Annex 3

 Transcripts of two letters from two of Etheldreda Bednall’s Aunts

31 January 1842

24 February 1842

The Bednall Archive

Letter Mrs Anne Coxon to Mrs Tompson, 32 Dorset Street, Portman Square, London

 Manchester January 31st 1842

Dear Sister,
                    You will think me very negligent that I have not written to you sooner but Mr Macklow promised to call upon you when he left here 3 months ago and has not been at Manchester.  I am sorry to inform you that my health has  been  precarious for above the last three years and it is beyond all expectation that I have been spared until this time for which I return thanks to the almighty and for all his mercies.  I am sorry to say that we have great distress in this town it is past all description and we have certainly felt the change as [much] as others my Husband having had nothing to do for the last ten months and everything so depressed that we cannot decide which way to betake ourselves for the best.  I have sent you a newspaper which announces the Death of Philip Gell Esq. of Hopton Hall and if you think it will be of any use to Mrs Bednall I can furnish her with a copy of the time and place where the late Wm Mills Esq. Departed this life he being the testator you will be best able to judge and a copy of the will should be the first step to be taken.

I can also positively assure you that Mr G has but left one surviving child and that a Daughter – he never had but one son who Died in France [about] three years ago without issue – the widow is [still] living at Hopton Hall – Mrs G’s still living [at] Armaston a separation having taken place some years ago.  I have expected to see Mr Ricards since he is still living and frequently visits this town perhaps he could give some information about this Business please to write and say if I can do anything more in this affair.

My husband and family all join me in love to you and Brother Ms v Mrs B & I Remain your affectionate Sr

A Coxon Senr

Will send you a long letter when I have recd your answer to this
6 Portland Buildings
Portland Street

Letter From Mrs Anne Coxon to Mrs Tompson, 32 Dorset Street, Portman Square, London

Manchester Feby 24th 1842

Dear Sister.
                    I have recd my nieces letter and according to your wish have sent you the account of Mr Milne’s death which I have inclosed. There is no doubt of his will being found at Doctors Commons as all wills are deposited there and if you apply they will charge you ten shillings for reading it to you but if you ask for a copy they will charge more.

Your next business must be to find out where the marriage deed was deposited that was made in favour of my late brother Thos Blore by Dorothy widow of the late Philip Gell Esq. of Hopton previous to his marriage with that lady.

It was represented to me by my late brother Thos Blore that Mr Milnses leaving three daughters he divided his Estates by will 2 thirds to Mrs Pegge of Winkburn Notts and Mrs Smith each one and one third to the second son of Philip his grandson by his daughter Dorothy Gell and in case of his not having a second son his mother might dispose of it by will or deed to whom she pleased which I understand she did in her marriage deed at the same time she settled one half of her fortune on my Brother – the rents of this property were paid into chancery and have been accumulating forty 5 years should this be correct you will find no bar if you can find the Deed it was made by Kinderley and Long when Mr Thos Ince was with them.  I have not seen Mr Richard Ince but I intend to write to him on this subject in a friendly way as I am sure he will not fail to tell us if he knows anything of this matter.

You must not forget that my Brother was married to Mrs Gell at Hertford, also that he drew the money from her jointure from Mr Topless the Banker of Winksworth this is correct as I saw a letter from that gent to my Brother remitting the money and informing him that Mr Gell had written to stop payment of it and that he Mr T dared to do no such thing as it was secured by this Deed this took place when there was a separation took place between the parties.

It is not unlikely but this instrument may be amongst Mr Blore's papers at Exton Hall.  There has been an estate recovered by the Sath of Butterton some years ago by Davenport getting access to them thro the late Mrs Blore of Leicester he told me Himself when in this town the property was left by the late Wm Gould and my brother was his executor.  My dear sister  I address to you as a deal of this would not be understood by Mrs Bednall  I wish it was in my power to assist her but all will be of no use if Mr Edwd Blore does not come forward in this cause.

Pray don't let anyone read this but you as both my Health and my Eyesight are very indifferent  Thank God my Memory is good.  I shall write again soon with love Brother Yourself & Mrs B I Remain Yr Affectionate Sister

Anne Coxon