Track of footpath from what is now the road into Brough Park is shown. Indenture of 2 April 1894 between the Leek & Moorland Building Society and Henry Beaumont Cruso of Coburg, Canada and Thomas Brearley of Leek, Land Agent & Surveyor. Document states that when he made his will on 4th November 1837, John Cruso the Elder, of Leek held the lands in question. In his will he devised his property (which he had purchased from Thomas Mills) to Herbert Minton his heirs and executors in trust for the benefit of his daughter Mary Ann Coupland and his unmarried daughters Catherine, Sarah, Selina and Hester Frances (all of whom were long since dead in 1894) terminating with their respective deaths. After the property became vested in his sons John Cruso the younger, Francis Cruso and Michael Daintry Cruso and then....... An extract from John Cruso, senior's will is attached.

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REFERENCE 356 LOCATION Trunk 4 Trunk 4 Box 12

PLACES Leek, Staffs; Dublin; Edinburgh; Norwich; Liverpool; Birmingham; Preston; Leeds; Bradford; Scarborough; Nantwich;


PERSONS Watson; Challinor; Squires; Kitchingman; Gelderdale; Forrest; Minishall; Wilson; Reilley; Braithwaite; Blood; Lloyd; Harris; Whittaker; Goldstone; Stroyant; Hogg; Pankhurst; Metcalf; Green; Musson; Grant; Cowlin; Birkinshaw; Johnstone; Lennan; Atkins; ... 

DESCRIPTION Watson & Company's accounts with Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffs. Cases taken in the County Courts for debts owed to the firm in 1886.



PLACES Wetley Rocks, Leek, Staffordshire; London;


PERSONS Badnall; Stevenson; Challinor;

DESCRIPTION Draft case for Mr. Badnall's opinion the title of the trustees and executors of the estates of the late Joseph Stevenson (died 1858) to a property called Mill Lane at Wetley Rocks, Leek, Staffordshire.Undated.


REFERENCE 358 LOCATION Trunk 4 Trunk 4 Box 12

PLACES Leek, Stone, Staffs; Manchester; Barnsley; Birmingham; Carlisle; Kendal; Leicester; Leeds; London;


PERSONS Johnson; Charlesworth; Gouldesbrough; Callam; Bewley; Caddell; Wood; Westhead; Schoefield; Henshaw; Medcalf;

DESCRIPTION List of names of creditors and securities for debts sent Messrs Ralph and William Johnson of Leek, Drapers. Bednall Collection No. 357 continued.


REFERENCE 359 LOCATION Trunk 4 Trunk 4 Box 12

PLACES Leek, Staffs; Salford, Lancashire


PERSONS Brunt; Fynney; Shorter; White; Challinor;

DESCRIPTION Affidavit of debt in Staffordshire County Court at Leek June 1903 by Brunt, Fynney & Co, of Leek, silk manufacturers, against Messrs J.White & Co. of Blackfriars Road, Salford. The debt of 4 : 10s :0d was for goods sold and delivered. John Shorter, a partner in the firm of Brunt & Fynney was the deponent


REFERENCE 360 LOCATION Trunk 4 Trunk 4 Box 12

PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Putnam; Young; Challinor; Brough; Hammersley; Heaton; Ward.

DESCRIPTION Draft notice by William Putnam of Lee, silk manufacturer, to the Trustees of the Leek & Moorlands Permanent Building Benefit Society of mortgage dated 1 July 1867 of land, houses and premises with steam engine, machinery and fixtures, etc. on the East side of Wellington Street, Leek and a life insurance policy for 200 to George Young of Leek, currier. The property had formerly been mortgaged to the Leek & M.PBB Soc. The new mortgage was security for 300 plus interest at 5 %. 

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REFERENCE 361 LOCATION Trunk 4 Trunk 4 Box 12

PLACES Leek, Staffs; London;


PERSONS Alcock; Pilkington; Sanders; Harris;

DESCRIPTION Declaration, dated October 1891, by William Pilkington re Harris, Sanders and Pilkington trademark No. 12358 originally registered in the name of Thomas Alcock alone on 18 June 1877. Alcock was at that time in partnership with William Pilkington. Alcock died on 27 November 1879, and in his will dated 13 November 1897 he bequeathed his interest in the trade mark to a nephew from whom it was purchased by Pilkington on 5 January 1880. Pilkington's deposition states that since 4 July 1882 he had been in partnership with Frederick Augustus Harris in Leek as silk manufacturers trading as Harris, Sanders and Pilkington. 



