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REFERENCE 126 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire


PERSONS Burton; Shaw; James; Grummett; Kitley; Chamberlain; Field; Scott;

DESCRIPTION Printed Inland Revenue Form: Residuary Account of Personal Estate and Moneys from sale, mortgage or other disposal of Real Estate under the terms of a will. 30 Nov. 1875: Register AB No. 1875 Folio 843. Re Sophia Burton late of Leek, widow who died on 8 December 1874. Exhibited by Thomas Shaw of Leek, solicitor. Note states that Sophia lived with her relations, had no furniture and had disposed of her clothes during her last illness. Bequests were made to Elizabeth Burton; Henry W.J.C.Burton; Lucy Kitley; Mary Eliza Shaw; Elsie Burton; Harriet Chamberlain; Thomas Grummett; William Grummett; Ann Field; Martha Scott; Jane James. Whole of the residue of the money which Shaw was to retain for the use of William Henry Shaw; Anne Sophia Shaw; Eliza Joyce Shaw; and Arthur Hugh Shaw- strangers in blood.

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REFERENCE 127 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire


PERSONS Naden; Challinor; Sherwin; Turner; Johnson; Staniforth; Osborne; Baldwin

DESCRIPTION Rent account of the Wellington Street property of Mr John Nadin of Leek January 1859 to 25 August 1860. The tenants were: George Osborne; No.2 James Turner; No. 3 Frederick Sherwin; No.4 James Johnson; No.5 William Staniforth ( James Baldwin written in pencil over) No.6 Mr Thomas Wood, On the back page it states Mr Thomas Price in account with Challinor & Co. mortgagees of Mr John Naden's Wellington Street property.


REFERENCE 128 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Leek, Staffordshire


PERSONS Naden; Challinor; Osborne; Rushton; Lovatt; Lawson; Clewley; Durnell

DESCRIPTION Rent account of the Wellington Street property of Mr John Naden of Leek to 1863 to 1864. Includes a beerhouse.


REFERENCE 129 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Gundon, Warwickshire


PERSONS Sanders ; Radford ; Hunt; Landers;

DESCRIPTION Hand written will of Jane Radford, 20 January 1918, who was at the time living with her youngest daughter Mary Ann Sanders and son in law Albert Ernest Sanders of Boot Lane, Gundon, Warwickshire. She left all her personal property to Mary Ann and Albert because of "the great care and constant attention..." that they alone (underlined) had shown her. Witnesses were: William Henry Landers and Arthur George Hunt. Jane Radford made a mark.


REFERENCE 130 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Tamworth, Warwickshire


PERSONS Radford ; Briggs; Holland ; Jones ; Ball ; Evans ; Hamton ; Day ; Sanders ;

DESCRIPTION Accounts of Neville & Matthews, solicitors, Tamworth for 1918, re the estates of Thomas Radford, deceased. Estate : 962. His children were Dorothy Matilda Radford ; Sarah Ann Steavens ; Sidney Robert Radford; Mary Ann Sanders ; Lilly Radford; Ada Radford; Bequests were also made to William, Thomas and Roger the children of Mrs A. Hampton deceased; to Mrs Alice Day and Henry Radford ; NB This includes receipts signed and stamped.

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REFERENCE 131 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Leek, Newcastle u. Lymme, Staffordshire ; Stroud, Gloucestershire


PERSONS Davenport ; Challinor ; Shaw ; Spencer ; Myatt ; Thompson ; Turner ; Denny

DESCRIPTION Estate of Mr William Davenport of Market Street, Leek, painter deceased. Instructions, 6 April 1899 for sale of houses in Market Street and Fountain Place, Leek, Staffs. Details given of the Davenport family. Details of the houses at No. 21 Market Street and 55 Fountain Place. The former was occupied by Davenport's daughter Agnes and the latter by Mr W. Turner, Manager of the Star Tea Company. Mrs Catherine Davenport, wife of the deceased died 20 February 1899. His son Wm Francis (also a painter) was living at 21 York Street, His son Arthur had died 25 July 1897 at Newcastle, Staffs ( details of children given. Of his daughters, Catherine was a school mistress and had married Harry Frederick Denny of Thomas Road, Stroud on 7 Oct. 1890, Marion had married a Mr Spencer, and Fanny was living with Vernon Myatt at 33 Bath Street, Leek. Two of Davenport's children had died in his lifetime : Charles Henry Davenport "died when 28" as did his sister Annie who never married. Marion had married Albert Charles Arthur Spencer on 28 July 1890 but her husband died on 6 June 1893 and she went to live at the Thrupp, Stroud.


