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Robert de Badenhall


Lord of Badenhall, Eccleshall, Staffordshire

 Seneschal of Trentham Priory







William de Badenhall

1280 – 1299

Lord of Badenhall, Eccleshall, Staffordshire







At or about this date the de Badenhalls (Badnalls) lost the Lordship of Badenhall as this title had been appropriated by the Hastang family of Chebsey, Staffordshire. The Badnalls continued to hold lands there under the Hastangs. There is documentary proof of the relationship between Robert, William and John d Badenhall.







John de Badenhall


Badenhall, Eccleshall, Staffordshire







?? Badenhall  (speculative existence)

1330? - 1390?







John Badnall (existence is certain)

1370(?)  -1423

Occupation: Husbandman

Coldmeese, Eccleshall, Staffordshire







???Badnall (existence is speculative)

1400? – 1460?

Coldmeese, Eccleshall, Staffordshire??







John Badnall (Existence is certain)

1430? - 1475

Living in Castle Street, Eccleshall, Staffordshire in 1475.







John Badnall (existence is speculative)

1460? - 1520?

Eccleshall, Staffordshire





The above information should be considered speculative.  While the existence of these people is evident from various records, the relationships between them have, in some instances, been assumed from circumstantial evidence. Other Badnalls (also blacksmiths and almost certainly relatives of the Badnalls of Standon) lived in Stone, Staffordshire (only a few miles from Eccleshall)  from about 1460 until 1580.


The assumed link between the Badnalls of Standon and the Badnalls of Eccleshall is based on the records of John Badnall’s death in Standon in 1547 and a corresponding entry in the records of the Bishop of Coventry & Lichfield for a John Badnall who held a house on Castle Street, Eccleshall  Castle Street is the street where the town’s blacksmiths’ shops were located.



The following information and asserted relationships are based on parish and other records, and may be considered reliable.





John Badnall

1523 - 1547

Occupation: Blacksmith Husbandman[2]

Married Alys

Died 1547 in Walford, Staffordshire

Buried in Standon, Staffordshire





William Badnall

1547 - 1591

Occupation: Blacksmith / Husbandman

Married Agnes

Died 24 September 1591 in Standon, Staffordshire





William Badnall

1555 - 1640

Married Ellin, about 1591

Buried 14 February 1640 in All Saints, Standon, Staffordshire





Thomas Badnall

1593 – 1675

Occupation: farmer (described as “Yeoman”)

Christened 17 July 1593 in All Saints, Standon, Staffordshire

Married Clare Broughton, about 1619

Buried 2 October 1675 in All Saints, Standon, Staffordshire







There is currently (2003) only circumstantial evidence of a connection between William, one of the sons of Thomas and Clare Badnall of Standon and William Badnall of Hanbury and Stramshall, Staffordshire.  This evidence includes date of death, supposed father’s will, the parish registers of Standon and the fact that the manors of  Hanbury and Standon, Staffordshire were held by the same man Villiers.   The Villiers family of Hanbury were related by marriage to the Vyse family (former Lords of Standon) with whom the Badnalls were closely connected. William Badnall also witnessed the will of Edward Villiers of Hanbury.







William Badnall

1622 - 1700

Christened 26 December 1622 in All Saints, Standon, Staffordshire

Married Sarah about 1658

Living in Hanbury, Staffordshire in 1660

Died April 1700 in Stramshall, Staffordshire

William buried 30 April 1700 at Uttoxeter St Mary, Staffordshire (recorded as William Badnall senior, an old man)

Sarah Buried 1st March 1710 /11 at Uttoxeter St Mary (recorded as the widow Bednall of Three Towns near Uttoxeter, Staffordshire)








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[1] These are the dates of the earliest and latest references to these individuals so far found. Where known, they are the dates of birth or christening and of death or burial.

[2] Farmer.