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REFERENCE 301 LOCATION Transfer Box 62

PLACES Macclesfield, Cheshire;


PERSONS Smith; Mayot; Mottershead;

DESCRIPTION Agreement 23 May 1745 between John Smith of Broken Cross, Macclesfield and Nathaniel Mayot concerning the conditions which Smith accepted in return for Mayot allowing him to enlarge his cottage by building the gable end of his (Smith's) house on Mayot's land.



PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Bermingham; Challinor; Middlebrooke, Bold; Hambleton; Plant; Earls; Morten; Copson; Goodwin; Hambleton; Anderson; Haslam; Hargreaves;

DESCRIPTION Articles of Co-partnership on vellum dated 23 September 1867 between James and Henry Bermingham, silk manufacturers of Leek, Staffordshire. Personal copy of the two partners. Partnership to last until 1873. The real estate included a silk mill with engine house, workshops and out buildings occupied by the brothers, a house(no.9) occupied by Thomas Hambleton, senior and four adjoining houses (one a shop) occupied respectively by Thomas Copson, Ruth Goodwin, Thomas Hambleton junior and one vacant at numbers 11, 13, 15 and 17 with a finishing room over part and the weaving room over the other part. 6 houses in Cornhill Street occupied by Joseph Halton and others numbered 4,6,8,10,12, and 14 with a wash house and land behind - the total area 1061 square yards. A plot on the East side of Compton Street used by John Potts as a coal yard -377 sq. yards; two plots in Cornhill Street containing a total of 1589 sq. yards; a strip adjoining. 8 houses in Jolliffe Street and Cornhill Street occupied by Fanny Middlebrooke, Hugh Bold; Joel Hambleton; Robert Plant; Joseph Earls; John Morten and others numbered 7, 9, 11, 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. -544 sq. yards. Also a house with pleasure grounds, greenhouse, gardens etc. in King Street containing 1589 sq. yards occupied by the Reverend Mother Haslam, two houses near the last occupied by the Reverend Joseph Anderson and Samuel Hargreaves numbered 21 and 25 and a house in King Street occupied by Henry Bermingham. Their capital also included 200 shares in the Leek & Moorlands Permanent Benefit Building Society. James Bermingham was to manage and superintend the business, Henry was to act as traveller for the firm. Both were entitled to 300 a year salary plus any expenses. A hand written note attached states that the brothers agreed to jointly be tenants in common with Mr. Astles of the silk warehouse now in their occupation at Compton, Leek at a rent of 15 per annum.



PLACES Leek, Staffs; London;


PERSONS Griffin; Ward; Coupland; Cruso; Heathcote; Hulme; Wood;

DESCRIPTION Application to and award of the Lord Chancellor John Lord Eldon against William Hulme of Leek, grocer, dealer and chapman on the application of William Wood of Leekfrith, farmer. Award dated 9 January 1819 made to John Ward, John Cruso, junior, Charles Coupland and Thomas Heathcote. Carries the Lord Chancellor's seal.

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PLACES Rainow, Macclesfield, Cheshire; Stretford, Lancashire; Longnor, Quarnford, Staffs;

FIELD NAMES Edsbury; Bott Field; Watson Meadow;

PERSONS Redfern; Wright; Jones; Hulley; Massie; Gaunt;

DESCRIPTION Letter, dated 23 March 1802, by Sarah Redfern of Longnor, Staffs. spinster, heir of Thomas Redfern of Quarnford, yeoman appointing John Wright and Maurice Jones of Macclesfield for her attorneys for the surrender into the hands of the King as Lord of Macclesfield Forest of a house, etc. at Rainow late in the possession of Catherine Jackson and Jasper Hulley. Together with 6 acres of land at Edsbury with all ways, waters, mines, and quarries of stone and coal, paths, gates, passages liberties, etc. Property had been acquired by the late James Redfern, Sarah's grandfather on the surrender there from of George Massie of Stretford, Lancashire, gent on 29 August in 29th year of the reign of George III. Surrender was to take place at the next Halimote of the Manor and Forest of Macclesfield. Signed by Sarah Redfern and Jasper Hulley and witnessed by Josiah Gaunt and John Wright. Note on reverse states that surrender took place on 29 March 1802 before Deputy Steward W. Jackson and Deputy Clerk D.Browne -a fine of 1s 6d was levied.


REFERENCE 305 LOCATION Transfer Box 62

PLACES Macclesfield, Stockport, Cheshire; London; Manchester;


PERSONS Endon; Heape; Leech; Smith; Broadhurst; Twellin; Hodgkinson; Houghton; Blagg; Sherwin; Lunt; Peak; Sidebotham; Downes; Endon; Dukinfield; Heywood; Boulton; Roydon; Broadhurst; Hudson; Small; Arderne; Alcock; Edwards; Nicholson; Bradshaw; Sedgwick; Nield;

DESCRIPTION Abstract of the title deeds belonging to the property of the late Mr. Endon's messuages on the South side of Back Lane, Macclesfield 1668 to 1757. Original owner was John Blagg whose cottage lay between that of widow Ellen Heape on the East side and that of Thomas Leech on the West. In 1675 the deed describes one part of the property as "One house, one parlour, one buttery and 2 chambers with a garden spot and an oven therein adjoining to the house of John Heape on the East and the house of Thomas Twellin on the West and also 2 chambers and one closet wherein Christopher Heape's dwells".



PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Sutton; Wakeman; Hand; Cruso;

DESCRIPTION Articles of Co-partnership, dated 1 September 1816, between Thomas Sutton, William Sutton, Francis Wiseman and John Hand trading as Suttons, Wakeman and Hand, manufacturers of silk ribbons, buttons and twist. Cruso, Leek. Partnership was to be for 10 years from 1st January 1815 with a capital of 10000 subscribed equally by the partners. Thomas Sutton was to have 3/10 parts, William Sutton, Wakeman and Hand 2/10 parts of any joint stock "that shall accrue". Trade to be carried on in the houses, warehouses, shops, shades or buildings in Custard Lane and in Mill Street, Leek previously used by them or in other houses, shades, etc. Thomas Sutton was to be allowed 3 guineas a week and the others 2 guineas for their maintenance. Any other monies taken were to attract interest on repayment. 5% Interest was to be paid on any capital left in the trade.

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PLACES Leek, Staffs.


PERSONS Hulme; Myott; Lucas;

DESCRIPTION Deed on vellum of collateral security from Dudley Hulme to Joseph Myott of Church Street, Leek, silk weaver dated 13 August 1728. As security for the sum of 58-19s . Myott was to enjoy for 500 years a "burgage or dwelling house situate in Church Street, Leek wherein Joseph Myott lives.. with outhouses, buildings, barns, stables etc.. and all that dwelling house in Spout Street in the holding of Samuel Lucas". The document cites an indenture of Feoffment of the same date between Hulme and Myott where by Hulme had sold to Myott a "messuage, burgage or dwelling house" in or near Church Street, Leek where Joseph Myott then lived, together with all outhouses, barns, stables, orchards, gardens, etc. for 58..19s. The present indenture concerned was to " secure the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the said messuage so conveyed to Joseph Myott...according to the true intent of the indenture of feoffment.." Dudley Hulme sold Joseph Myott " all that messuage, dwelling house or tenement" in Spout Street, Leek "now in the holding of Samuel Lucas" for a term of 500 years at a peppercorn rent. The document is on vellum and carries Hulme's signature and seal.


REFERENCE 308 LOCATION Transfer Box 62

PLACES Macclesfield, Cheshire


PERSONS Thornley; Platt; Frost; Harding.

DESCRIPTION Indenture of sale dated 2 February 1720 by Nicholas Thornley of Macclesfield, barber surgeon, of a house on the North side of Chestergate in the holding of Thomas Harding, David Platt and Mary Frost to Robert Thornley of ...field, chapman. Consideration 100 plus 5 a year for life. The property was a burgage property with rights of moss room, turbary, etc. Thornley signed his name and the seal carries a coat of arm with a chevron, 6 crosses in chief and 3 crosses below.


REFERENCE 309 LOCATION Transfer Box 62

PLACES Langley, Sutton, Macclesfield, Cheshire.


PERSONS Daintry; Cruso; Wombwell; Figgins; Landor; Wardle; Wright; Woodward; Hughes; Smith; Whiston;

DESCRIPTION Covenant, dated 10 October 1865, by John Smith Esq. of Langley within Sutton, Cheshire with Benjamin Harlow of Sutton, coal merchant, to produce deeds to Byron Estate, Macclesfield. Cites indentures dated 11 August 1863 and 10 October 1865 by which Smith surrendered to Harlow and his heirs for ever a property whose title was part of the title to other property which Smith retained. Title runs from 1833 when John Smith Daintry and his trustee John Cruso surrendered Byrons Estate to Francis Higgins and his trustee. Property was later mortgaged to James Wardle as security for 1200. It was acquired by John Smith in 1853.


REFERENCE 310 LOCATION Transfer Box 62

PLACES Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs; Langley, Sutton, Macclesfield, Cheshire;


PERSONS Heath; Harlow; Stancliffe; Hughes; Knight; Smith; Jackson;

DESCRIPTION Indenture of appointment, dated 22 August 1871, of copyhold land in the Manor and Forest of Macclesfield by Robert Heath of Newcastle under Lyme, Coal and Iron Master to John Stancliffe of Macclesfield, Common Brewer for the sum of 1500. Refers to the surrender by Benjamin Harlow and Mary his wife of land in Sutton into the hands of the Queen as Lady of the Manor of Macclesfield. The surrender dated 4 August 1868 allowed William Heath and Joseph Knight to be admitted and become seised of the property in trust for Robert Heath. One plot fronted on the East the old Macclesfield to Langley turnpike lying on the North adjacent to lands of Mr. John Smith and on the South to lands of Mr. Ferdinando Jackson and on the East by a second plot of land purchased from John Smith totalling 1400 sq. yards. Together with a house erected on the land by Mr. Harlow and occupied by Mr. William Waltham Stancliffe and a plot of land intended for a road the whole 2042 sq. yards plus 173 sq.yards. Receipt for 1500 isgned by Robert Heath and witnessed by John Hughes on back.

