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PLACES Leek, Cheadle, Staffs;

FIELD NAMES Harris Moor meadow, the Slang, Harris Moor Head,

PERSONS Sneyd; Pearson; Kingsford; Dorman; Candler; Moore; Blagg; Masefield; Wild; Kynnersley; Debank;

DESCRIPTION Printed Amended Statement of Defence in Sneyd v Sneyd Delivered 26 November 1883. In the High Court of Justice: Chancery Division :Mr. Justice Pearson. 1883-S-No.1157. The plaintiffs were John William Sneyd, Susanna Ingleby widow and Emily Jane Sneyd spinster. The defendant was Dryden Henry Sneyd. The case related to the will and codicil of Elizabeth Debank which gave Jane Sneyd a power of appointment over real estate for the benefit of her children i.e. William Debank Sneyd her eldest son, John Sneyd (one of the plaintiffs), Revd. Ralph Sneyd, Thomas Sneyd; Henry Sneyd and Mary Sneyd Kynnersley. The codicil devised the Felthouse Estate to John Stevenson Salt in trust for the benefit of her eldest son William, who survived his mother but died without having been married, on 31 May 1825 leaving his brother John his heir at law. Ralph Sneyd died, without having been married, on 25 September 1829. John Sneyd and Samuel Bagnall Wild were appointed trustees (by indentures of 17 November and 2 December 1851) of the wills, etc. of both Elizabeth Debank and Jane Sneyd her daughter. Theses trustees were parties to an indenture of 9 November 1852 with Sneyd's other brothers and sister, except Dryden Henry Sneyd, ratifying Jane Sneyd's will. The defendant submitted that the Plaintiffs had failed to show any title to the Harris Moor meadow, the Slang, Harris Moor Head, two plantations and a road and did not have any title to them. The document is signed by William Beaumont Badnall who was, presumably, acting as Barrister for the defendant.

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PLACES Leek, Staffs; Thorpe near Ashbourne, Derbyshire; London


PERSONS Badnall ;

DESCRIPTION Extract from Derbyshire Lives: Social and Political. W.B.Badnall, Esq., J.P.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Badnall; Shaw; Redfern; Broster; Challinor ; Lowe; Wardle ; Davenport; Walmsley;

DESCRIPTION Copy agreement, dated 1879, concerning the making of Badnall Street and Browhill Street, Leek, Staffordshire. Agreement between (1) William Broster, silk manufacturer, Thomas Redfern, William and Joseph Challinor , William Lowe, Wine & Spirit Merchant, Henry Wardle and Henry Davenport, silk manufacturers, Hezebiah Walmsley ( beer seller) and Ann his wife, all of Leek and (2)owners of land abutting on Badnall Street and Browhill Street and William Beaumont Badnall of Middle Temple, Barrister at Law and Thomas Shaw, and (3) John Brealey, surveyor. The land on the North side of Mill Street, Leek had recently been sold by Badnall and Shaw. Concerns the construction of roads, sewers, drains, etc. at the expense of the purchasers.



PLACES Bradnop, Leek, Staffs.; Lincolns Inn, Middlesex; Norbury Moor, Hazelgrove, Cheshire;


PERSONS Badnall; Stowell; Challinor; Phillips; Hand; Allen; Simcock; Bower May;

DESCRIPTION Draft transfer of mortgage dated 1883 from William Beaumont Badnall of 4 Stone Buildings, Lincolns Inn, Middlesex to Wm. Beaumont Badnall and The Revd. Hugh Stowell of Norbury Moor, Hazelgrove, Stockport, Cheshire, This supplemented an Indenture dated 15 April 1861 made between (1) William Simcocks and (2) William Phillips and also an indenture dated 8 September 1873 between (1) Francis Bryan Hand and William Allen and (2) F.B.Hand and (3) Wm.B.Badnall and Charles Bower May. The sum of 2000 was still outstanding but all interest had been paid. Badnall and Stowell were entitled to the 2000 in a joint account and Badnall therefore assigned the sum to the joint account together with all the property at Bradnop mortgaged under the indenture dated 13 April 1861.



PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Badnall; Challinor; Concliffe; Alsop; Daintry; Ryle; Cruso;

DESCRIPTION Instructions to Counsel dated 1 June 1871, in the sale of property by John Condiff to Mrs. Alsop requesting William Beaumont Badnall prepare the necessary assurance and to advise further on title. The problem concerned the surrender by John Concliffe son and heir of Betty Newton to the trustees of Samuel Condiffe and to the different titles to different pieces of land.

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PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Badnall; Challinor; Condiffe; Alsop; Daintry; Ryle; Cruso; Fleet; Birtles; Moss; Hope; Corbishley;

DESCRIPTION Opinion of Counsel (William Beaumont Badnall of Lincolns Inn) dated 24 November 1870, Mrs. Alsop re the title of Condiffe's devisees to property to be purchased by Mrs. Alsop. It mentions Edward Fleet co-trustee of James Birtles in connection with part of the property which had been purchased from Messrs Daintry and mentioned in a deed dated 14 June 1838. Earlier surrender to Messrs Ryle & Cruso dated 7 April 1788 also relevant to property sold to Mr. Cundiff in 1851. A disentailing deed dated 21 July 1865 is mentioned which assumed that property passed under the will of Joseph Cundiff to his 7 children (Joseph, Ellen [Hope}, Mary {Moss}, Samuel, George, Elizabeth, William in equal shares. George and William appear to have died without heirs. The trustees were Ralph Maydew and Joseph Corbishley. The property evidently fell within the purlieus of the Manor of Macclesfield.



PLACES Bradnop, Leek, Staffs; Ashbourne , Derbyshire; Hyde Park, London;


PERSONS Cantrill; Badnall; Brealey; Fynney; Challinor; Shaw;

DESCRIPTION Transfer of mortgage dated 1895, of Oxhay Farm at Bradnop, Leek, Staffs. by William Beaumont Badnall of Thorpe near Ashbourne, Derbyshire, to John Brealey and Thomas Brealey of Leek. It recites a mortgage dated 25 January 1890 between George Cantrill and Wm. B.Badnall which granted Oxhay Farm, Bradnop to Badnall as security for 1500 and interest at 4%. Principal owing but interest all paid. The document was signed by Badnall in the presence of his wife's maid Mary Jane Cock. Badnall cancelled the document on 12 June 1895 when he was living at 72 Porchester Terrace, Hyde Park, London. His hand written note states that he had received a letter that day from Challinor & Shaw informing him that the transfer had not been completed. The Brealeys were unwilling to sign because of insufficiency of the security. Badnall cancelled the transfer and executed a deed of conveyance of the property from George Henry Cantrill to Alfred Augustus Fynney out of whose purchase money the mortgage debt was to be repaid to him.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire


PERSONS Badnall; Mills; Keys; Lucas; Badnall;

DESCRIPTION Schedule of deeds deposited by Richard Badnall with Mrs. Hester Mills as security for an annuity of 100, 3rd November 1808. See also Staffs.R.O. RS Box 12 .



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire


PERSONS Green; Goodwin

DESCRIPTION Memorandum of agreement between Ernest Green of Leek, Cheese Factor and Samuel Goodwin of Leek 7 March 1907. NB This relates to the site of the former Globe Inn, St. Edward Street, Leek.