REFERENCE 132 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Leek, Stafford, Staffs., London


PERSONS Kenderdine ; Bamford ; Woolliscroft ; Clayton ; Chell ; Marston ; Booth ; Moore ; Crichley ; Boult ; Crosbie ; Riley ; Critchley ; Bruce ; Leichtenburgh ; Ward ; Batkin ; Wall ; Boult ; Evans ; Elsmore ; Talbot ; Cliff ; Dudley ; Seers ; Turyman ;

DESCRIPTION Clayton's Trustees to H. K. Bamford -Observations 21 Sept. 1894. , relating to aspects of a conveyance of premises including a shoe factory to Mr Clayton on 27 April 1888 Lists changes to the trustees of Charles Kenderdine's will. Sarah Bamford was Kenderdine's niece and mother of H.K. Bamford. Premises mentioned include 23 Broad Street, Stafford; No.s 21, 22, 23, 21a, 22a, 23 and 24 Broad Eye, Stafford and a stable . Crosby & Riley occupied the shoe factory adjoining the house formerly occupied by Charles Kenderdine. Names of tenants and the rents they paid are given.


REFERENCE 133 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Eastbourne ; Cheadle, Staffs.; Christchurch, Hants ;


PERSONS Penruddock ; Foster ; Boucher; Bagnall Wild ; Powys ; Turbett; Blagg ;

DESCRIPTION Appointment, 20 August 1923, of E.O. Foster to be trustee jointly with John Powys Penruddocke under the marriage settlement of the Revd John Hungerford Penruddocke (deced) and Mrs Penruddocke dated 13 January 1858. Blagg Son & Masefield, Cheadle, Staffs. Engrossed 14 July 1923 Emma Penruddocke, widow, lived at Winchester House, The Meads, Eastbourne, Sussex, Edward Wyndham Penruddocke at Wiltshire Lodge, Bransgore, Christchurch, Hants., Edgar Oswald Foster, solicitor, of Harewood Park, Cheadle, Staffs. The original settlement was made between Emma Penruddocke, then Emma Powys, the Revd J.H.Penruddocke, the Revd Alfred Francis Boucher, Samuel Bagnall Wild and Thomas Arundel Penruddocke. Schedule of stocks in the funds administered. (approx 10000).

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REFERENCE 134 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Ipstones, Staffs.; Chesterfield, Derbyshire ;


PERSONS Johnson ; Clowes ; Busby ; Harrison ; Challinor ; Shaw ; Johnson;

DESCRIPTION Petition (after 7th January 1931) in the County Court of Staffordshire held at Leek, in the matter of the Trusts of the will of Robert Johnson deceased. Presuming that the share of William Thomas Johnson, will be distributed amongst the other surviving children of the Testator. The petition was by Samuel Kay Johnson of the Sea Lion, Ipstones, Staffs., copper worker, Frederick Johnson of 6 Park Hill, Hasland Road, near Chesterfield, Annie Elizabeth Clowes of Back Lane Ipstones, wife of George Walter Clowes, Martha Jane Busby wife of John Temple Busby of 2 Upper Well Street, Chesterfield and Sophia Harrison of Ipstones wife of Samuel Harrison. S J. Johnson and A.E.Johnson were trustees under the will of Robert Johnson. It cites an affidavit by Annie Elizabeth Clowes that they were the five children entitled to the estate of Robert Johnson on the death of Harriet Johnson and entitled to the share of William Thomas Johnson. They "prayed" that W. T. Johnson should be presumed to have died before 30 May 1912 and prior to the death of Harriet Johnson.


REFERENCE 135 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Leek, Staffs.


PERSONS Holland ; Thacker ; Holmes ; James ; Walker ; Garner ; Williamson ; Laceby ; Bullock ; Williams

;Brereton ; Mountford ; Ward ; Almond

DESCRIPTION Stated account as to the sale of George Holmes' real estate and dispersal of the proceeds by Challinors & Shaw, Leek, Staffs. George Holmes died on 24 June 1834 leaving a widow Mary and John Holmes his executors. His will was proven at Cheadle Staffs. on 30 October 1834. Holmes bequeathed two houses in Spout Street, Leek, Staffs. to his wife for life and then to their daughter Mary Holmes subject to an annuity payable to his mother in law Elizabeth Brereton. His daughter married Ralph Mountford but had no children and died on the 19 November 1892. The property passed to his nephews and nieces : Thomas and John Holmes, Ann Laceby, Mary James, Lydia Williams, Thomas Bullock, George Bullock, George Holmes, Ann Holmes, Andrew Holmes, Elizabeth Walker, Paul Holmes, Isaac Holmes, Eliza Holmes. His widow, Mary died 28 December 1858. The property in St. Edward Street was sold to the North Cheshire Brewery Company for 390. The property in King Street Leek was sold to Anthony Ward Esq., for 240. Ada Elizabeth Almond an Augustus Littleton Thacker were entitled to the share of Thomas Holmes deceased and a William Holmes was entitled to the share of Ann Laceby and Thomas Bullock. Other entitled to shares are also listed.