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REFERENCE 311 LOCATION Transfer Box 62

PLACES Staffs; Langley, Sutton, Macclesfield, Cheshire;

FIELD NAMES Higher Dams;

PERSONS Daintry; Ryle; Chell; Knight; Oxford; Barrymore; Mortimer; Pitt;

DESCRIPTION Assignment, dated 14 November 1826, by John Daintry, Esquire "late of Sutton but now of North Rode" on the direction of John Ryle of Park House, Macclesfield, Esquire and on the nomination of Mr. William Chell of Macclesfield, Innkeeper, of lands in Macclesfield to James Knight of Macclesfield in trust. Refers to land in Macclesfield called Higher Dams and cites a deed a deed dated 30 March 1821 between John Smith Daintry, the Revd. George Bosley and John Cruso executors of Michael Daintry late of Byrons in Sutton the last surviving executor of Daniel Nixon of Hurdsfield in whom an interest in Higher Dams was vested for residue of a term of 1000 created by a demise dated 22 May 1725 between (1) the Earl of Barrymore, Edward Earl of Oxford; (2) Earl Mortimer; (3) Frederick Earl of Rochford and Betty Countess of Rochford his wife; (4) George Pitt, esquire of the first part and John Ryle of the second part and John Daintry of the third part by which Higher Dams was assigned to John Daintry in trust for John Ryle and his heirs. Indentures of lease and release between (1) John Ryle and (2) John Smith Daintry (3) John Chell and (4) William Chell on 26/27 May 1826 a plot set out called Higher Dams and bounded on the Eastwardly side by Brown Street and on the Southwardly end by Crossall Street and on the Westwardly side by Macon street and on the Northwardly side by Paradise Street extending 79 yards 19" on the eastwardly side, 67 yards 14" on the Southwardly side, 71 yards 31" on the Westwardly side, 66 yards 25" on the Northwardly end total 5069 sq. yards. Land was conveyed to William Chell and his assigns to the use of Ryle and his assigns so that Ryle and his heirs could take a clear yearly rent of 63 -6s -6d out of the land and the buildings to be erected thereon. To the use of Wm. Chell for life then to the use of John Chell in trust for Wm Chell and his assigns, etc. Chell applied to Ryle for the assignment of the 1000 year term to James Knight upon trusts and asked John Daintry to do so. The subsequent assignment mentions all the houses, buildings and other erections now standing thereon. Signed by Chell, Ryle and Daintry.

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PLACES Leek, Whitgreave, Staffs; Sutton, Macclesfield, Cheshire. Mayfair, London; Market Drayton, Salop;

FIELD NAMES Mill Lane Lynney; Mill Lane Meadow or Field.

PERSONS Daintry; Badnall; Ryle; Brough; Mellor; Pratt; Bagnall; Sikes; Birtles; Holyoak; Elliot; Stevenson; Leake; Goodwin; Pearson; Coupland; Cruso; Wainwright; Ward; Ridgway; Cherry; Cope; Challinor;