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PLACES Leek, Staffordshire; Alford, Louth, Lincoln, Stamford, Lincolnshire; York, Knaresborough, Doncaster, Yorkshire; Ashbourne, Derby, Derbyshire; Hinckley, Leicestershire; Stockton on Tees, Co. Durham;


PERSONS Bagnall; Mellor; Mills; Stiles; Sely; Middleton; Guiness; Watson; Thomas; Bagley; Simpson; Flint; Morgan; Taylor; Vile; Beckwith;

DESCRIPTION 12 draft affidavits 1777 to 1783 re goods delivered by Ralph Bagnall & Joseph Mellor, button merchants of Leek to mercers who had gone bankrupt. (1) 1779 Alexander & Friskney Guinness both of Louth, Lincolnshire, brothers and co-partners, bankrupt mercers and drapers owed 38 : 0s : 11 3/4d for goods sold and delivered. (2) 1779 William Watson & Matthew Thomas both of Hinckley,  Leicestershire, bankrupt mercers and co-partners owed 88 : 7s : 6d for goods sold and delivered. (3) 1779 James Simpson of Doncaster, Yorkshire, bankrupt mercer owed 82 : 6s : 6d for goods sold and delivered. (4) 1778 Edward Lilly of Lincoln a bankrupt owed 14 : 2s : 0d for goods sold and delivered. (5) 1779 Giles Bagley of York a bankrupt mercer owed 23 : 5s : 6d for goods sold and delivered. (6) 1779 Henry Flint of Derby a bankrupt mercer owed 27 : 0s : 4 3/4d for goods sold and delivered. (7) 3 November 1779 William Morgan of Stamford, Lincolnshire a bankrupt mercer owed 23 : 7s : 7 1/2d for goods sold and delivered. (8) 1779 Priscilla Taylor, widow and James Taylor both of Ashbourne, Derbyshire, bankrupt mercers, tobacconists and co-partners owed 16 : 13s : 11d for goods sold and delivered. (9) 1779 Isaac Vile of Alford, Lincolnshire mercer deceased owed 4 : 12s : 8d for goods sold and delivered. (10) January 1780 Thomas Middleton of Stockton on Tees, Durham a bankrupt mercer owed 33 : 18s : 3d for goods sold and delivered. (11) June 1780 Stiles Sely of Lincoln a bankrupt mercer owed 9 : 7s : 9d for goods sold and delivered. (12) 7 December 1782 James Beckwith of Knaresborough, Yorkshire a bankrupt mercer owed 15 : 10s : 0d for goods sold and delivered. All were sworn before Mills.


REFERENCE 261 LOCATION Cabinet 1 Drawer 3 Leek Silk Mills

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire


PERSONS Birch; Leech

DESCRIPTION Letter from F.K.Birch, Secretary of the Leek Spun Silk and Manufacturing Co. Ltd to Challinors & Shaw, Leek, Staffs. re Miss Emma Leech deceased, dated 17 August 1943. Deals with return of Probate of Will and certificate No.231. Address of the company was Gordon Mills, Leek.


REFERENCE 262 LOCATION Cabinet 1 Drawer 3 Leek Silk Mills

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire



DESCRIPTION Issue of 50,000 in 25,000 shares of 2 each share capital by Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Co. Ltd on behalf of the Leek Spun Silk and Manufacturing Co, Ltd. Issue follows a meeting of the Directors on 10 October 1890. The first issue of 3600 shares (1 paid up) had been insufficient to meet the requirements of the business. Blank application form included.


REFERENCE 263 LOCATION Cabinet 1 Drawer 3 Leek Silk Mills

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire


PERSONS Nobles; Fitzgerald; Smith; Bermingham; Potts; Sutcliffe; Rider; Clulow Hordern; Walters; Hacker & Allen; Fergyson

DESCRIPTION Sale notice re auction on 3rd March 1908 of Houses and a silk warehouse and other premises in Duke Street; Compton Street and London Street, Leek, Staffs. The silk warehouse at No.31 Compton Street was occupied by Mr. Robert Potts. It stood next to the house formerly occupied by Mrs. Elizabeth Bermingham deceased.