PLACES Leek, Staffs;

FIELD NAMES Crompton Field;

PERSONS Royle; Howson; Crompton; Rowley; Fernyhough; Heaton; Hacker; Blore; Lomas;

DESCRIPTION Draft grant and release by Messrs Vernon Royle & Thomas Crompton of Manchester, silk merchants, of two plots of building land on Crompton in Leek, Staffs. to Henry Howson of Bradnop, Leek. Dated 18 June 1848. Engrossed 18 May 1850 Challinor & Shaw. Draft receipt for 200 consideration on rear. Royle and Crompton were the devisees in trust under the will (dated 21 May 1828 - probate at Lichfield 13 August 1834 ) of John Crompton late of Dunwood, Leek. Thomas Crompton was the only son and heir of John. Mary the widow of Thomas Crompton died 18 March 1836. The 480 square yard plot was bounded on South West by Compton Street, on North by Cornhill Street. The other plot was of 1029 square yards and was bounded on the North by Cornhill Street and had the "right of enjoyment of a carriage way into and along new streets called Jolliffe Street and Cornhill Street". Royle and Crompton's Manchester address was Great Bridgwater Street Silk Mill, Manchester.


REFERENCE 363 LOCATION Trunk 4 Trunk 4 Box 12

PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Ratcliffe; Challinor; Worthington; Wright; Tomkinson; Hill;

DESCRIPTION Lease of a house, workshops and saw mill in Shoobridge Street, Leek, Staffs by the trustees of the Leek & Moorland Provident Association and others to George Ratcliffe a joiner and builder. Dated 1892. The trustees leased the property for a period of nine years with the consent of Peter Tomkinson a joiner builder of Leek. The house was No.7 Shoobridge Street and had recently been occupied by Robert Hill. The annual rent was 29 : 10s :0d until 24 June 1892, 32 for 2.5 years afterwards and 37 for the last 5 years. Detailed terms including maintenance requirements are given. The schedule details the fittings of the various premises and includes lathes, benches, and steam driven band saws, circular saws.


REFERENCE 364 LOCATION Trunk 1 Folder 1

PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Wardle; Worthington; Mellor; Bagley; Swindells; Morgan

DESCRIPTION Letter dated 18 April 1904 from Sir Thomas Wardle to Edward.... re A.J. Worthington & Co. overdraft in connection with building work.

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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; London;


PERSONS Cruso; Badnall; Browne; Turner; Oliver; Plant; Dyke; Fox; Mundel; Bailey; Taylor; Lomas; Maule;

DESCRIPTION John Cruso's bill for work done for the representatives of Ellen Browne, deceased, dated 1846 and signed by W.B.Badnall for Mr. Cruso. Mrs.. Browne was illegitimate and her mother was a Mrs. Oliver.



PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Fergyson; Challinor; Shaw; Smith; Birch; Brearley; Grace; Walker; Howard; Mitchell; Massey; Baskerville; Parker; Adams; Davenport; Slater; Freeman, Hardy; Willis; Johnson;

DESCRIPTION Sale notice, with scale plan of Leek Market Place, re sale by auction of freehold property in Broad Street and the Market Place Leek, Staffs. to be sold by auction at the Town Hall on 4 March 1912. Lot 1 was No. 18 Broad Street occupied by the Middletons. Lot 2 was No. 4 Market Place then occupied by Misses Johnson, confectioners. Lot 3 was No.s 21 and 22 Market Place, Leek occupied by Hunters the Teamen Ltd , Mr. Thomas Grace, printer and others. Adjacent owners names given on plan. Hand written notes of biddings show Lot 1 was sold for 500 to Birch. Lot 2 reached 620, was withdrawn and sold by private treaty fro 635. Lot 3 reached 1975 and was withdrawn.



PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Brunt; Fynney; Ridout; Hacker; Allen;

DESCRIPTION Attested copy of Articles of Partnership between Josiah Brunt, Mountford Fynney and James Ridout, silk manufacturers all of Leek, Staffs., dated 5 March 1846. The partners agreed to trade as Josiah Brunt & Co., for 7 years, manufacturing silk ribbons, buttons and twist. The agreed capital was 7400. Brunt was to provide 1500, Fynney 3700 and Ridout 2200. Proviso for Brunt to take sons of his dead brother William into the business.



PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Hammersley; Hawkesworth; Shaw; Allen;

DESCRIPTION Deed on dissolution of partnership by Thomas and Frederick Hammersley dated 24 May 1877. Signed, stamped and sealed. They had been in partnership since 9 May 1861 trading as F.Hammersley &Co. silk manufacturers under articles signed on 8 November 1865. Thomas Hammersley had stated formally that he wished to dissolve the partnership.