DESCRIPTION Draft deed of covenant, dated 5 February 1822, for the production of title deeds. Cruso & Coupland at Leek, Staffs. Covenant from John Smith Daintry of Foden Bank, Macclesfield to Richard Badnall of Leek, Staffs. silk manufacturer. Cites indentures of lease and release dated as the covenant between Daintry, Badnall and John Cruso the younger of Leek concerning a piece of land at the bottom of Mill Street, Leek on part of which a building formerly the silk mill of Messrs Mellor & Pratt and has since been used by Benjamin Challinor as a mill for grinding colours. The land adjoins the Turnpike from Leek to Macclesfield. It contains in front next the road 30 yds 1" on the Eastwardly side adjoining the Mill Tail 24 yds 30" on the back or Northern part adjoining the River Churnet 19 yds 24" on the westerly side adjoining a piece of land belonging to J. Smith Daintry called Mill Lane Lynney 27 yds 30" and is now staked out and is to be walled and fenced by Richard Badnall his heirs, etc. on all sides. Together with the building standing thereon also that piece of land at the bottom of Mill Street adjoining the Turnpike and lying nearly opposite to the previously mentioned plot containing about 1 rood and 32 perches being the easterly end of the Mill Lane Meadow lately fenced off and divided there from with the buildings thereon occupied by .. Sherratt. Part of the text that has been crossed out states:".....and described on the map or plan drawn in the margin of the now extracting indenture save and except that the said J.S.Daintry his heirs, etc.. the right of conducting water through the said Mill and weir erected across the water for the purpose which weir is intended to be taken down and also the water courses made from the said premises for conducting the water from the said building into the River Churnet again it not being intended that the said Mill or building shall be any longer used as a water mill also except all right of conducting the wash from the Town Street into any part of the said premises hereby granted and released it being intended that a new culvert shall be made by the said J.S.Daintry from that part of the old one which is higher up than the said premises in such a manner that the said wash shall pass into the lands of the said J.S.Daintry for the sole use ......" The title to the property acquired by Badnall was associated with lands of greater value retained by Daintry. Daintry therefore agreed to produce the title deeds when required to do so. The list of title deeds runs from Indentures of lease and release dated 18/19 January 1705 between Samuel Wainwright of Mill Street, Leek (but sometime of Ireland) yeoman, his wife Mary and their son and heir John on the one part and Jane Goodwin of Leek Widow of the other part. On 23 January 1705 there was a further indenture of L & R between the Wainwrights and John Ford of Leek, gent. Indentures of L & R 26/27 March 1723 between Samuel Goodwin of Market Drayton, ironmonger, son and heir apparent of Jane Goodwin then deceased, Thomas Birtles (2) and Samuel, Mary and John Wainwright. Indentures of L & R between (1) Mary Wainwright, widow, of Samuel and her son John, (2) Thomas Birtles and (3) Edward Sikes of Leek Button Merchant and George Ridgway of Leek, gent. Indenture 20 March 1745 Geo Ridgway to Edward Sikes. 1st January 1766 Indenture between (1) Hannah Brough of Leek wife of Edmund Brough of Shepherds Market, Mayfair, London (2) Ralph Bagnall of Leek, Mercer and his wife Elizabeth only daughter of Hannah Brough by the said Edmund Brough; (3) Joseph Mellor of Leek, Button Merchant and (4) George Ridgway of Leek. Indenture 24 October 1767between Joseph Mellor of Leek and John Ward of Whitgreave, Staffs, yeoman. 25 March 1779 between (1) John Ward (2) Joseph Mellor (3) John Leake of Newport, Salop. 13 April 1789 Indenture of 4 parts between (1) Thomas Pearson of Tettonhall, Staffs and Elizabeth his wife daughter and sole executrix of John Leake (2) Francis Holyoak of Tettonhall trustee named by Leake, (3) Joseph Mellor (4) William Stevenson of Queen Street, Cheapside, London. Indenture of bargain and sale dated 9 December 1797 enrolled in Chancery between (1) Thomas Sparrow, William Challinor and Isaac Cope the major part of the Commissioners named in a Commission of Bankruptcy issued and then in prosecution against Joseph Mellor and George Pratt of Leek, silk manufacturers, dealers, chapmen and co-partners (2) Wm Elliot Elliot and John Elliot both of Nottingham Esquires and Michael Daintry and John Ryle both of Macclesfield, Chester assignees of the said bankrupts estates and other effects. Indenture dated 25 May 1798 between (1) Wm Stevenson (2) the Elliots, Daintry and Ryle (3) Joseph Mellor (4) John Cruso of Leek. Indentures of lease and release dated 26/27 July 1799 between (1) the Elliots, Daintry and Ryle Joseph Mellor and his wife Susannah (3) George Pratt (4) John Smith Daintry of Macclesfield, merchant (5) Henry Cherry of Sutton, Cheshire gent. (6) John Cruso of Leek.



PLACES Leek, Staffs.; London;


PERSONS Daintry; Shiers; Fuller;

DESCRIPTION Draft affidavit of debt July 1781 by John Daintry of Leek, Staffs., Button Merchant against John Shiers of Oxford Street, London, Mercer, Dealer and Chapman "against whom a commission in Bankruptcy has been lately awarded". Shiers was stated to be indebted to John Daintry and his partner Michael Daintry of Leek, Button Merchant, in the sum of 22: 4s: 0d by virtue of an Inland Bill of Exchange drawn by the Deponent and his partner (upon the Bankrupt and payable to Messrs W. Fuller Son & Co or order) on the 9th day December 1780 upon the Bankrupt and payable to Messrs Wm . Fuller & Son or order six weeks after the date thereof. J.Shiers before he became bankrupt and was returned by Messrs W. Fuller Son & Co to deponent and his partner for want of payment (said J.Shiers) and accepted by their banker. Daintry had received no "satisfaction for the sum except the Bill of exchange".