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REFERENCE 264 LOCATION Cabinet 1 Drawer 3 Leek Silk Mills

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire


PERSONS Fergyson; Gwynne; Gould; Rushton; Hay; Challinor; Shaw;

DESCRIPTION Notice of sale by auction on 18 November 1909 by order of the trustee under a deed of assignment. Three storey silk mill known as London Mill in London Street, Leek, Staffs. occupied by Messrs Gwynne & Co (with separate entrance) Mr. H. Gould and Messrs J.Rushton & Co. Together with fixtures, main line and shafting "Valuable Machinery" in Messrs J.Rushton & Co's portion. Note states that steam power and heating are obtained from the adjoining mills on favourable terms.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire



DESCRIPTION Will of Harry Hackett Goodwin of 37 Garden Street, Leek, Staffordshire, silk manufacturer, dated 22 August 1950. Bequests to wife Annie, sons Arthur and Alfred James Goodwin. Witnessed by E.Oliver Jones, Clerk to Challinor & Shaw.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire


PERSONS Davenport; Hulme; Ford; Cruso; Coupland; Griffiths; Compton; Brough; Walker; Lowndes; Sleigh;

DESCRIPTION Copy of the will and codicil of Peter Walthall Davenport , surgeon, of Leek, Staffs., dated 4 January 1813. Bequests of 200 to his sister Ann Davenport of Leek secured on the house and lands at the bottom of Derby Street, Leek plus the old mahogany cupboard, a pair of oak drawers "that I had from Mrs. Lownde's". 20 Guineas to Mr. Charles Lowe ; to Lowe's daughter Mary 10 guineas and to Lowe's son Peter 10 guineas. To Peter son of "my half brother" John Davenport 10 guineas; to Mr. Thomas Griffiths 10 guineas for "his kind care and attention to me on my journey"; to Mr. William Lowndes 10 guineas. He gave Mary the wife of John Brough of Tittesworth his mahogany clock and he gave his clothes to James Walker, joiner. To Betty Compton his servant he left an annuity of 5 plus the bed and furniture in which she sleeps and the set of mahogany drawers standing in the same room with the table and glass. Her wages had been 10 guineas per annum. Other bequests included: Mrs. Hulme of Ball Haye - a mourning ring; John Cruso 5 guineas and a mourning ring. All his real estate he bequeathed to Dr James Hulme of Ball Haye and his heirs for ever. His residual personal estate he gave to his friends Hugh Ford and John Sleigh whom he appointed his executors requesting them to pay off all his debts etc. then give the residue to Dr Hulme. The witnesses were John Cruso jnr, Charles Coupland, and F.W.Hodson. The codicil increased his servant Betty Compton's annuity to 10 for life. He also gave a mourning ring to Richard Sleigh. Witnesses were Henry Cruso, John Cruso jnr and F.W.Hodson.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire


PERSONS Brunt; Ridout; Hacker; Bloore.

DESCRIPTION Copy of the will of William Brunt, silk manufacturer, of Leek, Staffs. Dated 9 January 1843. Bequests of 50 to his wife Ann plus all the household goods. To his brother Josiah of Leek, silk manufacturer and James Ridout, Commercial Traveller, of Congleton he left all his stock and interest "in our trade". Provision made for his children. Witnesses were: James Bloor Clerk to Heathcote Hacker, and Robert Heath.

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PLACES Macclesfield


PERSONS Daintry; Fox; Cruso; Pearson;

DESCRIPTION Draft codicil to the will of John Ryle Daintry dated 1855 In the original will dated 22 June 1854 he had bequeathed to his brother the Revd. John Daintry and John Cruso of Leek, Staffs. 2000 upon trusts... for the benefit of his sister Anne Fox and her children. He reduced the legacy to 1000. He had originally intended to leave 1000 to his niece Mary Fox but had agreed to pay her that sum on her marriage to the Revd. William Pearson or at his (Daintry's death if that should happen first.



PLACES Leek, Staffs.;


PERSONS Broster; Lees; Shaw.

DESCRIPTION Draft copy of the will of Jesse Broster, silk twister, of Mill Street, Leek, Staffs. dated 30 March 1854. He bequeathed everything to his wife Hannah. His executors were his wife and William Lees of Buxton Road, Leak -a weaver. Witnesses were: Thos Shaw and ...Shaw.



