The Bednalls of South Australia

An Anglo-Australian Family



 An Incomplete History Commemorating

150 Years in Australia

15 August, 2003





Dedicated to the memory of

Etheldreda Henshaw Bednall

and her children

who, on the 4th of May 1853, set sail for South Australia



This material has been compiled by

Roger Bednall 

With grateful thanks to all those family members who have generously assisted in this endeavour

and to  those forebears who saw fit to preserve documents and records for posterity

and particularly to W.K Bednall, who many years ago drafted a family tree which inspired this work


With special thanks to

Alan William Bednall

of  Cheshire, England, who has generously provided the results of his extensive research on the Bednall family,

which forms the basis of the early history presented here.