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PLACES Leek, Cheddleton, Staffs;

FIELD NAMES Hall Croft; Mould's Croft;

PERSONS Bagnall; Lucas; Cruso; Killmister; Challinor; Fowler; Garner; Lea; Ball; Bloor; Stonehewer; Woodward; Mayer; Brindley; Hall; Mould; Robinson; Chorley; Fynney;

DESCRIPTION Draft release of property in Spout Street, Leek, Staffs. by Mr. John Bagnall of the Rings hay, Cheddleton, Staffs. (only brother and heir of Ralph Bagnall formerly of Leek, Button Merchant, deceased) to Mr. Samuel Lucas of Leek, Button Merchant, Toft Chorley of Leek, Esquire, and Thomas Lea of Leek, Breeches Maker, dated 25th March 1815. Consideration 3470. Killmister & Challinor "For Mr. Cruso's perusal on behalf of the vendor". It cites settlement in trust dated 9/10th October 1782 made on the marriage of Ann Brindley eldest daughter of John Brindley of Park Hall to Ralph Bagnall to use of Ann Brindley during her life "in lieu of dower". Ralph was said to have been long deceased and Ann had lately died. The property conveyed was a messuage in Spout Street formerly in the occupation of Peter Robinson and others and after of Mr. John Fynney and the said Ralph Bagnall and late of Ann Bagnall but now of Samuel Lucas. There was a stable and other buildings at the rear on what was formerly called Hall Croft afterwards as Mould's Croft and now used as gardens amounting to 3 roods 35 perches. Together with 5 houses three of which were sited next above the main property and were occupied by Thomas Fowler, Mark Garner, and Thomas Lea. Six other houses were sited " at or near the bottom of the said close and were occupied by Charles Ball, Alice Bloor, Thomas Stonehewer, Elizabeth Woodward, John Mayer and Sarah Ball. Thomas Lea had purchased a house which shared a wall with the uppermost of Bagnall's houses in Spout Street. The right of passage thro" the ancient entry or passage at the upper end of the said dwelling leading to the back of the said premises".



PLACES Leek, Cheadle, Grindon, Staffs; Gawsworth, Cheshire;


PERSONS Booth; Lucas; Lay; Chorley; Gaunt; Badnall; Walwyn; Johnson; Hall; Bagnall; Lowe; Condliffe;

DESCRIPTION Draft deed of release of land on Leek Moor by Mr. Josiah Booth of Leek, Silk Throwster, to Mr. Richard Gaunt of Leek, Silk Merchant, dated 26 March 1816. Consideration 30. The land on Leek moor was only about 17 perches and was a piece awarded on 3 January 1811 by Commissioners acting under the "Act for inclosing lands in the parish of Leek, Staffs." The land was described as bounded on the North by allotments 3 & 4, on South West by Walwyn's road, on the South East by allotment 31 and North West by allotment 29. Abstract of title Indenture 5 July 1770 between Wm Hall of Ford, Grindon, Staffs, Block Maker and Martha Johnson late of Leek but then of Gawsworth, Cheshire, executors of the will of John Bagnall late of Leek, cordwainer deceased and Joseph Booth of Leek, Twister. Indenture of mortgage for 120 dated 29 November 1786 between Josiah Booth of Leek, Chapman, John Condliffe of Leek, gent, and Francis Lowe of Cheadle Mill, Cheadle, Miller. Indenture of assignment of mortgage dated 8 May 1793 between Francis Lowe of Cheadle Mill, Josiah Booth of Leek and Richard Gaunt, Samuel Lucas and Joseph Lay all of Leek, Silk Merchants and co-partners. Other indentures dated 13 Feb 1809 between Gaunt, Lucas and Lay and Toft Chorley re assignment for a term of 500 years and 500 years. Indenture of 28 August 1815 between R. Gaunt and Toft Chorley and Josiah Booth.



PLACES Leek, Staffs;

FIELD NAMES Lower Lynneys; Upper Lynneys;

PERSONS Badnall; Cruso; Gaunt; Lucas; Killmister; Perkin; Challinor; Smith;

DESCRIPTION Draft security by appointment and release of several messuages, dyehouses and lands in the parish of Leek, Staffs with the assignment of the remainder of a term of 500 years from Mr. G.K.Killmister for 2500. Mr. Joseph Badnall of Leek, Silk Dyer, to Messrs Richard Gaunt & Samuel Lucas both of the same place, Silk Manufacturers, dated 8 March 1828. Killmister & Challinor, Leek. Cites Indenture of lease and release dated 28 February and 6th March 1828 by the (1) Bank of England (2) Richard Gaunt (3) Thomas Smith, farmer (4) Joseph Badnall (5) Jo. Perkin (6) John Cruso and (7) G.K.Killmister. property released to use of Badnall then to uses of Jo. Perkin in trust for Badnall and to protect dower and to use of Badnall's heirs forever. Property described as messuages, dyehouses, silk factory, and buildings plus parcels of land called the Upper Lynneys and Lower Lynneys. The agreement mentions insurance in particular with the Salop Fire Office.