PLACES Long Sutton, Somerset; Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Sawkins; Ward; Challinor

DESCRIPTION Draft codicil to the will of Miss Eliza Sawkins of Hill House, Long Sutton, Somerset, 5 Nov. 1873. Copied 6 Nov 1873 W.H. Challinor & Co, Leek, Staffs. In her will she had left the profits of her real estate to her sister Sarah Anne for life and the codicil deals with the use of her real estate after her sister's death. The codicil establishes a trust for the benefit of her brother George for life following the death of Sarah Anne. After his death of George the real estate bequeathed to her niece Frances Ann Ward absolutely for her sole and separate use. If her niece died then the estate was to go to her niece's eldest child (if any) or failing that line, to her niece's eldest niece. A letter from J.Ward of Albion Silk Mills, Leek (dated 5 Nov.1873) attached to the draft asks Mr. Challinor to prepare everything for signature tomorrow. A footnote states " I want the estate to merge into one hand"



PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Broster; Shaw; Clarke; Bott; Proctor; Mottershead;

DESCRIPTION Draft codicil ( 23 March 1895) to the will dated 8 July 1891 of Mr. William Broster , silk manufacturer of Leek, Staffs. Engrossed 22 March 95 by J. Mottershead, Challinor & Shaw, Leek, Staffs. It revokes the appointment of his clerk William Bott as his executor and trustee and also the 20 annuity bequeathed to Bott. Trustees were to carry on his business with the consent of his children over the age of 21 years except for his daughter Mrs. Angelina Clarke. His sons Joseph Broster and Ralph Bott Broster were two of his trustees. The codicil allows them to draw unlimited salaries for managing the business. All bequests in favour of his daughter Angelina Clarke were revoked has " she and her husband have already had considerable advances from me" and in lieu thereof he bequeathed her 12/- a week for life. Any other child to who he advanced monies during his life was to bring all the monies into the "hotchpot" and accounted for as part of his or her share under the testator's will. The document is signed and was witnessed by Thomas Shaw, solicitor, Jane Proctor his servant and Arthur Hugh Shaw, solicitor.

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PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Shorter; Smith; Shaw; Wardle; Davenport; Cabell; Howson

DESCRIPTION Copy will, dated 17 April 1920, of John Shorter of Woodcroft Grange, Leek, Staffs., director of Wardle & Davenport Ltd of Leek, silk manufacturer. Executors were his wife Ethel, his wife's brother in law Charles F. Smith and Arthur Hugh Shaw. He bequeathed 500 to his wife and 100 the other executors. He also bequeathed all household furniture, etc., books and works of art to his wife. His residual real and personal estate was to be invested by trustees to provide his wife with an income for life and after her death to be equally divided between all his children as they reach the age of 21. His daughter Gwenneth and his son John were "to bring into hotchpot the sums of 1000 and 750 respectively" payable to them by maturing insurance policies. Power to trustees to raise monies for the benefit of children. Witnesses were John Wardle, solicitor, Leek and P.V.Cabell, solicitor, Leek. A handwritten note on the cover lists the following names: Ethel Shorter, John Shorter; Col. G.Howson.



PLACES Dunwood, Bradshaw, Leek, Staffs; Hartington, Derbyshire; Charlton upon Otmore, Oxfordshire;


PERSONS Flint; Turnock; Cooper; Argyles; Jennings; Pidock; Barnes; Cursham; Mollatt; Challinor; Marshall; Smith; Gough; Edge; Reid; Astley; Hulme; Stubbs; Heywood; Russell