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PLACES Leek, Park Lane, Staffs; Congleton, Cheshire;


PERSONS Lockett; Davis; Gooden; Hollins; Debank; Kirkby; Hand; Tompkinson;

DESCRIPTION Copy of the will of Ann Lockett of Leek, widow, dated 26 August 1789. She bequeathed 1 years wages to each of her servants over that due to them plus a full suit of mourning . They were to remain in the house until after the funeral. Other bequests were 10 to her friend Mr. Davis of Leek; 10 to her daughter Ann Tomkinson of Park Lane, Staffs.; 10 to her cousin William Hand of Park Lane, Staffs.; 5 to her old servant Mary Gooden; 50 to her cousin Susanna Sidebotham Kirkby of Congleton; Apparel to be divided between her niece Jane Debank and her cousin Susanna who were to be her executors. Residue of the estate went to them. The will was witnessed by S. Davis and Sarah Hollins.



PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Debank; Birtles;

DESCRIPTION Mr. Holliday's opinion to guide Mr. Debank re Mr. John Birtles real and personal estate. Birtles had died intestate leaving one child Elizabeth wife of Simon Debank. No settlement made on marriage of Elizabeth Birtles to Simon Debank.



PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Debank; Birtles; Woolrich; Sneyd; Smith;

DESCRIPTION Pedigree of Jane Debank. Dated 1819. Her mother was Elizabeth only daughter of John Birtles and Ann Woolrich. Ann Woolrich was the grand daughter of Roger Smith and married John Birtles on 12 March 1731. Jane's mother died on 5 June 1814. The tree shows Jane Debank as married to William Sneyd Esq.



PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Birtles; Gent; Hilditch; Wardle;

DESCRIPTION Extract from the will of Thomas Birtles of Leek, Staffs. dated 9 April 1755. Bequests included house in Spout Street where his son in law William Gent lived to William Gent for his and his wife Mary's lives. The to grandson Thomas Gent in trust, etc. for heirs. If Thomas had neither surviving sons nor daughters then property was to go to Birtles' grand daughters Mary Hilditch, Anne Wardle and Elizabeth Gent.



PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Birtles; Debank; Fowler; Challinor; Atkinson; Rogers;

DESCRIPTION Copy commission dated 26 April 1788 and bond dated 10 March 1789 in the amount of 40000 for admons of the goods and chattels and effects of the late John Birtles, esquire, to the Archbishop of Canterbury extracted by Messrs Clarke & Clarkson, Proctors, Doctors Commons.

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PLACES Leek, Woolstanton, Endon, Staffs; London;

FIELD NAMES Birchall Croft; Pingle;

PERSONS Birtles; Debank; Hillditch; Roe; Smith; Moreton; Stevenson; Eaton; Woolrich; Badnall;

DESCRIPTION Draft of Mr. John Birtles of leek, Staffs. last will dated 1776. It states he was in a very weak state of health. Property mentioned includes his farms at Park Lane, Endon, another at Waterfall occupied by Thomas Roe and his farms in Leek and Low -Cowhay Farm and Little Birchall. The latter was occupied by Michael Eaton. Property was to be placed in trust for the benefit of his daughter Elizabeth wife of Simon Debank and her descendants. Failing them then to the use of the son/sons and daughter or daughters of his three sisters Mary Gent of Leek, widow, Ann Stevenson wife of John Stevenson of Stafford, banker, and Hannah wife of Ralph Moreton of Woolstanton, Gent. All his linen, plate, china and household goods were to go to his grand daughter Jane Debank. To his niece Mary Hilditch of Leek, widow, to Sarah the wife of Thomas Smith of Leek, dyer, his nephew Thomas Stevenson of London, Merchant, his niece Ann wife of Thomas Banner of Birmingham, his nephew Ralph Moreton the younger of Woolstanton and his nieces Elizabeth Moreton and Mary Moreton, Ralph the younger's sisters, 50 each. Many parts of the will were incomplete. NB. Sarah wife of Thomas Smith was the daughter of William Badnall of Leek, dyer, and his 1st wife Sarah Woolrich.



PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Bagnall; Fairfield; Hollins; Wedgwood; Cooke;

DESCRIPTION Copy of Sir Ralph Bagenall's deed of 1564 to Thomas Fairfield. It contains a warrantee concerning rents of 105 : 11s : 71/2d due to the Queen. Fairfield covenanted that he would not set up any corn or malt mill on any part of the premises "to the annoyance of mills lately sold by Sir Ralph Bagnall to Ralph Rudyard Esquire. Witnesses were : John Wedgwood, John Cooke and Hugh Hollins de Mosley.