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PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Badnall; Challinor; Killmister

DESCRIPTION Draft indenture of settlement dated March 1827 on the marriage of Joseph Badnall of Leek, Staffs., Silk Dyer, and Miss Mary Challinor of Leek. Mary had inherited a 1/6 share in the proceeds of the real and personal estate of her father William Challinor deceased under his will dated 10 March 1800. The document is intended to set up a trust in which William Challinor of Leek and Edward Challinor of Burslem, Earthenware Manufacturer were to be the trustees and attorneys for Mary Challinor. Benefits of the trust were to be Mary's for life and then any children of the marriage. Joseph Badnall was not to have any share of or control over Mary's inheritance.



PLACES Leek, Leekfrith, Heaton, Staffs; London; Chesterfield, Aldercar, Derbyshire; Sheffield, Yorkshire;

FIELD NAMES White Field; Pool Croft; The Croft; Fouchers; Far White Field; Middle Whitefield; Upper Long Lands; Lower Long Lands; Rick Yard; the Road Croft; Great Aldridge; Little Aldridge; 1st, 2nd,3rd & 4th

PERSONS Badnall; Gaunt; Fowler; Cruso; Buttermer; Fynney; Phillips; Ford; Walker; Sale; Smith;

DESCRIPTION Draft conveyance, dated 26 December 1827, of Highfield House and Lands in Leek, Staffs. by the Governor and Company of the Bank of England mortgagees of the real estates of Richard Badnall Esquire a bankrupt, to Mrs. Sarah Fowler, widow, Mr. Matthew Gaunt and Mr. Josiah Gaunt, junior, silk merchant. It cites Indentures of lease and release dated 5/6 September 1803 between Richard Badnall, Button and Twist Manufacturer, and his brother William Badnall, silk dyer, relating to land on the North side of the turnpike from Leek to Macclesfield known as White Field 8 acres 0r 38p formerly occupied by Messrs Phillips & Ford but then by Richard Badnall and his partner John Fynney. An award by the Commissioners for the inclosure of Leek's wastes allocated to Badnall lands on Foker Moor on 3rd January 1811- allotment 267 -13 acres 0r 37p; allotment 271 - 1r 28p; allotment 273 - 1r 15p; allotment 276 - 26p; allotment 280 - 6p; allotment 281 - 5p; allotment 283 -3p; allotment 272 - 1r 18p; allotment 301- 12 acres 3r op. Badnall also received an award on 8th May 1820 under the Act for inclosing lands in the Manor & Township of Heaton, Leek, Staffs. This included land in Leekfrith No.28 called the Pool Croft30p; No.29 The Fouchers 2r 39p; No. 30 The Croft 2r 10p; No. 31 - 1r 1p; No. 32 The Far White Field 3 acres 1r op; No. 33 The Middle White Field 5 acres 1r 4p. Agreement between Richard Badnall and Elizabeth Mary Smith wife of Frederick Smith of Dunstan Hall, Chesterfield, Benjamin Sale of Bright Side, Sheffield and the Reverend John Smith of Aldercar, Derbyshire assigned the property for 1000 years in return for 5000. Indenture of lease and release 29/30th November 1826 Release made between (1) Richard Badnall of Highfield, Leek, (2) Richard Badnall the younger, and Henry Cruso, silk manufacturers and dyers, (3) Governor of the Bank of England Badnall mortgaged the property for 20000. Commission of bankruptcy awarded against Richard Badnall the elder on 7 June 1827. Joshua Walker and Robt. Wm. Buttermer were chosen as assignees and the Commission assigned Badnall's property to them on 13 September 1827. The Bank put up Badnall property including the mansion house for sale by auction ( Mr. Shuttleworth) in Leek. The amounts offered were too low and the property was bought in and the Governor of the Bank subsequently contracted with Matthew Gaunt for the sale of the mansion house for 6050. The agreement was subject to the previous agreement made with Benjamin Sale, etc. in 1820 and thus the Gaunts retained 5000 of the purchase price in order to pay off the outstanding debt.



PLACES Leek, Burslem, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Badnall; Challinor;

DESCRIPTION Draft settlement dated August 1827on the marriage of Joseph Badnall of Leek, Staffs., Silk Dyer with Miss Mary Challinor. The indenture was between (1) Badnall (2) Mary Challinor (3) William Challinor of Leek (4) Edward Challinor of Burslem, Earthenware Manufacturer. Mary was entitles to a 6th share of monies under the will of her father William Challinor deceased dated 10 March 1800. Challinors property had not been disposed of or valued by the trustees. It was agreed that her share be transferred to Wm. and Edward Challinor as trustees. The two trustees were to be appointed attorneys to both Mary and her husband to be Joseph Badnall. A note queries whether or not Mr. Badnall should appoint his own attorney

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REFERENCE 320 LOCATION Cupboard Loose Top shelf

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Bradford, Wiltshire; Eckington; Derbyshire; Radford, Nottinghamshire;

FIELD NAMES Sprink Field; Barn Field, Hollow Field; Foker Moor;