DESCRIPTION Copy will dated 10 Oct. 1861 and codicils dated 16 Dec. 1861 and 25 April 1864 of Charles Flint of Leek, Staffs., Esquire. Proved by the executors at the principal registry of Court of Probate 10 January 1865 Challinor & Co., Leek, Staffs. He bequeathed 2000 to his wife Anne for her sole use. Preference shares in the North Staffs. Railway & Canal Co. and 1000 stock in the LNWR in trust for benefit of wife during her life and after her death the shares and stock to be assigned equally between his daughters Elizabeth and Mary Louisa Flint. The two house in Spout Street, Leek (one occupied by John Russell and the other by Joseph Challinor with the cottages, coach houses, gardens, etc. behind them which he had purchased from the trustees of the late Mr. Benjamin Fanshawe Heywood for the sole use of his wife. (His wife was not to assign away the rents or profits but on her death she could devise them by will.) Otherwise the houses were to fall into the general residuary estate. These provisions for his wife were in addition to those made under their marriage settlement and was to "be taken in lieu of dower". Wife was given power to retain any furniture, household effects, books, plate etc which originally belonged to her. He bequeathed 2000 to each of his daughters Elizabeth and Sarah and an annuity of 20 to his wife's niece Mrs. Margaret Jennings for life clear of legacy duty. He bequeathed 50 each to The Reverend Henry Gough Rector of Charlton upon Otmore, Oxfordshire and Mrs. Henry Bentley of Glutton near Buxton. He also bequeathed 500 consolidated 3% annuities to the Vicar and Churchwardens of Hartington, Derbyshire the annual income from which was to pay 10 p.a. to the Schoolmaster and Schoolmistress of the parochial school or to be used to promote the interests of the school. The fund was also to be used from time to time to keep the sepulchre of his parents in proper order and to help towards repairs of the church. Residue of his estates devised to the use of his friends Frank Atkinson Argles of Eversley, Westmoreland and the Revd. Jeremiah Barnes of Leek the survivor of them and their heirs or administrators on trust to pay all the dividends, etc. of his farm at Dunwood, Leek (then occupied by Joseph Stubbs) and his house in Stockwell Street, Leek occupied by Miss Smith into the hands of his daughter Elizabeth during her life. After her death Dunwood and the house on Stockwell Street, plus a moiety of his residual estates to the children of Elizabeth." If she has no children then "upon trusts concerning my Bradshaw estates". Rents from the two farms at Bradshaw occupied respectively by Richard Edge and Jane Reid and purchased by him from Dr John Hulme and Mr. Richard Astley and others to be paid into the hands of his daughter Mary Louisa Flint during her life. Remaining half of residuary estates in trust for benefit of the Revd Henry Gough the nephew of his late wife absolutely. He bequeathed 19 guineas to each of his two servants Mary Ann Marshall and Eliza Mary Smith, 50 to each of his trustees. The will was witnessed by W. Challinor and Wm. S.Mollatt and actuary. CODICIL 1 10 October 1861. This gives the Revd Benjamin Pidock Incumbent of St. Luke's Leek " the bookcase recently purchased at Leek vicarage as a fixture for St. Luke's parsonage. Bequests are also made as follows: 25 guineas to Dr George Cursham of Victoria St. Westminster; 20 Guineas to Richard Cooper of Leek and Richard Turnock of Leek, surgeons as memorials of friendship and esteem. 2nd CODICIL dated 25 April 1864 Bequest of an additional 1400 to his wife and her portrait hanging in the drawing room and also his own portrait during her life. An annuity of 50 for life was bequeathed to Mrs Margaret Jennings in lieu of the previous 20 annuity. Note states that the testator died on 10 November 1864 at Leek. His will was proven by his executors and was sworn under 20000.

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PLACES Wetley Rocks, Cheddleton, Leek, Staffs.


PERSONS Turner; Mollatt; Barnit; Sherratt

DESCRIPTION Notice served on John Mollatt and his wife Ann of Leek, Staffs. and to William Sherratt Mollatt and Ann Mollatt the children of John Mollatt and his wife Ann by James Turner on 19 January 1843. Mollatt's wife Ann was the only child and heir of William Sherratt of Leek deceased who was the surviving trustee and executor under the will of John Barnit formerly of Felthouse, Cheddleton, Stafford, farmer. The document states that James Turner of Bradnop, blacksmith, was the eldest brother and heir of John Turner formerly of Wetley Rocks, Cheddleton, blacksmith deceased and the owner of a house and buildings, etc. at Wetley Rocks which had been the inheritance of John Turner "reputed to be in security to William Sherratt deceased and John Lockitt deceased as executors of John Barnit deceased to secure the repayment of 238 plus interest. Turner demanded that the Mollatts provide a full statement of their title to the premises secured, the amount owing and due within 7 days. Turner stated that when the title, etc. were authenticated he would pay the sums outstanding. In the event of failure to meet his terms Turner stated that proceedings for the redemption of the property would be taken at the cost of the Mollatts.