REFERENCE 136 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Stone, Staffs.,


PERSONS Philips ; Walters ; Welch

DESCRIPTION Accounts, 1936, of the estate of Mrs Elizabeth Philips, deceased, by Henry Walters & Welch, solicitors, Stone. Mentions funeral expenses of Mrs Elizabeth Philips, and Mr James Groom Philips. Mary Teresa Philips, Gertrude Philips and Agnes Philips received 1/3rd share of the estate. Mr Louis Philips, senior, and Mr Francis Philips also received legacies.


REFERENCE 137 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Stockport, Cheshire; Buxton, Hartington, Derbyshire


PERSONS Bagshaw ; Wain ; Wardle ;

DESCRIPTION Inland Revenue Estate Duty Affidavit , 11 September 1894, by Alice Bestwich Wain of the Hollins Farm, Hartington, Derbyshire , widow re the goods of Sarah Bagshaw of 101 Higher Hillgate, Stockport, Cheshire, widow, who died on 4 September 1894 leaving no husband, lawful issue, or lineal descendent. Estate 291 3s 3d. She had a mortgage of 100 to William Wardle, a farmer of Lea cose?? near Buxton, created 27 April 1894 on freehold property at Monyash, Derbyshire.. A.B.Wain was Sarah Bagshaw's sister.

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REFERENCE 138 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Hanley, Cheadle, Staffs.,


PERSONS Groom ; Blagg ; Bowers ;

DESCRIPTION Notes 20 Day 1909, signed by Eli Bowers authorising Mr David Groom, solicitor, of 13 Albion Street, Hanley, Staffs. to hand over all deeds etc. relating to Bowers' late sister Hannah Bowers affairs to Messrs Blagg Son & Masefield, solicitors of Cheadle, Staffs.


REFERENCE 139 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Hopton ; Carsington, Barton Blount, Derbyshire


PERSONS Pole-Gell ; Badnall; Pole ; Bradley

DESCRIPTION One of four documents relating to marriage settlement and will and codicils of H. Chandos Pole-Gell, Esq. dated 9 July 1878, lists the effects of the will of 2 April 1867 and codicils dated 14 December 1869 and 17 January 1878 respectively. One clause would require each tenant for life to assume the name and arms of Gell within one year or the tenancy of the estate. Sale of Hopton and other named properties forbidden. The Revd William Chandos Pole and William Beaumont Badnall appointed executors and guardians of infant children of first marriage and Mrs Pole Gell guardian of other children. Revd Wm Pole and Wm B. Badnall appointed trustees of the will.


REFERENCE 140 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Hopton Derbyshire


PERSONS Pole Gell ;

DESCRIPTION One of four documents relating to marriage settlement and will and codicils of H. Chandos Pole-Gell, Esq. Codicil dated 18 August 1894 changes the portion of 10000 which will be payable to each child (other than an only son or daughter. Appoints wife Teresa Charlotte Chandos Pole Gell and his son Harry Anthony Chandos Pole Gell executors and trustees of his will.


REFERENCE 141 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Hopton Derbyshire


PERSONS Pole Gell ; Challinor ; Jones; Blathwayt; Meade;

DESCRIPTION One of four documents relating to marriage settlement and will and codicils of H. Chandos Pole-Gell, Esq. Suggested codicil dated 11 April 1900. Appoints his son in law Robert Wynter Blathwayt to be executor and trustee of his will. Restricts amounts that can be settled on husbands of daughters etc. Mentions his eldest daughter Cicely Eleanor Meade ..? witnessed by J. Challinor , solicitor of Leek and William Thomas Jones of Hopton Hall, Butler.

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REFERENCE 142 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Hopton Derbyshire


PERSONS Pole Gell ; Challinor ; Badnall ; Pole ; Janson ; Cobb ; Pearson ; Childs ; Arkwright

DESCRIPTION One of four documents relating to marriage settlement and will and codicils of H. Chandos Pole Gell, Esq. Copies or drafts of two letters dated 1 March 1870 and 6 August 1870. From Challinor & Co. to Janson Cobb & Pearson re Settlement and securities which Mr Chandos Pole Gell wished to be deposited at Messrs Childs. He requested that Rev, Wm Chandos Pole and Mr Badnall approve. It "was proposed that Mrs Pole Gell's fortune be paid to Messrs Childs for the present and that they should place 100 to her account and pay 200 to my account at Arkwright's (Wirksworth Bank). Challinors felt that he simply meant his bankers should arrange a standing order to pay 100 to Mrs Gell's separate account with Childs. Draft settlements returned to Messrs Janson Cott & Pearson are listed.