PERSONS Hammersley; Daintry; Emerson; Sinckler Porter; Griffin; Chetwynd; Gaunt; Fowler; Batemen; Phillips; Ford; Smith; Eglington; Cruso;

DESCRIPTION Draft conveyance of three pieces of land adjoining Highfield called the Barn Field, the Hollow Field and the Sprink Field and two metres of Garden Croft at the Bridge End formerly part of the Barn Field. Dated 1833. From Messrs Porter & Griffin devisees in trust under the will of Robert Emerson deceased to [deleted. Mrs. Sarah Fowler, Mr. Matthew Gaunt and Mr. John Gaunt ,junior] William Hammersley. Gaunt, Leek. Indenture between (1) Mary and Elizabeth Rogers, spinsters, late of Eckington, Derbyshire but now of Radford in the Coy. of Nottingham; (2) Sinckler Porter of Chester and Thomas Griffin of Leek, High Constable, devisees etc. of Robert Emerson; (3) Ann Emerson of Bridge End, widow of Robert Emerson, (4) William Hammersley of Leek, silk dyer. {section including the Fowlers and Gaunts deleted]. Cites Indenture of feoffment dated 5 April 1802 between Henry West, Robert Emerson and John Cruso. Barnfield contained 2 barns and a yard belonging to the over barn and together with the Hollow Field comprised 8acres 2rood 20 perches of land. They were then occupied by Emerson and had been part of Bridge End Farm which had been occupied for many years by Messrs Phillips & Ford. West had purchased the land from George Vernon who had bought the land from Sir George Chetwynd. The Sprink Field of about 3 acres 21 perches was acquired by deed of 25 March 1807 and it too had once been part of Bridge End Farm. On 12/13th September 1807 Emerson mortgaged the property to Michael Daintry of Byrons near Macclesfield for 2000. 28/29th September 1810 the mortgage was transferred to John Smith Daintry of Foden Bank, Macclesfield. On 10 July 1819 the mortgage was increased to 2700. Emerson drew up his will on 8th August 1818 bequeathing his estates to his nephew Samuel Eglington of Kiddeston, Norfolk, farmer, in trust . A codicil of 16 January 1820 appointed Thomas Griffin as his trustee in place of Sam. Eglington. The will was proved on 4 October 1820 at Lichfield. On 27/28th July mortgage assigned by J.S.Daintry to Richard Thomas Bateman of Camberwell House, Bradford, Wiltshire. A further set of deeds of lease and release dated 4 December 1827 between Bateman, J. Smith Daintry, John Wood, innholder, Sinckler Porter and Griffin, and Mary and Elizabeth Rogers whereby the mortgage was transferred to Mary & Elizabeth Rogers. This transfer also included land on Foker Moor vested in Bateman for a term of 500 years. Porter and Griffin put up the property for sale in accordance with the terms of Emerson's will and contracted for the absolute sale to William Hammersley [the Gaunt names are here crossed out] of two dwellings gardens etc. for [deleted 1300, 1323: 10s : 0d] 1000. The property transferred included the various fields already mentioned and two houses occupied by William Hammersley and Matthew Davenport with gardens, croft and buildings adjoining. Hammersley was also to have license to take water from a pool or pond in the Rick Yard [belonging to the Barn Field which had been sold to the Fowler/Gaunt's] by means of pipes or gutters running over Barn Field to the premises and to have access to repair or replace pipes as necessary. Hammersley was already "enjoying" these rights.



PLACES Leek, Stone, Staffs; Liverpool; London;


PERSONS Badnall; Laugharn; Samuel; Henry; Barclay; Ashton;

DESCRIPTION Badnall and Thomas Laugharn versus Samuel, original admissions "In the Exchange of Pleas, Hilary Term 56 George 3rd". The opening phrase states that Badnall and Laugharn came before the Court on 23rd January in the same term and complained by Bill against Simpson Samuel. Details the case which was for 500 damages are given. Basic facts as stated: 6 March 1815 Isaac Henry of Stone" according to the custom and practice of merchants" issued a Bill of Exchange to Thomas Ashton of Liverpool payable in London, etc. requesting Ashton to pay 217 : 19s : 2d for value received within 3 months afterwards to Henry's order. 6 March 1815 It was played into Barclay & Co, London and accepted by Ashton. On the same day J. Henry ordered a sum to be played to Simpson Samuel and delivered the Bill to him. On the same day, Samuel indorsed the Bill of Exchange specifying payment to Badnall & Laugharn and delivered it to them 9 June 1815. When the Bill became due, Badnall & Laugharn presented it to Thomas Ashton at Barclay's the Bankers, London for payment. Ashton refused to pay. On the same day they notified Simpson Samuel of Ashton's refusal to pay and Samuel "then and there became liable" for 500 worth of goods sold and delivered to him.