PLACES Cheadle, Leek, Staffs; Congleton, Cheshire;

FIELD NAMES Ladway Dale; The Eyes; Whitefield; Halls Croft; Moulds Croft; Tofts Meadow

PERSONS Robinson; Hall; Stonehewer; Fynney; Read; Slack; Cook; Condlyffe; Mould; Fennel; Ridgeway; Toft; Osborn; Leek; Harrison; Simpson

DESCRIPTION Attested copy, dated 12 May 1781, of an Indenture of Appointment - dated 24 March 1756- from Peter Robinson of Leek, Button Merchant, and his wife Hannah to Thomas Hall of Leek, Button Merchant and others of property in Leek. The parties were (1)Robinson and his wife Hannah the daughter of Joshua Stonehewer late of Leek by Sarah his wife. Hannah's mother Sarah was the daughter, heir and devisee of Thomas Fynney late of Leek. (2)Thomas Hall of Leek (3) Richard Read of Congleton, Mercer, and his wife Sarah (4) Thomas Slack of Leek, Grocer and his wife Elizabeth. Thomas Hall, Sarah Read and Elizabeth Slack were all children of Hannah Robinson by her deceased first husband . An indenture dated 19 November 1747 between (1) Joseph Grosvenor of Cheadle, Apothecary, and his wife Ellen (deceased) another daughter of Joshua Stonehewer by his wife Sarah and thus sister to Hannah Robinson (2) Peter Robinson and his wife Hannah (3) William Condlyffe of Leek, gent, agreed to levy a fine to prevent one or the other taking any advantage conveying the defined property to Condlyffe as to the uses of the fine The Robinson part assigned the property which fell to them to Hannah and her heirs for ever. The fine was made on Michaelmas 1747. and is described in this indenture. The intent was to make provision for Thomas Hall, Sarah Read and Elizabeth Slack who are the younger children of Hannah Robinson and Grandchildren of Joshua Stonehewer --and "that parts and shares in the said premises may be limited to Sarah Read and Elizabeth Slack and their heirs without intermeddling of their husbands". Robinson and his wife appointed that "new erected messuage or dwelling in Spout Street, Leek wherein Peter Robinson lived and a new erected shop now used as a button shop adjoining and standing at the upper end of the said messuage and the barn behind together with close croft or meadow, formerly called Hall Croft but now Moulds Croft on the over end of which the barn stands plus the two gardens, to Robinson for life then to his wife Hannah for life, then to Thomas Hall and heirs forever. His other new house in Spout Street, which was inhabited by Thomas Hall and had been made out of an outbuilding belonging to a house, and all the other houses in Spout Street in the holding of James Leek, corviser, and Samuel Toft, tailor, which had formerly belonged to James Harrison of Leek, deceased, and other houses in Spout Street held by Daniel Simpson and Joseph Cook with a croft near Cornhill called Ladyway Dale to Robinson then his wife and then Sarah Read and her heirs. If she had no heirs then to Thomas Hall and Elizabeth Slack for their lives and then to their heirs. Other houses in Spout Street occupied by Thomas Osborn, baker and Adam Ridgeway and closes called the Whitefield, 2 days work of land called Tofts meadow, a dole of land called the Eyes now in the holding of Peter Robinson, Samuel Stonehewer and John Fennel were assigned to Elizabeth Slack in the same way. Witnesses: Joseph Cook and William Cook.

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