REFERENCE 143 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Leek, Staffs;


PERSONS Bermingham ; Robinson

DESCRIPTION Letter headed "George H. Bermingham & Sons, silk manufacturers, Fountain Mills, Leek, Staffs., dated 26 April 1910 from George H. Bermingham to T. Robinson stating the dates of birth of his (Bermingham's brothers and sisters Mary Agnes, George Henry, Elizabeth Hannah, James Joshua, Anna Maria and Michael Patrick.


REFERENCE 144 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Leek, Staffs.


PERSONS Booth ; Johnson ;Hine ; Newton ; Wardle ; Hancock ; Winfield ; Bilsborough ; Homer ;Gwynne ; Cook ; Williams ; Challinor ; Shaw

DESCRIPTION Challinor & Shaw's stated account re the late Ralph Booth's Trust 30 December 1897. Sir Thomas Wardle is one of those mentioned.



PLACES Leek, Staffordshire;


PERSONS Fynney; Squire; D'Angelo; Adderley; Watts-Russel.

DESCRIPTION Hand written (pencil) wager on the Parliamentary Elections for the North Division of Stafford dated 26th December 1845, signed by Mr Fynney witnessed by John Squire and William D'Angelo. Mr Squire bet Mr Fynney a bottle of wine that David Watts Russel would stand for the North Division of Stafford and another bottle of wine that Adderley would be returned.


REFERENCE 146 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Leek, Staffs.


PERSONS Challinor ; Newall ; Robinson ; Shaw ; Mitchell, Titterton ; Plant ; Dayson; Taylor ; Smith; Heath; Morley ; Comins; Spencer; Braithwaite; Foster; Herbert; Goldstraw; Carrington;

DESCRIPTION Four " Lists of vouchers required" for 1 st July to 31st December 1897 re Mr A.H.Shaw, Mr Joseph Challinor, Mr Robinson, Mr Newall. The lists were examined by another member of the partnership of Challinor & Shaw and then the vouchers were placed in trust and other papers. 

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REFERENCE 147 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Leek, Staffs.; London


PERSONS Challinor; Hammersley; Potts; Simmons; Ashurst; Gregory; Swinnerton; Jones; Hooley; Scott; Pierce; Tucker; Robinson; Fernihough; Jessel; Cothall; Glanville; Shaw; Bailey; Rawle; Dailey; Sneyd

DESCRIPTION Rough draft of further costs (226 . 17s . 6d) re the Consols Assurance Association 1869 - 1871. Copied and sent to the agents 17 March 1871 and settled 21 May 1874.


REFERENCE 148 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Leek, Staffs.; Macclesfield, Congleton, Cheshire


PERSONS Baddeley; Beates; Bloor; Boyse; Johnson; Johnson; Lawton; Pedley; Robinson; Sheldon; Sheldon; Ullware; Warrington; Hammersley; Middleton; Barrow; Berks; Bradbury; Meech; Peacock; Pott; Shufflebotham; Stanway; Hooley

DESCRIPTION List of Macclesfield, Congleton and Leek shareholders in the Consols Assurance Association i.e. "those who have paid their calls in full". CONGLETON: Hannah Baddeley; Robert Beates; William Bloor; Samuel Boyse; Charles Johnson; Henry Johnson; Charles Lawton; George Pedley; Jabez Robinson; John Sheldon; Thomas George Sheldon; Peter Ullware; William Warrington; LEEK: George Hammersley; Isaac Middleton; MACCLESFIELD: Sarah Barrow; Thomas Berks; Robert Bradbury; William Steven Meech; Jane Peacock; Joseph Pierce; Joseph Pott; John Shufflebotham; Thomas Stanway; James Hooley. Document gives addresses and indicates whether dead and number of shares held.


REFERENCE 149 LOCATION Filing Cab 2, 4th drawer

PLACES Leek, Staffs.; Macclesfield, Congleton, Cheshire; London


PERSONS Hammersley; Rawle; Challinor; Rowcliffe; Gregory; Shaw; Potts; Middleton; Gould

DESCRIPTION Consols Assurance Association : Copy summons, 9 November 1868, as to Messrs Gregory & Co. being appointed shareholders' representatives, Challinor & Shaw. Case was to be heard in Chancery on 12 November 1868 on the application of George Hammersley as legal personal representative of Isaac Middleton and James Potts and Joseph Gould all of Leek, Staffs. and of the other paid up shareholders in Macclesfield and Congleton (named) who held 3215 shares between them. the firm they wished to act for them was Gregory Rowcliffe Rowcliffe and Rawle of 1 Bedford Row, London.