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PLACES Leek, Stone, Staffs; Liverpool; London;


PERSONS Badnall; Laugharn; Samuel; Henry; Barclay; Ashton;

DESCRIPTION Badnall and Thomas Laugharn versus Samuel - Copy Answers, Cruso, Leek. Headed "In the Equity Exchequer. " The answers of Richard Badnall one of the defendants to the Bill of Complaints of Simpson Samuel Complainant and of Thomas Laugharn another of the defendants to the said Bill of Complaint by the said Richard Badnall his Guardian. The answers state that previous to June 1815 Badnall & Laugharn were in business as partners and manufacturers at Leek, Staffordshire but denied that previous to that month they had any dealings with Isaac Henry as the Bill of Complaint alleged. They said they had delivered goods, etc. to Samuel prior to March 1815 and that they wrote to him on the 15 March 1815 requesting payment of 217 : 19s : 2d. Samuel sent the Bill of Exchange enclosing a letter dated Liverpool 13 March 1815, which stated that they should have had the remittance for their account but for an embargo on the whole of the Coast of the USA which meant that none of last years cargo from Halifax and St. Johns had got in and they had not received any money for their goods. Samuel also alleged that Badnall & Co. had agreed to wave their request for payment from Isaac Henry until September. Badnall & Co commenced legal action at Michaelmas Term 1815 and the cause was pleaded at the Stafford Summer Assizes 1816 where they obtained a verdict for 87 : 19s :2d & costs subject to the opinion of the court upon a reserved Case. When this latter case was argued in Court the Court's opinion was in favour of Badnall & Co. and judgement entered and Badnall & Co's costs were taxed at 105 :14s : 6d. Cruso had written to Henry about the debt on 20 June 1815 and had received a reply that it was not possible to obtain more than 100 in Bank notes or a renewal for the remittance if proceedings were commenced. Although Cruso was prepared to agree to an immediate payment of 100 and a 2 months bill to pay the remainder with interest all they received was 80 which Henry had persuaded Ashton to pay on 29th June 1815. On 5th September, Cruso wrote to Henry and also sent letters to Ashton and to Samuel threatening legal action. A further draft or Bill for 50 was received from Ashton together with a statement that the rest would be paid within 10 or 12 days.


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PLACES Leek, Waterhouses, Stafford, Staffs; Macclesfield, Cheshire; Birmingham; Sheffield;

FIELD NAMES White' Bridge;

PERSONS Cope; Nixon; Cruso; Ford; Badnall; Manley; Touchet; Sneyd; Leigh;

DESCRIPTION Leek Manufacturers' Association for Prosecuting Felons-Challinor's (Late solicitors') bill for 66 - 11s - 1d. 1795 to 1798. Mentions Sneyd of Belmont being visited to approve warrants to search the houses of Aaron Cope and others on 17 December 1795. The houses were searched by the Constable, Tharme, Mr. Ford and others. They found a quantity of silk on Mary Nixon. Mr. Sneyd and Mr. Leigh at Waterhouses on 30th December 1795 to convict Mary Nixon but they ruled that the crime was a Felony and they could not commit because the evidence was insufficient. She was convicted the next day after Challinor had brought the evidence required. Discussions were held concerning fresh articles of association since several of the old members were dead. These were agreed and new articles were drawn up (1796). Mary was tried at the Stafford Assizes in Hugh Ford v Mary Nixon when there were 6 witnesses for the prosecution. Mr. W.Badnall seems to have been one of them. Mary was acquitted. The Association was also keen to obtain a new bill on the prohibition of covered buttons and Challinor drew up an undertaking for Manufacturers to sign empowering him and Mr. Cruso to petition Parliament. They visited manufacturers in Leek, Sheffield, Macclesfield and Birmingham. None of the manufacturers in Macclesfield, Sheffield or Birmingham would sign. Robbery and other depredations at White's Bridge mentioned.


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PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Daintry; Powys; Lees; Goodfellow;

DESCRIPTION Examination of Charles Daintry of Leek before Edward Powys JP. 18 August 1801. Daintry said he was present when the house of Thomas Goodfellow was searched and saw the 2 parcels of silk twist found there. He stated that the silk was of a type never sold by any silk manufacturer since it was usually singed it and never wound it in the sort of hanks found. He also claimed to have seen Goodfellow hide a packet of silk in his pocket from which it was then taken by George Lees.

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PLACES Leek, Staffs; Manchester;


PERSONS Alcock; Bowcock; Hammersley; Thorpe; Plant;

DESCRIPTION 3 documents which are papers including "Minutes for court of witnesses upon this hearing" and "Minutes of a conversation between Mr. Alcock (Leek's Constable) and Jesse Bowcock" relating to the case of Regina v Jesse Bowcock of Leek, Staffs -a labourer. The case concerned the selling of silk knowing it to have been stolen. Four bundles of silk weighing about 5 lbs were found in a box in Bowcocks lodgings in the house of George Goodwin of Leek, on the 8 August 1838. Bowcock was fined 20 with three months hard labour in default of payment.