Inheriting The Future

The Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Generations
1930 - 2003

 Last updated:02/08/2008

 The children of Maurice, Brian, Colin and Warren Bednall, grew up at a time of unparalleled prosperity, opportunity and technological development in Australia.  They, with their children and grandchildren, make up the fifth, sixth and seventh generations of Australian Bednalls.

 On the 15th of August 2003, 150 years after the arrival of the Bednall family in Australia, these tree generations are a part of a growing and increasingly mobile family.  While Etheldreda’s journey to Australia in 1853 was remarkable in its time, today we observe that her descendants have lived and worked in every capital city in every state of Australia, and in various places around the world, including the United Kingdom, North America, The Middle East, Asia and the Pacific.  But many still choose to live in Adelaide, the modern city which has grown from the small colonial capital where Etheldreda and her children first settled 150 years ago.

 A Substantial Legacy

 Over seven generations the family has contributed to the physical, intellectual, spiritual, political and social development of Australia.  Significant contributions have been made in a variety of fields including the sciences, journalism and the media, education and academia, accountancy, law, and the church, not to mention the often unheralded contributions to the welfare of the community and society at large

 Evidence of the professional, social, intellectual and sporting achievements of successive generations can be found in libraries and museums, schools and universities, churches and community organisations around the country.

It is now 150 years since Etheldreda and her children sailed half way around the globe in an epic journey from the old world to the new.  Through succeeding generations the family has grown and prospered in its antipodean home.  Here is recorded something of our past.  The future is another long journey, another great adventure, another new world.

The Anniversary Dinner August 2003 


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